Analysis: Jingdong large data security practice

Data resources have become a basic strategic resource, data sharing and circulation will have great value. However, the data resources in the circulation process is facing many bottlenecks and constraints, especially when the data of a special digital content products, the protection of its rights and interests much more difficult than the traditional large data, in the event of infringement, proof and recovery process Are very difficult.

In order to solve these problems, the Jingdong Vientiane data service platform (shown in Figure B-6) uses the block chain technology to track the data of the flow, the data buyers in the data service platform to buy each transaction information will be Store the chain store up, the data buyers through the transaction certificate can see the transaction of the digital certificate and the transaction information in the block chain storage address, to be the buyer needs to verify the data, log on the user center Enter the query platform, enter the transaction certificate in the relevant information, query to the block in the chain of the transaction information, so as to complete the transaction data traceability.

In terms of security, in order to prevent data flow through the personal identity of the problem, the Jingdong Vientiane data service platform through the use of the Ministry of Public Security to provide personal identity authentication services to identify and protect the identity of users. Jingdong Vientiane data service platform combined with the Ministry of Public Security eID technology, the technology based on the password technology to intelligent security chip as the carrier, by the 'Ministry of Public Security Network Identity System' issued to the citizens of the network identity logo, can not disclose identity information Under the premise of remote identification of user identity.

Jingdong Vientiane data service platform through the block chain traceability and eID technology, effectively solve the legitimate users based on the Internet to carry out large data security transactions of digital products copyright protection issues, to protect the data owners in the data transactions in the legitimate rights and interests.

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