Information and Communication Research Institute: 5G Economic and Social Impact White Paper (full text)

IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group held the 2017 IMT-2020 (5G) Summit in Beijing from 12 to 13 June 2017. The General Assembly to '5G standards and industrial ecology' as the theme, invited leaders of the Ministry of Industry and dozens of domestic and foreign mainstream mobile communications and related application unit experts more than 500 people attended the meeting to discuss the industry released the '5G economic and social impact of the White Paper.'

Since the 80s of last century, mobile communications every decade a new generation of revolutionary technology, continue to accelerate the information industry innovation process, and constantly promote the economic and social prosperity and development. At present, the fifth generation of mobile communication technology (5G) is striding forward, it will be a new network architecture, providing at least ten times the peak rate of 4G, millisecond transmission delay and hundreds of millions of connectivity, open all things Widely interconnected, man - machine - depth interaction of the new era. As a general purpose technology, 5G will build a comprehensive economic and social transformation of the key infrastructure, from line to line, from consumption to production, from the platform to the ecological, promote China's digital economic development to a new level. The results of this report show that in 2030, in terms of direct contribution, 5G will lead to total output, economic value added, employment opportunities were 6.3 trillion yuan, 2.9 trillion yuan and 8 million; in the indirect contribution, 5G Will drive the total output, economic added value, employment opportunities were 10.6 trillion yuan, 3.6 trillion yuan and 11.5 million.

5G is in the formation of technical standards and industrialization of the critical period, the global countries in the national digital strategy are 5G as a priority areas of development, strengthen the industrial layout, shaping the new competitive advantage. China should seize this historic new opportunities, increase co-ordination efforts to speed up the process of 5G industrialization, ahead of the deployment of network infrastructure, and create an industrial ecological environment, deepen the integration of applications in various fields, a comprehensive development of 5G new situation for the global 5G Development to make new and greater contributions. (Source: Institute of Information and Communication Research: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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