Inventory: the magic of the Internet world logic

Today, chat line line can not understand, often on the Internet only effective magic logic.

Summary I have been thinking about the Internet, doing a little inventory and sorting, this article can give you at least 10-15 minutes of reading experience. Not much to say, the following questions.

Before writing, let's go back and forth to answer a key question: when did the Chinese people enter the Internet age on a large scale?

I collected some data here, along the timeline, look at the number first.

In 2007, China Internet Network Information Center data, the scale of Internet users in China, for the first time more than 200 million people;

In 2010, the State Council Information Office published the 'China Internet situation' white paper, as of the end of 2009, China's 384 million Internet users;

January 22, 2017 afternoon, CNNIC released the 39th 'China Internet Development Statistics Report', announced the scale of Internet users reached 731 million. This should be the overall development of China's Internet market, the most authoritative report;

In 2017, Tencent announced the first quarter results report, announced the WeChat and WeChat consolidated monthly active users reached 938 million. More than 1 billion, is expected in the next quarter.

Flash ten years, ten years is not long. Nearly 1 billion Chinese Internet users came to the Internet, enough to show that any Internet-related laws, will no longer be a trivial matter.

From 2007 to now, almost all people who can use the Internet, have come. In other words, the admission, have been admitted. It is often argued that the dividend period of the Chinese Internet has ended. Incremental, each are in the grab margin. From this data, can also see clues.

The history of human civilization, the Internet is never had a monster. Living in the Internet for a long time, easy to see the magic of the Internet turned a blind eye.

But in fact, there are many magic games and logic, are brought by the Internet, or on the Internet is often effective, never before. If you can sort out some of these logic, even if only open head, it will be valuable.

I owe the reader more articles, this thing I have to do it By their own power, it is difficult to write all, then when the initiate it.

First say, here I try to write something you are not easy to see elsewhere

Virtual infrastructure in the world, at least will only need to be invented again.

For example, Intel's MKL (math core library), which includes a piece of difficult function functions, such as BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK1, sparse matrix solver, fast Fourier transform, vector mathematics and so on. First of all, regardless of efficiency, you say these math modules, most developers can write from the first few, it is estimated to play a big question mark.

For example, there are various official and efficient third-party libraries in Python (eg, Requests). These functions correspond to the needs of their own team if written from scratch, requiring a lot of time and repeated testing. But now, an IT engineer, when the required functionality of the library to meet his needs, only need to assemble them up on it. How to say the words, with the glue language.

These infrastructure in the Internet are like stratigraphic buildings and public facilities in the real world, but only once again, they have the opportunity to be used repeatedly. It can be said that the marginal cost is very low. How to say jungle, to avoid repeated wheels.

What is the power of this logic?

One is, efficient reusable third party code, the more the more accumulation. This piece of resources, already greatly enriched.

So, the technical circle of ordinary engineers, not far from the future may not enjoy the high salary. And programmers, from the collar into a blue collar, in the absence of a small area, is no longer an alarmist thing. Repeat the wheel, the efficiency of no other people to open the use of third-party code is high efficiency, had to write glue, put others stick up, work without scarcity, wages of the ceiling, is bound to be downgraded.

And then, for the same dominate logic, need to repeatedly use the content, you only need to create it again. For example, the network video course, recorded again, in the content benefits before the period, that is, can be used repeatedly. Marginal cost is almost zero, the marginal benefit is far greater than the marginal cost, the larger the scale, the more lucrative profits. Youda College, meters and other online education, known to Live, a listen and answer a small talk and other small classes, as well as Kindle electronic publications, bonuses are here in the.

The real talent, to an enemy hundred, and even million enemy

This is about talent. The depth of the Internet is too rich, and highly capable people, with the search engine to explore the world, the ability is also very easy to double and break. Internet giants can also serve the user presented billions of levels, which in turn can greatly enlarge the ability of an individual. And technical problems, sometimes not a simple person on the issue.

So, the Internet era, in the specific direction, to have hundreds of enemy, and even million people of the enemy.

Give three small examples:

Zuckerberg has firmly said that a good engineer, arrived on the 100 ordinary engineers.

Fu Sheng and Tencent president Liu Chi-ping exchange, Liu said that the Internet is particularly like a martial arts history, a group of people beat a martial arts master. You put more people, it is better to a martial arts outstanding people.

Tombkeeper described yuange when said, there was a period of time, Microsoft's annual vulnerability of 10% of the submission is yuange a person to pay up.

Single point of the height was marked up, heap sea tactics do not work. Line three stinky cobbler over Zhuge Liang logic, once on the Internet failed. Recently, the concept of 'super-individual' was released, and it was not unreasonable.

The Internet world, the size of the huge differences between the easy to be smooth.

Under the world of big fish to eat small fish, on the Internet, may not be 100% effective. As the Internet is a virtual space, we are here on the things, in the cognitive, the lack of intuition on the size of perception.

For example, a large company's annual income is not worth the individual public number of advertising revenue.

For example, a corporate public number or microblogging, with a lot of resources, but in the network, the speed of powder is pinch but a small 95 after the individual.

For example, the big brands in Taobao on the sale of goods, profits less than Taobao ranked the front of the small shop.

For example, the second and third line star, together with the broker and so on the whole team, a year of income than a live between the call of wheat red and mobile phone broadcast APP ranking in front of the fishing people who are already unusual The.

The embarrassment is that the surfing individuals on the Internet, on the network to remember, are just a name, each name behind the group how large and the ability, sometimes not show.

So, for the idea and the idea of the individual, the Internet is a good place.

Online products, closer to the creator, not from the consumer.

Under the traditional line, the product is delivered to the customer's hands. The difference is that at the distance, the product of the Internet is closer to the creator of the product. Most specifically, the creator has the right to optimize, iterate, and change the product after the product is delivered (on the line).

Line of a publication, the word printed wrong, and then only re-version of the time and then modified. If the previous version of the buyer does not go on to buy a new version, he may have to never miss an upgrade of this product. And online electronic books, on-line editing can still give the wrong pick the wrong word, only need to prompt to remind users to update the time just fine.

So, the Internet, first out of the smallest viable products, fast iteration of the play was able to become possible. And this way to create products thinking, is completely traditional enterprises never thought of the blind spot.

Therefore, the products on the Internet, is the creator of the product and product users, a re-creation and optimization, together with the achievements of the. This thing resting on the Internet before, and even the traditional enterprise software engineering era, are unimaginable things. At the same time, but also left the Internet, it is difficult to take effect of the logic.

Internet, fast dead speed.

Twitter market in 2013 only when the market value of 24.5 billion US dollars, and now almost cut, the market value of less than 13 billion US dollars. And Twitter the same team to create the Medium, the response is also bland, profit model has been worrying.

Once the legendary Yahoo! is now almost out of the stage of history.

And the beginning of 2011 was born WeChat, the number of users in 2017, there have been breakthroughs in the trend of 1 billion mark.

Under the traditional line, thin dead camel than the horse, this logic, on the Internet, also failed again.

Internet iterations fast, fast dead speed, efficiency first. This logic, created the Internet companies need talent and really capable people. You do not you on the bar A ignorant and narrow vision of the founder, led the company all the staff tenacious struggle, with the car to the ditch, the rapid demise, fade out of people's vision, is already surprising thing.

And no ability, nepotism does not work, take the back door does not work. This is one of the reasons why the Internet has become a rising channel for many people.

And Daniel is the distance from the illusion, compared to the establishment of the connection to illustrate the problem, is to maintain the connection.

Internet to interpersonal relationships, such as the request under the HTTP protocol, everyone can send, but its own is still stateless.

This passage is a bit abstract. Well, the Internet gives too many people illusions, especially the distance from the Daniel 0 illusion. And the idol powder, and Daniel in a micro-credit group, the big god microblogging praise, asked the question by the big god voice answer (in fact, pay), these were born before the Internet is usually difficult to meet people, and now all Has been very common. But still someone does not understand that such a thing, more of the illusion of Internet bonuses.

Look at the fact that it is not difficult to see, and Daniel connection to establish, no longer in the past can not climb things. While the traditional line with the idol can only God of the dilemma, to the line, also be digested out. But the meaning of the establishment of the connection, no longer explain the problem.

Really meaningful, is whether you can be with you more than the cattle people, enjoy the value they bring you at the same time, but also for them to bring the magnitude of roughly equal value.

The illusion cleared, to see their own severity, good on the road, is the right thing.

A series of combing the six since that worthy of a magic logic, but look at my writing outline, which is not ready to write down the logic of 1/3, the number of view, have written nearly ten thousand words, The rest of the part, it can not write.

In this year, no way to the tree also continue to back the contents of the card, and then issued it. For everyone laughed, counted as a brick.

The end of the value of this article forcibly pulled up.

What is important is that I would like to read the user of this article to see what the boundaries of the magical logic of the Internet are, where are they, and the strength to play. Thus, how to use these traditional thinking without the logic, and further to the Internet to bring the individual, to bring the value of the team, is the meaning of this article.

the above. (Source: no way to the tree; text / bar horse; Editor: free paper download center)

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