Quintly: 2016 top brand Facebook marketing survey (full text)

Quintly surveyed 30 top brands Facebook marketing strategy, the survey found:

In January 2016, the number of 30 brands of Facebook fans 38.15 million, to June 2016 the 30 brands of fans reached 38.5 million, which means that even the top brands on Facebook also have room for growth.

March and mid-June this 30 brands of Facebook fans growth peak, but the overall growth of the fans did not have much impact.

2016 in the first half of the 30 brands posted on Facebook, the frequency of decline significantly, which shows that these brands are changing Facebook marketing strategy.

In this 30 brands Disney daily release the largest number of content, about 4.5 per day.

Fans interact with the brand, the interaction in March the lowest, which shows the level of interaction and release content frequency and number has nothing to do.

Top brands posted videos on Facebook more frequently than images.

In April 2016, the top 30 brands of users posted the most content on Facebook, but this does not mean that participation is high, on the contrary, it shows that users need more support.

Fast response refers to the response within two hours, since the beginning of this year, this rapid response is declining, which may be due to the number of users in April a sudden increase in the number of reasons.

The brand is committed to the rapid response to the user's problem, although the problem will affect the response speed, but this is only temporary.

in conclusion

Facebook is still a valuable platform for brand marketing. (Source: Quintly Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

Full text link: '2016 top brand Facebook marketing situation survey'

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