Aurora data: April 2017 app list (full text)

The sharing of bicycles increasingly hot, ofo and Matthew hand in hand into the penetration rate of hundred, ofo month new users is to reach 18.3 million, far more than 71 million, showing the momentum come from behind. Bank class app collective strength, China Construction Bank penetration and DAU both lead the bank list. The leading mobile large data service provider Aurora big data launched 'App Billboard - April app list', from the market penetration rate, active users, the number of new users, 7 days retention rate and other key indicators for your interpretation of the domestic App status quo. And the introduction of new retail new industry category list, sharing economic class list, financial category list, entertainment category and other categories on the list of categories.

Report Highlights:

• Shared bicycles from the field to 4.04% penetration rate topped the list, temporarily leading the penetration rate of 3.87%;

• Short video, fast hand has been unstoppable, penetration rate of 15.2%, DAU more than 62.75 million, and the category ranked second in the US penetration rate of only 4.0%, DAU was 2.714 million;

In the field of hand travel, the glory of the king has become a national tour, the penetration rate of up to 21.3%, every five mobile devices have installed a glory of the king, DAU is up to 51 million, a well-deserved global hotest tour;

• rely on credit card issuance and various promotional activities, banking class app collective force, led by China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of China and other app penetration and DAU have steadily increased. (Source: Aurora large data compiled: free paper download center)

Full text link: 'April 2017 app list'

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