[Smart case] 6 minutes try 83 sets of clothes without pressure

(Now free of charge to download the news center) nowadays the summer sales season. Go to the mall, wear off, off and wear, too troublesome; to online shopping, neither shopping experience, product quality is not guaranteed, but the 'virtual dressing room' appears, the women cheered.

What is the Virtual Dressing Room? Simply point that the user does not have to take off the clothes can be changed to see the effect of dressing a technical application.

Shanghai today (CES Asia), a company called 'good to buy clothing,' the company announced with the world's leading fashion brand C & A cooperation, the second half of the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) line experience shop.


What are the surprises when a garment encounters a virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI)?

To 'good to buy clothing,' a marketing campaign, for example, the company gathered at home and abroad 11 well-known fast fashion brand, so that consumers with real body data to create a 'virtual self', try online 3 days.

Data show that 9-11 points at night to try the peak, the location is mainly concentrated in the home, restaurants, commuter tools and other places, an average of 6 minutes to try to use 83 sets of different styles of fashion with each set of dwell time of about 4 seconds.

This dressing speed, online is completely unimaginable, which for online shopping women to bring a new online shopping try experience.

You just according to the 'virtual fitting room' model, fill in their own height, weight and other data, check the body characteristics, you can create your own virtual model, you can start a virtual trial, that suit for you? At a glance.


Hangzhou virtual dressing room how?

In fact, the 'virtual test dress' is not new things, as early as July 2011, Asia's first '3D interactive virtual dressing room' had appeared in Hangzhou. Standing in the 'dressing magic mirror' before, through the gesture action to complete the fitting, and can see their real 3D dressing effect, eliminating the need to take, off, change, wear and other links.

Six years later, this 'virtual dressing room' operation how? Yesterday, the reporter was removed on the link 'virtual fitting room' developers Hangzhou Sen moving Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the company responsible person Shen Weizhen said that the company's virtual dressing room business has been basically stopped, 'only in some activities To do some product display, but it is not the company 's business focus.

In Shen Weizhen view, 'virtual dressing room' market is large, but there are still technical bottlenecks, 'virtual fitting room technology involves virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we have applied these technologies to other areas, As for why the transformation he did not say.


And located in Xiaoshan Hangzhou Pine foreign dress Co., Ltd., is the use of 'virtual fitting room' to do remote customization. 'Our market is mainly in Australia and the United States, the customer through the 'virtual fitting room' to capture the customer's body data and return to the Hangzhou factory, we then plate, proofing, 7 days can be sent to the world.' Long Chen Luchun said.

'Virtual dressing room' or bring consumer changes

'Virtual fitting room' was once the object of capital chase, in 2015, the virtual fitting service Metail was financing 4.2 million US dollars; the amount of clothing was won the Zhejiang venture investment angel investment; 'digital dressing' has attracted 200 million Venture ... ... this is not a high frequency of products, investors look at it?

In the eyes of an investor, 'virtual dressing room' to solve the high return rate of online shopping exchange rate. According to statistics, online shopping clothing return rate remained at 20% -30% perennial,


From the 'good to buy clothes,' the data show that through the 'precision size recommended', accurate access to the user body information, coupled with the costume version of the size of the study and flexible robot simulation upper body effect, the top ten days of a well-known women's brand in the use of ' Virtual dressing room ', the return rate from the original 39% to 16%.

Because the body is very accurate characterization, users easily impulse orders. 'Virtual dressing room' can bring what kind of industry change? Summed up there are three points: First, to bring electricity to the consumer electricity dividend; Second, 'accurate size recommended' can reduce the return rate; third is to increase the consumer experience of the user. (Source: Hangzhou Daily; text / Wu Jing; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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