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1, Microsoft hair force cloud, want to compete with the Amazon in the cloud

(1) Microsoft is leveraging the cloud, to become the largest provider of cloud computing services May 23, held in Boston, JP Morgan TMT meeting, Microsoft chief marketing officer said that Microsoft is seeking to become the largest provider of cloud computing services, But also see now in the second position on the opportunity. In order to make progress, Microsoft is betting that consumers may want a custom cloud platform that can be customized. The hybrid cloud platform is a combination of in-house, private, and public cloud environments. At the same time, Microsoft's Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud operating platform product, is expected to launch in mid-2017, which may have strong demand. In addition to providing hybrid cloud services, Microsoft Azure also provides Office 365 and its customer relationship management platform Dynamics 365 and other 'superior services' to attract businesses and consumers.

(2) optimistic about China's cloud computing market, is the only legitimate business in China, the US public cloud company Microsoft chief marketing officer said that Microsoft is the only legitimate business in China, the US public cloud company. Microsoft predicts that China may be the next major frontier for cloud-related businesses wanting to conquer because China's cloud computing market is expected to achieve steady growth in the coming years. According to the United States International Trade Administration report, by 2020, China's cloud computing market may be worth up to 20 billion US dollars, higher than 2013's 1.5 billion US dollars.

(3) continuous acquisition of investment network security company, the layout of cloud computing security monitoring and early warning May 24, Microsoft to about 100 million US dollars acquisition of the Israeli network security startup Hexadite. Microsoft has acquired the Israeli network security company Aorato, Secure Islands and Adallom in 2014 and 15 years. In January, Microsoft invested in the famous Israeli network security incubator company Team 8. In April, Microsoft again for 60 million US dollars to buy the price of cloud monitoring start-up company Cloudyn. Hexadite's business is not a traditional network security measure such as anti-virus software, firewalls, isolation systems, and its main business is to monitor and anticipate potential threats in existing network systems.

Concerned about the subject: Qi Xin Group, Halo new network

Risk Warning: Enterprise service promotion is less than expected, the cost of enterprise customers increased significantly, cloud service security risks. (Source: State Securities Securities / Li Fen compilation: free paper download center)

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