Oxford University: When Artificial Intelligence Transcends Mankind (Full Text)

Katja Grace and his team from the Institute for Human Future Studies at Oxford University have published a research report entitled 'When Artificial Intelligence Transcends Human'

The report covers: Artificial intelligence in the future will have the skills, practical application, which areas will be able to achieve the automation of human work, as well as artificial intelligence and social and ethical impact and other issues.

According to the research team, the study in the field of artificial intelligence is a more representative, more representative study. The study examines 1634 experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the world (these experts have published papers at the two top conferences in machine learning: the 2015 International Machine Learning Conference and the 2015 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems), and Received 352 replies.

For the areas in which artificial intelligence will have the skills, and even when it transcends humans, the team has come to the following data:

Translation language 2024 years

Writing high school papers in 2026

Driving a truck in 2027

Working in the retail industry in 2031

Write a bestseller in 2049

Become a surgeon in 2053

Experts believe that in 45 years, artificial intelligence has a 50% chance of transcending human beings in various fields and can automate all human work within 120 years.

Interestingly, experts from different regions will have a more significant difference in when artificial intelligence will go beyond mankind. For example, experts in the Asian region are more likely to believe that this time will come earlier than North American experts.

The importance of prediction does not lie in many times whether it is accurate or not, but provides us with the imagination of the future and the impetus for action.

Regardless of whether these forecasts are accurate, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly set off the most significant technological change in human history. Medical, financial, education, manufacturing, energy, retail ... ... any industry must embrace this change. (Source: Oxford University Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

Full text link: 'When artificial intelligence transcends human'

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