Research News: Shun Securities: Artificial Intelligence: When the artificial intelligence into the big time

After the long tail credit, 'big capital' will become another area of artificial intelligence penetration. Whether it is Goldman Sachs investment Kensho to replace the securities analyst, or Microsoft artificial intelligence chief scientist Deng Li joined the hedge fund Citadel, all kinds of phenomenal events show that: 'artificial intelligence' has quietly entered the 'big time'.

Asset management: artificial intelligence subversive weapon out of the sheath. Basic financial assets with its data, traceability and other characteristics, natural matching artificial intelligence to 'massive data' -based scientific and technological attributes; the same time, news, policies, social networks and other non-financial advisory or to become an important factor in guiding investment. Throughout the global scope, to raise funds, brokerage and insurance management as the representative of the funding agencies, one after another in two areas to explore forward: 1) artificial intelligence assisted quantitative transactions; 2) artificial intelligence under the construction of the knowledge map.

Wealth Management: Smart Spring is approaching. Since 2014, smart investment swept the globe from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, from the United States to China. It is essentially a process of tailoring a personalized asset allocation scheme with artificial intelligence technology after tailoring risk preferences, liquidity preferences and asset size for long tail customers. Compared to the traditional 'wealth management' organization facing the high net worth of the head, its huge industry charm, or will break long-term investors have long formed or 'rigid redemption of financial products' or 'high risk equity products' Of the bipolar dilemma. The emergence of a large number of innovative enterprises and the entry of traditional financial institutions, fully explained the 'smart investment' is about the entire 'wealth management' areas of change, turn over the opportunity or overtaking.

The Stone of the Mountain: Inspiration from the Global Forerunner. According to ATKearney statistics, the size of US smart investment has grown from almost 0 in 2012 to 200 billion US dollars in 2016; and is expected by 2020, the US smart market penetration rate of up to 5.6%, the scale will reach 2.2 trillion The At the same time, since 2014, Vanguard (Pioneer), CharlesSchwab (Schwab) as the representative of the traditional financial institutions into the intelligent investment, and its user data, financial products and other areas of the rapid rise of the advantages; the same time, The number of new enterprises and the total amount of financing hit record highs. There are indications that even in the financial market is so mature in the United States, artificial intelligence as the core of the 'smart investment' is not just short-lived 'concept'.

Investment advice: following the long tail credit, 'big capital' will become another area of artificial intelligence penetration; which, sub-industrial chain can be found, artificial intelligence has been in the 'asset management' in the field of intelligent quantification, securities analysis, 'Wealth management' in the field of intelligent investment to enhance operational efficiency as the goal of landing. At the same time, we through the global pioneer of the card and the 'big capital' mold market environment analysis of the status quo, artificial intelligence is not short-lived 'concept', turn overtaking opportunities or in sight. Focus on recommended: flush ('artificial intelligence + financial' era leader); recommended concern: win when wins (to build the leading domestic wealth management enterprises), Zhejiang University Network (sword refers to the era of artificial intelligence 2.0 leader, forward layout intelligence ('Flow + data' to help smart investment business to seize the market opportunities), the East China Fortune ('traffic + data' to help smart investment business to seize the market opportunities), Hang Seng Electronics (technology-based, build 'one trillion' wealth management ecosystem)

Risk Warning: The application of artificial intelligence technology is not up to expectations, financial innovation regulatory policy risk. (Source: Shun Securities Wen / Hu Youwen Sun Yuxuan Lu Wei)

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