Inventory: 9 big Internet thinking 20 rules

(Mobile) Internet, large data, cloud computing and other technologies continue to develop the background, the market, the user, the product, the enterprise value chain and even the entire business ecology of re-examination of thinking the way. 'Tokgo Jiujian' is Huashan Jianjian Feng Qing Yang's martial arts secrets, emphasizing 'no strokes have strokes', focusing on the sword Italy, and the Internet thinking has the same purpose. Also means that Internet thinking will be like 'Tokgo nine swords' crack the world to send the same martial arts, to reshape and subvert all kinds of traditional industries. 9 big thinking, 20 rules that the Internet thinking, you worth reading.

3 pieces

[The first paragraph] a no experience in the restaurant industry, people opened a restaurant, only two months to achieve the first place where the mall restaurant. VC investment 60 million, the valuation of 400 million yuan, this restaurant is carved beef sirloin.

Only a total of 12 dishes, spent 5 million yuan to buy Hong Kong gourmet wearing dragon sirloin formula; each pair of chopsticks are custom, new, after dinner can also take home; boss every day spent a lot of time staring at the dishes and Service dissatisfaction with the sound; opened before the burned 10 million to get a half year IC packaging and testing, during the invitation of the stars, up to people, microblogging large free trial ... ...

Why is it that the logic of the secret?

[2] This is a Amoy brand, in June 2012 in the days of cat on the line, 65 days after the Chinese network nuts sales No. 1. 2012 'double 11' to create a daily sales of 7.66 million miracle, ranked China Electric Commercial food first; January 2013 monthly sales of more than 22 million. Just over a year, accumulated sales of billions of dollars, and once again take IDG company $ 6 million investment. The brand is 3 squirrels.

3 squirrels with brand cartoon image of the package, out of the box, courier big brother message, nuts bags, sealing clips, garbage bags, the concept of brand transfer micro magazine, cartoon key chain, as well as wipes.

A Amoy brand, why should painstakingly do these?

[3] This is a business only 3 years of business. 2011 sales of $ 12.6 billion; 2013 sales in the first half reached 13.27 billion yuan, is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan in sales throughout the year; in the new round of financing, the valuation of 10 billion US dollars, ranked fourth in the domestic Internet company.

This business is millet. Lei Jun said that the sense of intervention is the biggest secret of millet victory. How to understand the feelings of intervention?

Although these three companies belong to different industries, but surprisingly similar, we are called the Internet brand.

Nine internet thinking

1, user thinking

As a manufacturer, must be from all the value chain of all links, to establish a 'user-centric' corporate culture, only the depth of understanding the user can survive. There is no contract, there is no contract.

There are 20 rules:

Rule 1: the 'Cock silk' was the world

Victory of the Internet products caught more 'Cock silk group', 'grassroots family' needs. This is a people claiming to be 'Cock silk' and bones that they are 'high Fu Shuai' and 'white rich' era. When your product does not allow users to become part of the product, can not and they connect together, your product must be a failure. QQ, Baidu, Taobao, WeChat, YY, millet, and both are carrying 'Cock silk' to dominate.

Rule 2: sell a sense of intervention.

One situation is on-demand customization, manufacturers to meet the individual needs of users can meet the needs of products, such as Haier customized refrigerator; the other is in the user's intervention to optimize the product, such as Taobao brand '7 grid', each A new listing, will put the design style into the management of the fans group, so fans vote, these fans choose the trend of the end of the trend, and naturally pay for these products.

So that users involved in brand distribution, is the fan economy. Our brand needs a fan, not just the user, because the user is far from no fans so devout. Fans are the best target consumers, once the infusion of emotional factors, there are shortcomings of the product will be accepted. The future, no fans of the brand will perish.

Movie 'small age' watercress score less than 5 points, but the film viewing crowd average spring and autumn is only 22 years old, these fans are Guo Jingming rich ore. Because of the large number of fans 'law enforcement', 'small age 1' 'small age 2' to create a cumulative more than 700 million box office myth.

Rule 3: Experience first

A good user experience should start from the details and run through every 11 details, allowing the user to perceive, and this type of perception to exceed the user's expectations, to bring joy to the user, through the brand and consumer communication all the chain, said white , Is to let consumers have been cool. WeChat version of the new account for the collapse of the account, is a very typical 'user experience first' choice.

The user's thinking system covers the most classic brand marketing Who-What-How model, Who, the target consumer - 'Cock silk'; What, consumer demand - sell the sense of intervention; How, how to achieve - full user experience first The

2, simple thinking

Internet age, information explosion, the user's patience more and more inadequate, so, must be caught in a short time to him!

Rule 4: Focus, less is more

Apple is a typical example, in 1997 Apple close to bankruptcy, Joe back the main return, cut off 70% of the product line, focusing on the development of four products, so that Apple turned around, back to life. Even to the 5S, iPhone only 5 models.

Brand positioning should also focus on giving consumers a choice of your reason, one is enough.

Recently, a very popular network of flowers brand RoseOnly, its brand positioning is high-end crowd, the need to wear flowers and those who need to bind the identity card number, and each person can only bind once, means 'life only love one person.' February 2013 on the line, in August to achieve a monthly sales of nearly 10 million yuan.

Avenue to Jane, the more simple things easier to spread, the more difficult to do. Focus only have strength, in order to achieve the ultimate. Especially in the entrepreneurial era, do not focus, there is no possibility to survive.

Rule 5: Simplicity is beauty

In the product design, to do subtraction. Appearance should be simple, the internal operation process to be simplified. Google home page is always fresh interface, the appearance of Apple, Tesla car appearance, are such a design.

3, the ultimate thinking

Extreme thinking, that is, products, services and user experience to achieve the ultimate, beyond the user expectations. What is the extreme is the ultimate is to catch the life.

Rule 6: build products that make users scream

With extreme thinking to create the ultimate product. There are three rules: first, 'demand to be accurate' (pain point, itchy point or excitement); second, 'their own to be forced to ruthless' (to do their own ability limit); third, 'management Stare '(the product manager had the world). All industries are media, in this era of social media, good products will naturally constitute a word of mouth spread.

Screaming, means that the product must be the ultimate; the ultimate, is beyond the user imagination!

Rule 7: Service is marketing

A Fu fine oil is well-known Taobao brand, there are two small details can be seen for the service experience of the ultimate search: 1) customer service 24 hours turns to work, use Thinkpad Little Red Riding Hood notebook work, because the use of such computer switching window more convenient, You can let consumers wait for a few seconds; 2) with 'CSO', that is, the chief happy officer, every day in the user's message to find a latent salesman or expert, find the future will be sent to the party for this possible Of the 'opinion leaders' manufacturing joy.

Sea fishing service concept has been a lot of people respected, but in the Internet thinking swept through the tide of all traditional industries, if the sea fishing can not use the Internet thinking to reconstruct the business, then learn, may be fishing.

4, iterative thinking

'Agile development' is a typical methodology for the development of Internet products. It is a kind of human-centered, iterative, step-by-step development method that allows some problems to be tested and improved in continuous iteration.

There are two points inside, a 'micro', a 'fast'.

Rule 8: small focus, micro-innovation

'Micro', from the subtle user needs to start, close to the user psychology, in the user participation and feedback gradually improved. 'Maybe you think it's a humble point, but the user may find it important.' 360 security guards that year is just a security product, and later became a new Internet giant.

Rule 9: Lean business, rapid iteration

'The world martial arts, only fast is not broken', only the rapid response to consumer demand, the product is easier to close to the consumer. Zynga game company several times a week to update the game, millet MIUI system adhere to the weekly iteration, even the carved beef broccoli menu is updated every month.

Here the iterative thinking, the traditional enterprises, the more focused on the iterative sense, means that we must timely and even real-time attention to consumer demand, grasp the changes in consumer demand.

5, traffic thinking

The flow means that the volume, the volume means the weight. 'The eyes of the gathering, the money will follow', the flow that money, the flow that is the entrance, the value of traffic do not have to say.

Rule 10: Free is for better charges

Most of the Internet products with free strategy to fight for users, lock users. When the 360 security guards, with free antivirus intrusion antivirus market, a time to stir upside down, look back, Kaspersky, Rising and other anti-virus software, it is estimated that no computer will be filled with a few.

'Free is the most expensive', not all businesses can choose a free strategy, depending on the product, resources, timing.

Rule 11: adhere to the qualitative change of the 'critical point'

Any kind of Internet products, as long as the number of active users to a certain extent, will begin to produce qualitative change, which brings business opportunities or value. QQ if there is no insistence that year, it is impossible to have today's corporate empire. Attention economy era, the first traffic to do, have the opportunity to think about the back of the problem, or even the opportunity to survive are not.

6, social thinking

The core of social business is the network, the company faces the customer in the form of a network, which will change the production, sales, marketing and other forms.

Rule 12: make good use of social media

There is a brand to do smart watches, through 10 WeChat, nearly 100 micro-group discussion, more than 3,000 people forward, 11 hours to sell 18698 T-Watch smart watch, the order amount of more than 900 million.

This is the WeChat friends circle the charm of social marketing. One thing to remember, word of mouth marketing is not self-talk, must be standing in the user's point of view, the user's way and user communication.

Rule 13: crowdsourcing collaboration

The crowdsourcing is an Internet collaboration model centered on 'bee thinking' and hierarchical architecture. Wikipedia is a typical crowdsourcing product. Traditional enterprises to think about how to use the outer brain, without recruiting, can 'the world only into the net'.

InnoCentive website was founded in 2001, has become an important R & D supply and demand network in the chemical and biological fields. The company introduced the 'Innovation Center' model, the company's external innovation ratio from the original 15% to 50%, R & D capacity increased by 60%.

Millet phone in the R & D allows users to participate in depth, in fact, is a crowded mode.

7, large data thinking

Big data thinking, refers to the understanding of large data, the enterprise assets, the key elements of the understanding of competition.

Rule 14: Small businesses also have big data

Users in the network will generally produce information, behavior, the relationship between the three levels of data, the precipitation of these data will help enterprises to predict and decision-making. Everything can be data, companies must build their own large data platform, small businesses, but also large data.

Rule 15: Your users are everyone

In the Internet and large data age, corporate marketing strategy should be personalized for users to do accurate marketing.

Intime online line, opened up the line under the physical store and online membership account, in the department store and shopping center laying free wifi. When a registered account of the guests into the store, his mobile phone connection wifi, he and Yintai all the interactive records will be presented in the background one by one, Intime will be able to determine the consumer's shopping preferences. The ultimate goal is to achieve the visualization of goods and inventory, and to communicate with the user.

8, platform thinking

Internet platform thinking is open, shared, win-win thinking. Platform model is most likely to achieve industrial giants. The world's largest 100 companies, there are 60 companies the main revenue from the platform business model, including Apple, Google and so on.

Rule 16: to create a multi-win-win ecological circle

The essence of the platform model is to create a multi-subject win-win and mutually beneficial ecological circle.

The future of the platform dispute, must be between the ecological circle of competition. Baidu, Ali, Tencent three major Internet giants around the search, electricity business, social construction of their own strong industrial ecology, so later, such as 360 is difficult to shake.

Rule 17: Make good use of existing platforms

When you do not have the ability to build eco-platform, it is necessary to think about how to use the existing platform.

Ma said: 'Suppose I was 90 after the re-start, in front of an Alibaba, there is a Tencent, I will not challenge it, the heart can not be too big.'

Rule 18: Let the enterprise become a platform for employees

Internet giant organizational changes, are around how to build an internal 'platform-based organization.'

Including Alibaba 25 Division of the spin-off, Tencent six major business groups of the adjustment, are designed to play the role of internal organization platform. Haier will be more than 80,000 people into 2000 self-employed, so that employees become a real 'entrepreneur', so that everyone becomes their own CEO.

Internal platform is to become self-organized rather than his organization. His organization is always obey others, self-organization is their own innovation.

9, cross-border thinking

(With) the development of the Internet and new technology, the boundaries of many industries become blurred, the antenna of the Internet business has been pervasive, such as retail, books, finance, telecommunications, entertainment, transportation, media and so on.

Rule 19: bring 'user' to make princes

These Internet companies, why can participate in and even win cross-border competition? The answer is: users!

They hold on the one hand to master user data, on the other hand with user thinking, naturally able to carry 'users' to make princes. Alibaba, Tencent have bid for banks, millet to do mobile phones, do TV, are such a reason.

The next decade, China's commercial field of large-scale robbery era, once the user's way of life a fundamental change, too late to change the enterprise, must encounter robbery!

Rule 20: with Internet thinking, bold subversive innovation.

A real Niubi people must be a cross-border people, at the same time in the intersection of science and technology and human to find their own coordinates. A truly powerful business, must be hand users and data resources, dare to cross-border innovation organization.

Li Yanhong pointed out: ' The biggest opportunity for the Internet industry is to play their own network advantages, technological advantages, management advantages , to upgrade, transform the line of traditional industries, change the original industry development rhythm, establish a new rules of the game.

Today, there is no potential to see an industry, to see how far away from the Internet. Can really use the Internet thinking reconstruction of the enterprise, it may really win the future.

Mito Xiu Xiu Cai said: the future belongs to those who understand the traditional industries of the Internet, rather than those who understand the Internet but do not understand the traditional industries .

Jinshan network Fu Sheng said: industry opportunities are dare to use the Internet to attack the traditional industries of the Internet people.

We believe that the future must belong to both the profound understanding of the nature of traditional business, but also have Internet thinking people. Whether you are from the traditional industry or the Internet. The future must belong to this O2O 'amphibious talent.' (Source: and Jun consulting; text / Zhao Dawei; Editor: Research papers Download center)

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