Sina microblogging: 2017 microblogging second yuan development report (PPT)

2017 Asian animated list ceremony held in Beijing, Sina microblogging released '2017 microblogging second yuan development report.' Sina microblogging has become China's most important access to information and access to the discussion platform. According to Sina microblogging vice president Mr. Cao Zenghui introduction, as of the first quarter of this year, microblogging users have reached 340 million, the daily active users reached 154 million; the first quarter microblogging income of 200 million US dollars, maintaining a year-on-year growth 80% of the speed. At the same time, microblogging in this year showed a few obvious trends: in terms of content consumption, microblogging as an open social media, through the establishment of large user data, can better help users build relationships; in terms of content production, Short video became a bright spot in 2017, how to use short video production, dissemination of content has become an important opportunity for development; in the use of the platform, 2017 microblogging will be built from the various areas of content partner mechanism.

Cao Zenghui that in the pan-entertainment industry, the role of micro-Bo play increasingly important. And specific to the animation industry, 'microblogging animation' as microblogging in the animation industry, the vertical ecological construction side, with more than 1.2 million industry official V, covering a large number of animation crowd, as China's largest crowd of second-class crowd exchange platform one. Based on this, microblogging launched the second element white paper, trying to analyze the data through a large number of microblogging many secondary users in the number of users, KOL energy, attention to content and other aspects of the characteristics.

'Growth, active, young': the overall characteristics of the secondary user 'high growth, high active, young'. Luo Ang in the opening of the speech so the evaluation of micro-Bo secondary users.

Microblogging data center will be microblogging binary users are divided into 'pan-second user' and 'core secondary users'. Among them, 'pan-binary user' refers to the characteristics of the second element, concerned about such works that with the second dimension of the user; and 'core secondary user' in addition to such characteristics, but also has a certain influence and communication The According to the microblogging data center division, the core number of secondary users is currently 19.6 million, while the pan-binary users reached 153 million. In the microblogging users continue to grow the total amount of the case, the overall secondary users to achieve a high growth. Whether it is the pan-second user or the core of the second-time users, more than 37% of the number of upgrading.

'Attack the second dimension': second element KOL impact report microblogging in the overall characteristics of the user after the general overview, microblogging data center focused on the second element 'leader' who. 'Similar to the mass innovation network, there are also users in the center of the network and nodes in the secondary meta-domain. These users are the secondary meta-cultural centers in microblogging, the initiators and key communicators of cultural propaganda. Oz.

With the development of secondary users, the second element KOL team also gradually grow up. The influence of its opinion leaders comes from its increasing number of people, the output of the content output and quality. To them as the center, attracted more than 200 million fans gathered. The second element KOL who often have multiple identities, they are both practitioners, but also the second element lovers; both talented and also good at management. Among them, mostly Cosplayer.

In addition to the data analysis of the 'person' in the second element, Luo also introduced the microblogging data center on the binary content and text analysis, in order to do so, Showing the characteristics of the secondary culture. 'Discourse' (blog content), 'works' (animation works) and 'speaker' (microblogging master) constitute the analysis of the three key points.

At the level of the works, microblogging animation works are divided into three categories: domestic, Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States. Chinese and Korean works are characterized by animation and comics are quite popular, microblogging hot animation movies are often in the market can also be recognized, bring a lot of box office. The characteristics of European and American works is based on comic book adaptation of the film-based, the most representative works are Disney and Man Wei series of films. In 2016 microblogging hot 100 pieces of animation works as an example to analyze, of which Japan and South Korea accounted for 47.6% of animation, the largest number of Europe and the United States accounted for 6.8% of animation, and domestic original works accounted for 45.6%.

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