CBNData & Nails: 2017 Smart Mobile Office Industry Trends Report (PPT)

June 11, the first financial business data center (CBNData) joint Alibaba nail issued '2017 smart mobile office industry trend report' (hereinafter referred to as 'report'). Based on the nail large data, 'report' shows that with the continuous innovation of office, Chinese enterprises gradually usher in intelligent mobile office era. Small and micro enterprises take the lead in smart mobile office, large enterprises have begun to quickly upgrade the transition. At the same time, the first to achieve intelligent mobile office upgrade business has 7 common: more flat and flexible, more transparent and efficient, more collaborative and orderly, more attention to security, organization more temperature, work and life separation, social responsibility.

With the popularity of smart mobile terminals, people are increasingly accustomed to many of the business from the PC terminal to the mobile terminal to complete. Mobile Internet era, gave birth to a number of emerging formats, intelligent office and management began to get more and more people's attention. 'Report' shows that enterprises pay more and more attention to mobile office, employees are increasingly accustomed to this new office. Data show that 93% of the company's management is very recognized mobile office; 82% of employees will use their own smart phones for work purposes.

Intelligent mobile office of the outlet, so many companies into the field. 'Report' shows that the nail in the enterprise-class market has become a leading position. Nail data show that the current nail has covered all industries, the number of corporate organizations more than 3 million. Intelligent mobile office significantly enhance the efficiency of business communication collaboration, and make communication more transparent and equal.

The first to achieve intelligent mobile office upgrade business has 7 common

From the traditional paper office to the PC office era, and then to today's smart mobile office era, 'report' shows that the first to achieve intelligent mobile office upgrade business has 7 common: more flat and flexible, more transparent and efficient, more collaborative, More attention to safety, organization more temperature, work and life separation, a sense of social responsibility.

Nail large data show that the internal communication group and the enterprise outside the unified management of precipitation resources, improve management efficiency and also make communication more flat and flexible. News has read and unread the display, so that the feedback rate increased significantly; the same time, management and staff communication more transparent and equal, the management can DING function reminder staff, employees can also DING function management management, 77% DING Issued by the staff, far more than the management level DING ratio. One of the pursuit of communication time of the media, construction, service industry more love management.

Intelligent mobile office compared to the traditional paper office, approval and attendance efficiency is also greatly improved, more collaborative and orderly. 'Report' shows that mobile approval can be done using the fragmentation time anytime, anywhere, non-working days can also be confirmed to reduce staff waiting time, and more than 80% of the approval can be completed within 24 hours, effectively improve the management efficiency of management. And management is more willing to log the way and staff exchanges; intelligent mobile office platform mobile attendance, to solve the traditional queuing punch, manual report of the pain points, the liberation of human resources at the same time save business costs. Through the technology to achieve a transparent work, more than 80% of the enterprises have set the attendance range of 100 meters or more, fully trust the staff, so that attendance more humane. The pace of work is relatively fast and compact media culture industry, education industry, Internet / information technology, construction industry preference set 'late go late' flexible attendance, flexible and humane.

For different business areas of business needs, intelligent mobile office fully play a flexible demand function. In information security, 46% of the enterprise organizations will use encryption, government / business units on the strong demand for information security, information / mobile phone confidentiality, security, the use of various functions, the usage is much higher than other industries, are Column first In the 'close' and set the watermark, the research service industry ranked first, fully embodies the industry's attention to information security.

Intelligent mobile office to make enterprises more cohesive, the organization more temperature. Staff self-driving force significantly improved, significantly improve the efficiency of work, time management capacity becomes stronger, today's today finished; the same time, the management of red envelopes to encourage employees, directed red envelopes, holiday red envelopes do not fall, the enterprise with a more convenient way to continue Traditional business - oriented care for employees.

Exclusive mobile office software also makes work and life more separate. 'Report' shows that the weekend compared to the working day, the daily active users and chat times were reduced by 30% and 64%, decreased significantly, intelligent mobile office platform so that work and life truly separated. At the same time, intelligent mobile office to promote paperless, more green. 'Report' shows that companies use teleconferencing and video conferencing instead of travel, effectively reduce the traffic travel to bring carbon emissions, and ease the traffic pressure. Over the past year, companies have accumulated reduced carbon emissions by means of staple teleconference, equivalent to long-distance flights around the Earth 8168 cycles of carbon emissions. Among them, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai to reduce the carbon emissions of the largest city TOP3.

Cool company's smart mobile office

Now the penetration rate of intelligent mobile office is radiation in various industries, different industries have also found their urgent need to improve and improve the function.

In the pursuit of efficiency, the Internet / information technology cool company on the high degree of good communication, government / institutions cool organization on the efficient process of the obvious, the construction industry cool company favorite one-click 'directional notice' to achieve the industry Low cost and efficient demands. In the attendance, the service industry, the financial industry, the manufacturing industry cool company on the attendance class function to show a high degree of preference. As the service industry special, multi-class system common, the use of flexible attendance is much higher than the whole. While the second-tier cities and financial enterprises prefer to solve the field management of the check-in function, which Kunming financial enterprises showed a more obvious degree of preference. In terms of innovation, the education industry is cool and simple, creating a new model of communication.

Intelligent mobile office to help enterprises improve staff efficiency, but also help enterprises to fundamentally reduce the cost of operations, and further promote the development of enterprises. 'Report' Looking to the future trend shows that the mobile Internet penetration rate is accelerating, the phone has become an inseparable module of eating and drinking, intelligent work scene has become a foregone conclusion, the mobile office platform in 2020 is expected to reach 12 billion yuan. (Source: CBNData Alibaba Pinning: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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