Artificial intelligence will reshape retail business in these areas

In the past period of time, artificial intelligence once again set off a huge debate, we are concerned about how it will change our way of working and business forms. Although there are different views, but the consensus is there: artificial intelligence is no doubt that will bring a huge revolution in the field of business, together with other cutting-edge digital technology and innovation together, so many forums have undergone a fundamental change.

Artificial intelligence in the field of business progress is like the trend of thunder, and even in which the developers sometimes feel that they can not keep up with its speed. What we've ever seen in science fiction seems to have really happened, and we ought to be prepared for it.

In this article, I will try to summarize which areas of artificial intelligence will be in the business sector, especially for the retail industry management, because the retail management of the field there are many 'pain', 'appeal', with the artificial The value of intelligence itself is very consistent.

On the other hand, we note that there are now more and more retail stores, commercial complexes, convenience stores, large shopping centers. This trend is not just big cities only, some secondary cities, suburbs and other places also appeared in the same situation.

So, this time is particularly worth discussing, artificial intelligence is about to bring these big and small shops what kind of change, this change is reflected in the 'operation', 'communication', 'sales and marketing', 'human resources management '' Talent hunting ',' supply chain management ',' consumer experience ',' inventory management ',' profit model ',' digital security and other security 'and other aspects.


We all know that in the commercial field, the way we talk to each other has changed dramatically. For example, early, businessmen want to meet, need to agree a time, and then sit down to play a phone call or send an e-mail.

But now is different from the past. These pre-prepared work can be automated, or the communication itself can go beyond time and geospatial constraints. The way of communication becomes easier, faster, and more accurate. The powerful tools of artificial intelligence can even take the initiative to remind us of some work, such as some additional work needs to be completed, need to repeat, etc., so that our business communication becomes more efficient.

In view of the fact that we are distributed in different time zones and have different schedules and schedules, it can help us decide when to send mail is the ideal choice, and it will also consider the mail receiving object is high quality customers, ordinary customers, Or a supplier.

It can through the history of the correspondence, based on the needs of users, to help us to customize the content. Today, artificial intelligence has given voice aides a life, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, which further narrow the distance between people and technology products.

Sales and marketing

Artificial intelligence has changed the rules of the game in a comprehensive manner, whether it is entrepreneurs, general companies, and even large enterprises, they have to learn to learn how to sell and marketing. Artificial intelligence can easily deal with routine, repetitive auxiliary work, and then further, it can perform data analysis and make suggestions for improvement. It can quickly and quickly chase every minute of the changes that occur, people in the purchase, the sale of goods when the fluctuations occurred in the changes.

Staff management

We all know that if the staff management work is not done, then it means that sales decline, the loss of profits, which will further affect the brand image, bringing a very bad customer experience. However, the use of past data records, combined with the previous marketing and sales system, the formation of a more systematic and flexible staff management policies, and even build some predictive model. Ultimately, companies can achieve lower absenteeism, lower corporate internal friction, and better customer satisfaction.

Store expansion strategy optimization

For commercial purposes, we all know the importance of the shop. But more importantly, how to shop, choose what time, in which geographical location shop, these major decisions directly affect, and even determine the follow-up revenue situation. Artificial intelligence can be carried out here through its intelligent algorithm, the 'regional population structure distribution', 'sales data', 'competitor tracking', 'past sales history data' and all other factors into the operation process.

How to match the product and management products

In the retail store, the goods are dazzling, when the customer into the store, there are too many factors that even determine whether these goods can eventually sell out. For example, the sharp rise in temperature will directly make the performance of soft drinks up, and the temperature down, the performance of these goods will not be good.

Artificial intelligence will be a variety of factors, such as the temperature of the mall, as well as the display of goods, combination with the situation, all taken into account, so in the product management and with the above to achieve the most optimal solution.

Supply Chain Management Optimization

There is no doubt that the most important factor in the retail sector is how we manage control in the supply chain. In order to make it more efficient, we need to establish an established demand model in the original records, events, sales, time, crowd, marketing, and thus be able to effectively manage and look forward to. It can help us achieve our goals, to achieve better logistics services to supply chain management, and ultimately this results reflected in the book.

Optimize the promotion and recruitment process

In order to improve the optimization of publicity and recruitment process, in advance can also use artificial intelligence technology to establish a predictive model, accuracy and efficiency are on a step. In the promotion of corporate and recruitment strategies, activities, will form a more reasonable program. Business owners will spare more time and effort, on their core competitiveness of the development, and all of these tasks are transferred to artificial intelligence.

Private shopping assistant

The brand can customize the artificial intelligence, so that its application turned into a private shopping assistant, it will provide a series of auxiliary nature of the shopping experience, more efficient and accurate. If used properly, it will burst out of great value.

Virtual mirror

Virtual mirrors can help customers quickly and easily experience solutions before they can be purchased. It can be the actual shape of the customer's appearance, with the clothes and accessories to the perfect overlap. This is a shopping experience is undoubtedly an innovation.

Multi-channel shopping

In retail stores and online sales of these two channels, the data can be synchronized, in order to achieve improved performance. But to achieve this, you first need artificial intelligence to further understand the customer's shopping habits and preferences. In order to better illustrate this point, or for example: a customer in the bottom of a physical retail store threshold, if the point of the sales staff in advance to understand the customer before the Internet to see what goods, evaluation and Recommended what goods, what goods to buy, and then the sales staff made by the merchandise recommended more in line with the customer's psychological, shopping experience will be improved.

Sales staff in how to guide customer advice, how to do marketing and horizontal recommendation, he will become targeted, performance will have a better guarantee.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality experience also requires some hardware equipment support, such as wearing equipment, generally have to have a controller. In this new technology has not yet fully popular, in the hands of early adopters, virtual reality technology has burst out of great value. For example, sitting at home, consumers can visit a wide range of retail stores, browse their complete catalog, find their favorite brands and designers of the latest baked goods works.

In fact, a wide variety of banks and financial institutions in order to enhance the customer experience, but also began to integrate virtual reality into their financial products and services.

Video analysis

At the beginning, we talked more about the management of retail stores and online stores. However, with the deepening of research, we found that buying a lot of time is in the store, so more and more people think it is time to set up a system inside the store, to capture real-time analysis of customer behavior and expression The

Analysis of the video can give us an unexpected conclusion, the release of great value. For example, we will know how much time consumers spend on each commodity, how long has he / she been placed in the shopping cart, how does his mood change? What happened to him and put the goods back on the shelves? When you look at the more customers, you will find that there is a certain pattern, a lot of consumers will show the behavior. And all this will help you in the future to improve their sales methods and processes.

Augmented Reality

We have noticed the reality that Pokemon Go is a great success for this mobile game. In the retail industry, such a technology can also burst into great value, attracting customers in droves.

In fact, the technology is well configured applications. For example, the customer into the store, in front of the goods placed some code or electronic sign, once the customer began to scan, or stand in a special location, immediately in front of them will pop up the video, introduce the product specifications, Information.

Robot applications and robotics

This is another area of change in the rules of the game and the pattern of the industry, its popularity is only a matter of time, especially in developing countries, it is estimated: almost 80% -90% of the call center will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

From this point of view, the robot is likely to become an important carrier of artificial intelligence technology. On the other hand, a noteworthy trend is that by 2020, according to Gartner Research's analysis: 85 percent of the interactions with customers in the call center will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Needless to say, in the retailer system, there have been a lot of robots that can do a lot of things at the same time, such as cleaning robots with polished flooring, picking up goods from the warehouse, stacking, packing the goods.

Now that we have talked about enough, about artificial intelligence tools, technology and innovation. Now, there have been a wave of companies such as Happiest Minds, Wipro, MindTree and other companies, they can from different angles, these products and technology quickly integrated into your business operating system.

The future has come, I wonder if you are ready? (Source: Topology; text / wilderness)

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