IResearch: 2017 China Business Intelligence Industry Research Report (full text)

Important points in this report:

1, the needs of Chinese enterprises to refine the operation is outbreak;

2, business intelligence, to help enterprises achieve data-driven awareness of data-driven decision-making changes;

3, business intelligence is mainly used in finance, electricity, logistics, travel and other fields;

4, China AI papers reached the international level level;

5, technology, the future of business intelligence from the emphasis on a single technology, to the various disciplines, branches, algorithms and other mastery;

6, technology, enterprises, technology providers to understand the scene is the key to industrial upgrading;

7, business intelligence landing is a systematic project, the enterprise's engineering practice ability to be enhanced.

Definition of Business Intelligence Industry

The next step in business intelligence, intelligence and automation

The concept of business intelligence (BI) can be traced back to 1958, often as a tool for translating existing data from an enterprise into knowledge and helping businesses make informed business decisions. Past business intelligence can not give decision-making program, can not automatically deal with the problems encountered in the operation of enterprises. With the help of artificial intelligence and other related disciplines, modern business intelligence has been able to automate and automate business operations in specific scenarios. Therefore, this report focuses on the use of artificial intelligence technology for business intelligence decision-making, trying to explain the real situation of artificial intelligence in the commercial floor, highlighting AI technology (not including intelligent voice, computer vision and other perceived intelligence) at this stage the value of the application The (Source: IResearch Editor: Free Paper Download Center)

Full text link: '2017 China Business Intelligence Industry Research Report'

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