Research: Indus ideal: artificial intelligence scene marketing business to promote the upgrading and transformation

Hangzhou Aerial View Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a product, technology-driven artificial intelligence scene marketing business. The company uses its AppReal, UpData, Game +, bird flyers, etc., respectively, perpendicular to the App, finance, games, urban consumption and other four industries of the four major products to provide Internet mobile marketing services. Companies focus on building a comprehensive open mobile marketing platform, in depth to the four major industries, the performance achieved rapid growth.

The popularity of large data so that the traditional marketing model subversive leather, large data marketing has become a new marketing approach. With the expansion of large data applications, the application effect becomes more apparent, the future market prospects will be very broad.

Force artificial intelligence, to promote the upgrade and transformation. The company will continue to deepen the accumulation of large data in the field of urban consumption, improve the ability of large data mining and calculation and analysis, the application of artificial intelligence technology in precision marketing, for the 200 million youth consumer groups to provide more quality consumer experience, the company will To achieve transformation and upgrading. Company launched the first artificial intelligence consumer assistant product in 2017 - Bird DoDo. The current bird DoDo every day to write thousands of slogans and designed to produce more than 80 million coupons, greatly reducing the pressure on the designer work. The company plans to build a bird DoDo city consumer intelligent open platform, cross-industry cross-industry cooperation, cut into the new artificial intelligence application market, to seize the initiative, the occupation of intelligent engine market.

According to the analysis of the industry situation and the company's situation, the company's profit forecast, forecast the company 2017, 2018 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 15.3311 million yuan and 3011.8 million yuan, earnings per share were 1.23 yuan and 2.41 yuan. (Source: Indus Ideal Institute Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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