Research: Monita: TMT Industry Weekly: Baidu and German giants in unmanned areas to cooperate

Market Review: Nasdaq TMT broad based A shares fell across the board

Nasdaq TMT broad based, 100 scientific and technological classification rose the largest, up 1.54%. A shares of TMT plate fell overall, biotechnology, communications, media, computers, electronics fell 0.78%, 0.73%, 0.88%, 1.45%, 0.98%. The concept of a comprehensive decline in the plate, network security, cloud computing and large data fell the top three, down 4.24%, 2.84%, 2.79%.

TMT dynamic: Intel released a variety of new Core i9 processor to counter AMD

Intel recently released a number of new Core i9 processor, including up to 18 cores, mainly for gamers and high-performance needs. The release of Core i9 processor is to counter AMD, re-dominate the PC processor market.

Company hot : Baidu and Bosch in unmanned areas to cooperate

Under the joint witness of the Prime Minister and the German Chancellor, Baidu and Germany Bosch signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be in the automatic driving, intelligent transportation, intelligent car networking areas in-depth cooperation.

New areas: Amazon UAV shipments business by parachute transport patent

Amazon UAV shipments business access to parachute transport patents. This patent describes the delivery of parcels through unmanned aerial vehicles or other airplanes, which may provide new insights into the Amazon Airborne UAV shipments project. (Source: Monita (Beijing) Research Institute; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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