DCCI: China shared bicycle 13 city user research report (PPT)

Since 2008, public bicycles have been implemented throughout the country, there are piles of bicycles to become a way of public travel; 2015, shared bicycles began to appear frequently in the streets, no pile of bicycles makes the user stop Take more convenient, quickly won a wide range of user recognition. China's active capital market, effectively promote the development of the market platform for sharing bicycles, ofo small yellow cars, motorcycles cycling, small blue bicycles and other shared cycling platform mushroomed into the market, the platform through the promotion activities to develop users to use the habit of sharing bicycles, And quickly hovering users, sharing cycling market competition is fierce.

Part 2: China's shared cycling market is developing rapidly, capital-driven market competition is intensified. Part 3: User's use of shared cycling habits gradually developed, no pile model approved Part 4 : Convenience is the primary reason for the use of shared bicycles and the primary priority factor Part 5: shared cycling platform echelonization, ofo yellow car, motorcycles leading market Part 6: commuting is the main use of the user scene, the leading platform differentiation gradually obvious.

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