Inventory: 2017 cloud development trend of the top ten

Trend 1: cloud computing enterprises will strengthen the cloud ecosystem system

The giants are to build a 'I' cloud-based cloud, and strengthen the control of the cloud computing industry. Ali cloud to promote the cloud plan, plans to recruit 10,000 cloud service providers, to jointly build the ecological system for enterprises, governments and other users to provide one-stop cloud services.

Tencent cloud released 'cloud + plan', 5 years invested 10 billion yuan to build cloud platform and the construction of ecological system, to attract cloud computing industry chain on the long tail enterprises. Wave release 'cloud Teng plan', plans to develop more than 3,000 partners within 3 years. Huawei enterprise cloud and more than 100 domestic industry leading partners, more than 20 cities to reach cooperation, expand the industry application and computing power.

Music cloud cloud, cloud video, cloud applications, cloud distribution, cloud marketing, cloud data 6 big scenes, to create a video cloud ecological, built on the cloud content, distribution and even the user's business value chain and ecosystem. Baidu launched the 'cloud plan', together with industry partners to build an ecological circle, plans to invest 10 billion yuan within five years to build Baidu cloud platform and ecological system.

Cloud ecosystem will be a sign of cloud computing industry competitiveness, in 2017, the manufacturers will be substantial to promote cloud ecological construction, there will be more cloud computing enterprises to start the cloud ecological strategy.

Trend II: price war will accelerate the survival of the cloud computing enterprise survival of the fittest

By the domestic and foreign cloud computing giant-led price war continued in recent years, according to research institutions, the main cloud computing manufacturers said they will follow the price. Price reduction is conducive to faster popularization of cloud computing, China will accelerate the evolution of the cloud computing market process, but also a direct impact on cloud computing business income, may accelerate the industry reshuffle speed. Ali cloud in mid-2016 17 times the product price reduction, so the price cut, it is inevitable that small and medium-sized cloud manufacturers feel pressure, and even gradually lose competitiveness and was eliminated. To the US market, for example, the main cloud computing manufacturers to promote the price decline to promote market consolidation, after several rounds of price cuts, the United States dozens of cloud service providers into the current three dominated.

2017, with the price war continues, cloud computing enterprise survival of the fittest will begin to show.

Trend III: the banking industry will steadily accelerate the process of promoting the cloud

July 2016, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued the 'China Banking Information Technology,' thirteen five 'development planning regulatory guidance (draft)', proposed that banking financial institutions to steadily carry out cloud computing applications, to the 'thirteen' end , For the Internet scene of the important information system all migrated to the cloud computing platform, other systems migration ratio of not less than 60%. Hengfeng Bank on the cloud, and earlier micro-banks use cloud computing technology to build business systems and other successful cases, will also play a role in the banking industry on the cloud.

In 2017, under the policy, the relevant regulatory rules and standards will be landed and improved, cloud computing technology for the banking business, the solution will be more mature and safe, more banks will be based on business needs to start the cloud process.

Trend 4: management services for cloud services will appear

Research institutions survey shows that at present, many companies use multiple cloud vendors to provide cloud services. The reason is that one is to ease the risk when a supplier is down, there are other suppliers that can provide services; the second is to reduce the total cost, the provider of certain services or product prices are high and low, through the cloud can choose the cost Lower combination. As companies increasingly use cloud services from multiple cloud vendors, they also bring some cloud management issues. If some applications need to migrate in heterogeneous environments, some need to be deployed in multiple heterogeneous cloud environments, some need to run across the cloud across the network, and some need to cross the cloud for disaster recovery and recovery. At present, similar management issues rely mainly on human processing, bringing a lot of work.

In order to solve the above problems, cloud management platform for cloud resource management and management will be provided, which will provide the unified management, service integration, cost management and statistical analysis for the cloud of enterprises. It will realize the application of flexible deployment to different cloud environments. Dynamic migration applications in different cloud environments.

Trend 5: Block chain-related cloud computing products and services will emerge

Block chain technology and application development, testing, deployment is more complex, the threshold is still high. Cloud computing has the advantages of flexible flexibility, low cost and high reliability. It is combined with the block chain to help enterprises to develop and deploy the block chain quickly and costily, and to promote the block chain technology to mature. Multi-field expansion. In November 2015, Microsoft provided Block Chain Services (BaaS) in the Azure cloud platform and was officially opened in August 2016 to help developers create block-chain environments in a simple and efficient way. IBM also announced in February 2016 to launch a block-chain service platform to help developers create, deploy, run and monitor block-chain applications on the IBM cloud.

With the block chain gradually to the application, there will be more cloud computing companies to launch chain-related products and services.

Trend 6: sub-industry cloud services will become the survival of small and medium-sized manufacturers

International and domestic cloud computing market are strong strong situation, but at the same time we can see that the major giants to provide a certain degree of homogeneity of cloud services, and user needs vary widely, showing diversification, the major giants can not meet The specific needs of various users. With the cloud computing industry, ecological chain has been improved, the industry division of labor showing a trend of refinement, from the game cloud, government cloud, medical cloud, to 2016 fast growing video cloud, are reflected in the industry cloud development potential.

Cloud computing in the white competition in the competitive situation, small and medium manufacturers need to target the needs of users to provide industry cloud and other differentiated cloud services to gain a competitive advantage.

Trend 7: there will be more data center into construction

With the cloud computing market continues to expand, especially the giant cloud computing business growth, cloud computing providers need to build more data centers to meet business needs. As Google announced in April 2016, by the end of 2017 will be the construction of 12 new data centers around the world to improve its cloud service space. In addition, cloud computing providers need to comply with local data sovereignty laws, in a particular country or region to build data centers, such as Germany, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. From the domestic perspective, 'Internet +' strategy, large data strategy and large data comprehensive pilot area construction to enter the implementation phase, the need for more data center support.

All the big data, cloud computing and other strategic emerging industries attach great importance to most provinces and cities introduced a large data-related planning and implementation of the program, which carried out the deployment of cloud computing, and the introduction of the data center to give a number of preferential policies, hardware manufacturers, Operators and large data around the cloud computing cooperation has entered a stage of progress, a large number of data centers nationwide or about to start construction, China's data center will remain in high-speed construction and development period.

Trend 8: container technology applications will be more popular

Container services have the advantages of rapid deployment, faster development and testing, high system utilization and low resource cost. With the maturity and acceptance of container technology, container technology will be adopted more widely by users. Google's Container Engine, AWS Elastic Container Service, Microsoft's Azure Container Service and other container technology mature, container cluster management platform is also more perfect, to Kubernetes as the representative of the various tools to help users achieve network, security and storage function of the container Transformation. Domestic companies, companies actively practice, the user acceptance of the container technology to be improved, according to research institutions data, nearly 87% of users said to consider the use of container technology.

It is expected that in 2017, the container will be more widely deployed.

Trend 9: enterprises on the cloud process will further speed

In the 'Internet +', 'Made in China 2025' and a series of strategic promotion and enterprise transformation and upgrading of their own urgent needs, enterprises pay more and more attention to the application of information technology, and cloud computing is undoubtedly the enterprise faster deployment of information technology ' ', Many industries and enterprises on the success of the cloud has played a good demonstration role. The domestic cloud computing service capabilities are improving, prices continue to decline, for enterprises to provide a better condition on the cloud. According to CNNIC research data, as of the end of 2016, in the research enterprises in the use of cloud computing ratio reached 21.4%, 50% increase over 2015, the growth trend is significant. According to IDG released in November 2016 report, 70% of companies currently run at least one cloud application in research firms, 90% of companies that do not use cloud applications in the next 12 months or 1 to Use cloud applications within 3 years.

In the policy of good, digital transformation and cloud computing industry to accelerate the development of all aspects of boosted, in 2017, enterprises will further accelerate the pace of the cloud.

Trend 10: Enterprise SaaS service to personalized customization

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2016, the domestic enterprise SaaS cloud services in various fields the number of venture projects in nearly 400, involving more than 20 areas, including corporate reimbursement, business travel, CRM, ERP, HR, OA, Cash register payment, attendance management and so on. Almost every aspect of enterprise management has a number of vertical SaaS service solutions. Enterprise customers have more selectivity, will use the experience to put forward higher requirements, with the continuous upgrading of cloud services, unified cloud services can not fully meet the needs of enterprises, different industries, different enterprises need more targeted solution Program, customization, personalized cloud services will be more able to solve business management pain points, to win the market. There are already some enterprises to carry out the relevant layout, such as wallet line cloud can be customized according to different needs of different modular services.

In 2017, there will be more companies to introduce personalized, customized SaaS services. (Source: China Electronic Message / Zhuang Jinxin)

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