Retirement: 2016 Internet Workplace Eco-White Paper

What is the school graduation? Which city is high How much is the salary increase? Which job money is good? Talent needs know how much? Where do you find high-end talent? Recruitment efficiency ye raise? This report has the answer you want. Based on the large data and the National Bureau of Statistics, CNNIC, TalkingData and other authoritative institutions data, pull the hook network released the Internet industry annual white paper, covering the salary, industry analysis, talent supply and demand, personal growth model and other large data interpretation.

According to the report, can be expected in the next year the development of the Internet industry have the following trends:

The Internet talent market will remain in short supply situation, in order to attract talent, the level of pay will continue to improve; 2017 will emerge a number of popular positions; enterprises need in the 'fine data of human resources system', 'growth space' and 'brand building' Three aspects to focus on improvement; 'office' and 'workplace' will be a huge change.


Increasingly large scale of Internet users, indicating that the market is further expanded. In order to serve such a large user groups, the number of companies in the Internet industry is also rising. Internet talent market presents in short supply trend, talented job shift tends to be cautious. In order to attract talent, the enterprise set the salary level than last year has a greater growth. However, most of the current enterprises in the welfare settings, talent growth environment to build and so there is still a large lack. Enterprises need to meet the needs of talent life at the same time, and employees to establish a common growth and healthy relations of cooperation in order to achieve 'win-win' goal. The next year, the Internet's talent market will continue to maintain the trend in short supply. In some of the new rise of sub-sectors, such as 'time-sharing leasing', 'health' and 'smart hardware', will emerge new types of jobs, talent needs will be more diversified.

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