Analysis on the Network of Financial Ecological Circle Construction

This time, artificial intelligence is very hot, especially the Alpha dog and Ke Jie's game, is to attract everyone's attention. A few days ago, thanks to Huan always gave a ticket, participated in an artificial intelligence summit, had the honor to hear the introduction of the top experts at home and abroad, but also want to get the ax, talk about their own understanding.

I remember the beginning of the nineties had just entered the university that the teacher told us that the computer application of the three stages, computing systems, management information system level and decision support system. Decision support systems require artificial intelligence, especially in structured procedural logic to intelligent decision logic, and in particular to tell us that artificial intelligence is used in speech recognition technology, the standard Mandarin can have 70% recognition rate, and since then, Intelligent kind of feeling unpredictable.

In recent years, with the improvement of computer performance, the popularity of network technology, the application of large data processing capabilities, artificial intelligence has been applied to all aspects.

System-aware environment and automatic control, sensors and Internet of things technology, so that the machine can perceive the environment, coupled with the operation and control, there are many unmanned equipment, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned cars and so on.

Robots, etc., or the organic combination of people and machines, especially in the production, life, mechanical work, repetitive labor, dangerous, hard working environment, many of the robots replaced, and more effective than humans.

Based on large data base, the network of group wisdom, make full use of computer computing power, man-machine integration capabilities, cross-media reasoning ability, there are some similar to human discrimination, thinking and learning ability of the machine, such as a strong learning ability machine, Facial expression ability of the machine, financial sub-folding tools, customer service system, etc., which is the most controversial areas, but also the most difficult to predict the field.

The development of information technology, teaching the word, network, intelligent is a development process and trends, artificial intelligence must be based on the process of human information, data + personalized must be its development and application direction. On the basis of information aggregation, to assess the user response, to explore customer needs, the establishment of systems and user connections and relationships, quickly meet the individual needs of customers, artificial intelligence will be the future to bring us the biggest surprise.

The future, based on the integration of data, the use of Internet of Things, Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, in all sectors of the wisdom of the application system will be for our life, work, learn all aspects, bring a variety of convenience. Wisdom of the city, wisdom of logistics, wisdom factory, wisdom furniture, wisdom office ... ... which artificial intelligence will be promising.

At the same time there is a feeling, domestic experts to study the problem, mostly the first direction, to determine the concept and scope, and foreign experts are often interested in their own city, kept deep down, the stage results applied to the market, the final formation Theory and system. From this feeling, most of the domestic experts talk about concepts and nouns, leaders and experts often can not tell.

Artificial intelligence in the financial field will be what application, ants gold clothes Zhang Jiaxing said, '' Speaking of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has a lot of artificial intelligence technology, these technologies actually give us a variety of capabilities, including unit processing, image recognition , Voice recognition, knowledge attempt, machine learning / depth learning, ability does not represent the real effect, so we have the ability to apply to the process. Where do we apply these artificial intelligence capabilities? Applied in all aspects related to finance, including credit recommendation, wind control, search, intelligent assistant, marketing. This is quite wide, in the end where the specific point? What are the aspects of the application of artificial intelligence? It should be said that the application has been applied to a variety of financial services and financial products, such as micro-credit / chanting, business security, credit, wealth, business security, this sector may be socially socially responsible for the community , We do anti-money laundering, of course, this is based on artificial intelligence technology. '' A statement, you can give us some thinking.

For banks, intelligent customer service, risk management, product pricing, benefit testing, customer product recommendation, etc. should be the field of artificial intelligence use, but understand customer needs, make customer personalized products, and customers continue to interact in all directions, real-time For internal resources and external conditions, optimize the product and pricing, from time to time to attract customers, customers will be trained into the user, while the use of artificial intelligence, down the cost, we will pursue the goal.

First set a small goal in mind

January 22, 2017

With the end of the provisions of the end of the unit action, the consideration of the new year to do something, is to set a small goal to their own.

Internet financial ecological circle construction is a big issue, must be combined with the Internet format, so that financial integration into the business process, thus forming an organic ecosystem. After some pre-preparation, combined with the requirements of the target, 2017 prepared to study the current status of electricity providers, combined with our cooperation platform to explore the establishment of electricity supply chain ecosystem. The basic ideas, based on the current electricity business, the use of all resources, to seek the leading manufacturers of electricity to the electricity business transaction information flow, combined with capital flow and logistics, to build supply chain management, capital settlement and supply chain financing as the main Function of the public platform.

To complete this goal, need to help the parties, the help of everyone, the team's efforts, but also need to add luck. There is the goal of the direction of efforts, no matter how the results, welcomed the people who work together for the construction of electric business to make their own efforts. This year's text will also focus on the topic, in a timely manner to report to everyone.

Topic one, the preparation of the work to understand the things network

February 16, 2017

To achieve a small goal, preparation work ultimately, in particular, some basic principles of science and technology finance need to learn. Internet of things, cloud computing, big data ...

First look at the Internet of things.

Internet of things refers to the Internet based on the use of radio frequency tag (RFID) technology, electronic product coding (EPC) standards in the global implementation of a network of real-time information sharing system. Bluntly is a device connected to the Internet. The United States or calendar harm, 98MIT proposed EPC, 99 years of automatic identification technology laboratory proposed the concept of things in 2005, the International Telecommunication Union formally put forward the standard.

From the system point of view, common understanding is divided into three-tier structure: perception control layer, data transmission layer and data processing layer. The main feature is the ability to fully sense, reliable transmission and intelligent processing.

To talk about simple, to complete the entire system involved in the technology or Tingzhi. (Such as two-dimensional code and physical positioning), the Internet of things communication technology, the Internet of things data processing and management of things, such as the two-dimensional code and physical positioning, information security.

Understand the basic principles, in the practical application will not be tall business slips cheat.

The realization of the perception layer is the original, the sensor is the core of the sensor layer, can feel the measured information, and in accordance with certain rules into the available signal device or device. Such as the smart phone touch screen, is the use of finger touch, through the conductive layer into electrical signals to perceive the screen x, y coordinates.

At the same time, through the perception, to carry out object recognition, location recognition and geographical identification, so as to clear the physical network of each object of the individual, action and location, and then transmitted through the signal conversion. Identification method, commonly used bar code, two-dimensional code, RFID technology; positioning methods, commonly used satellite positioning, cellular positioning, WiFi positioning and RFID positioning.

The second layer, is the signal transmission, using the commonly used communication technology. The biggest challenge is massive data, real-time, and diversity due to the wide variety of sensors. Of course, the transmission process is not distorted, safe and timeless, is the common requirements of communication.

The third layer is data processing. Data processing is also needed throughout the process, front-end sensing devices are now very strong to deal with. The data processing here is mainly determined by the application of the Internet of Things involved, data storage, cleaning, processing, coupled with business processing, but also may involve the processing of related equipment and personnel, feedback related processing unit, basic practices and familiar IT system is no essential difference, nothing related to the control of the sensor will be different.

Internet security and traditional Internet compared to its particular, technical requirements may be higher. Due to the use of sensor technology, may cause information leakage, the user equipment may be tracking and positioning, transmission process and data also exist security risks. Hackers on the future of Internet of things attacks and invasion may be more affect our lives, the film often appear to control traffic, turn off the monitoring is entirely possible.

Things networking down, many of the high school of physical knowledge, university communication and computer technology, although the difficulty is not large, can be back to the teacher, only a little knowledge, understand a little fur, for the interest, but also do not want the time People share. (Source: US articles / walking Xu Xu; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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