Research: iResearch: Internet industry: 2017 Q1 Q1 market steady growth

The latest data show that 2017Q1 China SME B2B platform services revenue scale of 6.37 billion yuan, an increase of 19.1%, down 5.4% qoq. From the overall point of view, small and medium enterprises B2B platform service revenue is still at a high level, the chain growth rate decreased slightly.

In the 2017Q1 small and medium enterprises in China B2B e-commerce operators platform revenue market share, Alibaba B2B e-commerce operators platform revenue ratio of 47.1%, in the small and medium enterprises B2B e-commerce market occupies an absolute leading edge; Dunhuang network leap Second, the platform revenue accounted for 6.5%, market share than 2016 has a certain degree of growth; HC network and Jinquan network followed, accounting for 4.8% and 4.6%, respectively, compared with 2016Q4 quarter change ; Other B2B e-commerce operators platform revenue market share changes smaller, no significant breakthrough.

According to iResearch China online shopping market data, 2017 Q1 China online shopping market transactions amounted to 1.26 trillion yuan, compared to last year, the industry scale grew 29.7%, down 16.1%. Q4 quarter by the 'double eleven', 'black five' and other shopping festivals, the transaction scale is higher, resulting in 17 years Q1 online shopping transactions scale decline. The overall trend of view, online shopping is still maintained a stable level of growth.

Ereli analysis, the online shopping industry continued to benefit mainly due to the following aspects: (1) online shopping platform to continuously expand the category, the line category or scene to the line, to meet the consumption of diversified and personalized needs. (2) vertical areas of vigorous development, such as cross-border electricity providers, fresh electricity business, home appliances, rural electricity providers, vertical areas become one of the new growth point of online shopping. (3) the diversification of marketing methods, such as net red, live and other content marketing methods of successful drainage.

(4) supporting facilities of deep plowing, such as in the development of the wisdom of logistics, and constantly shorten the distribution market, opening up a new consumer market; Internet consumer finance, the introduction of installments, 30 days interest-free payment products, effectively stimulating the high-end Product consumption.

IResearch research data show that in 2017 Q1 China online shopping market in the B2C market transaction size of 0.7 trillion yuan in China's overall online shopping market transactions accounted for 56.1%, the chain fell 17.3% over the same period last year -22.5% increase 5.2 percentage points; from the growth point of view, 2017Q1 B2C online shopping market during the year rose 35.2%, more than C2C market growth rate of 23.3%.

Ereli analysis: (1) after the quarter, B2C market share will continue to increase. With the online shopping market mature, product quality and service level has gradually become an important reason for the impact of online shopping decision-making users, the future of this appeal will promote the B2C market to continue high-speed development, become the main driving force for online shopping industry. (2) the rise of long tail market driven C2C development. C2C market to meet the individual needs of consumers, with the rise of a new generation of consumers, long tail market gradually developed and the larger space, the future C2C market will maintain a certain growth. (Source: IResearch Editor: Free Paper Download Center)

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