The financial field staged brutal cleaning, a group of people are being replaced by artificial intelligence

There was a glorious history.

In the banking age, they are the core positions, standing on the tip of money, holding the power of making decisions on lending.

And now, the wind control into the 'data-driven' era, the letter has become a 'tasteless' position.

Faced with the fate of being abandoned, they stand in the fork of the times, left and right hesitated, difficult to move. They are about to exit the consciousness, but it is difficult to cover up the abandoned desolate and tangled.

Artificial intelligence is a step by step to replace people, the times rolling forward, no one can block, all hesitated hesitated people, have been brutally crushed under the wheels ... ...

01 golden age

In the financial field, they are the first wave of people who are driven to the cliff side.

And drive them, is artificial intelligence.

'I want to leave this post, leave Beijing', the letter of the apprentice package small new tone down, full of confusion and lonely.

He must have to leave, he nowhere to escape

In the banking age, the auditors have enjoyed the infinite scenery, the times they placed into an important position, was awarded the medal.

At that time all the people to apply for loans to fill in the information, will be aggregated to the hands of the letter - they through various means to weigh the loan, is put or hold.

In other words, they mastered the 'life and death power.'

'Letter of the trial, is a decent job', once in the bank as a letter of the Yao Jinmin said, many are college graduates, in order to enter the bank to play this position.

2011 to 2015, is a dash of the era. Those who have some commercial ideas, are bold and courageous to start trading, lending demand.

At this point, the financial tide gate, the line under the small loan companies everywhere, engaged in line loan loan officer, ushered in the golden age.

2014 spring, 90 after the package Xiaoxin, began his North drift career. He entered a small loan company, became a 'all-around' loan officer.

'Into the financial industry, the letter is undoubtedly the best way, do not need too much financial education, as long as you have aggressive, dare to learn, you can do', Bao Xiaoxin said.

Biao small new company to operate the main loans, as long as customers under the cable shops, operating for more than a year, will be able to handle the minimum 20,000, up to 150,000 loans.

At that time the wind control is very primitive, there is no letter trial system. Borrower first fill in the application information to the company, the next day to visit the store again.

When signing the contract, Bao Xiaoxin borrowed the borrower's phone, randomly selected several contact phone.

The information will be installed in an envelope, sealed up, after the end of the repayment, and then intact return the borrower.

Once the borrower overdue, the envelope is opened, will contact these people to collect.

In bank and line store loans, the letter of the trial is a 'strategic core' status, they are 'anti-fraud' the main backbone.

In the door of the interview stage, the package can be a small new and the other Kan Kan two hours, 'you need to ask his shop business, when to open, how long to open, the staff a few people, through electricity bills, All kinds of clues, to determine whether he is a person with integrity.

And the interview, all kinds of complicated details, will 'leak secret'.

Once, there is a boss who claims to sell pork to apply for a loan. The other side told him in a large pork room, a dark.

Can 'boss' groping for a long time, but can not find the switch.

'My heart probably understand that he is not the boss', package small new judgment.

'Because the mastery of life and death, many borrowers will give the credit officer plug red package, hoping to put them a horse,' Yao Jinmin said.

In those days, they were infinite.

02 status sink

In the golden age of borrowing, in addition to the rise of offline loans, online network loan platform, but also blossom everywhere.

A group of brave elites climbed the Times Express, that day and night in front of, there will be a miracle.

2015, net loan platform growth is unusually amazing, according to net loan home data, this year, the total platform to 3769.

At this point, a lot of offline borrowers, was dug to the Internet platform. Bao Xiaoxin also leave a small loan company, joined the network loan industry.

The new office building in Beijing's most prosperous CBD, everyone suits and ties, holding the coffee, that moment, he finally felt the financial practitioners to find the bright.

But soon he found that the so-called bright, but 'virtual its table.' On the line, the work and importance of the trial staff were greatly compressed.

Offline loans, the amount of high, single audit must make every effort to verify the authenticity; and online loans, mostly small, there is no time to every single detailed review - from the cost considerations, do not need.

They must be fast, fast and fast.

In the season, a letter of the trial staff need to check a single day about 50, an hour need to review 4-5 single, an average down a single up to 15 minutes.

In order to ensure that the 15 minutes of the letter of the progress of the trial run smoothly, the package small new accurate calculation: view customer information 2 minutes, to the customer call 2 minutes, third-party contact call 2 minutes, check the customer credit 5 minutes , Fill in the approval advice for 2 minutes.

15 minutes to get, perfect.

At this point, most of the most important job of the trial staff, that is, by telephone review, jargon called 'nuclear'.

Sometimes in addition to contact the borrower himself, but also contact him left the 'contact' to carry out cross validation.

For the messenger, as a 'fantasy trip'.

'You can meet all kinds of strange people', some people always say that they are not empty, the phone is the other side of the mahjong card was rubbing crackling; some people questioned the fraud, threatened to alarm; some say a dialect, I do not know The cloud ...

And this process, and indeed there are a few doors.

Yao Jinmin where the bank, also began to do some online business, he also joined the nuclear sector.

They concluded that although there was no details of the trial, but also from the phone to catch some clues.

For example, the information shows that a big boss, the phone came the other end of the bus station to the station of the sound; sometimes you can hear 'crash' turn the sound of information, 'forged too much information, Open the information to see '. Sometimes the other side can not answer, doubt, answer too fluent, but also doubt, 'like endorsement, are prepared answers.'

Just joined the credit industry cocoa, but also worked out some of the doorway, generally he put the nuclear sub-five steps to complete a play a hook.

The first to verify customer information, the second verification of the use of products, the third inquiry customer repayment method, the fourth repayment ability assessment, the fifth remind customers to repay on time.

A phone call down, at least 5 minutes.

The person on the other side of the phone, cocoa one do not know, in the heart, he draws their portrait, familiar with their laws of life.

Name, work, place of work, single or married ...

Cocoa tries to find some fun from your own work.

He did not know that the occupation of the biggest crisis, has quietly come They will be a little bit of eating, carved up, become the smallest screw.

03 screws

Suddenly, the times changed and the wind changed.

2016, cash loans and consumer finance rise, all online platforms, began a 'robbery war.'

Bao Xiaoxin sad to find that in the process of rapid impulse, the letter to become the most 'low and cheap' labor force, 'purely physical labor, every day to see the information, call, no technical content.

His work is endless and can not stop.

The company implemented three shifts, early morning from 8 am to 6 pm, midfielder 10 o'clock to 8 pm, the evening is 12 noon to 12 pm, and the weekend can only rest a day.

The most busy time, he day to review 100 list, long down, he committed a serious occupational disease: decreased vision, back pain.

'One to the peak, the list directly to you, the trial can not go home,' Bao Xiaoxin think, the Internet financial in the rapid run, all in the urging you, 'the customer urged the lender, the supervisor urged the performance.'

Everyone is tired to get on the ground, when the trial does not move, 'the manager of the incentive policy, the trial of the first prize of five thousand, the second three thousand, some people are fighting for the money.'

At this time, most of the loan officers, can only fill in the 'recommendation', even the decision is lost.

Letter trial staff, suddenly become the bottom line of the assembly line, they are only low labor, repeat the mechanical work, endless overtime ...

The speed of manpower, how could it have to fight the machine?

In order to ensure the amount of daily lending, many companies began to introduce pre-loan automated approval system.

At this point has become the letter in charge of the cocoa, feel that they are in an awkward position.

His periphery, a new department to build up - modeling group, anti-fraud department, data department, etc., the wind control is split into seven departments.

But he soon found that the original experience is not enough, the wind control, began to be a lot of 'tall' words to wrap.

Third party credit data, reptile software, whitelist, blacklist, device fingerprint, all kinds of fresh nouns, cocoa never heard.

For a time, large data, artificial intelligence, quantitative wind control and so on the concept, it seems that the wind is really doing the standard.

'Some people claim to understand the big data, open mouth will be 500,000 annual salary, the company even at millions of annual salary, to introduce foreign wind control personnel,' cocoa look at their annual salary, a bit overwhelmed.

Before the artificial one day but 50 single, and now the machine audit more than 10,000 single, online high-frequency transactions, people, almost complete defeat.

On the line under the loan platform, also began to gradually replace the machine with the machine.

'Our letter trial manpower, in the gradual reduction of up to more than 100 people, and now only about 60 people, the future they will transition', Jie Yue, deputy director of credit evaluation, said Li Qiang.

'Currently on the market for the amount of automated audit is relatively small, generally in the amount of 10,000 or less, is automatically reviewed, one to thirty thousand, is the artificial machine, more than 30,000, there is no way to fully automated audit' , Li Qiang said. Jietao joint or under the line of 50,000 -10 million loans, so only to retain some of the trial staff.

When the machine is strong enough, after a large amount of money, the trial staff will be completely eliminated by history?

They have become screws, horrified to find that even this screw is no longer needed ... ...

04 where to go

From the master of the power to kill the core staff, to the edge of cheap labor, and then to today's dispensable, credit practitioners, found that the rumbling forward of the train, has rushed to their eyes.

In the cocoa view, technology in the continuous iteration, he will be divided into four times: large data 1.0 era, app, letter trial system, customers save the door time, do not have to wait for the team to fill out the form;

2.0 began to introduce credit system; to 3.0 received the letter, with the modeling, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other advanced technology; to 4.0, it is completely artificial intelligence, machine learning.

And now, is undoubtedly from 3.0 to 4.0 transition.

Because of the lack of credit system, artificial intelligence is not perfect, this transition stage, there are still 20% -30% of the gray area, the need for manual review - this is undoubtedly the last straw of the trial.

But many experts assert that this time to leave a personal hearing, but 5 - 10 years.

'The future of the letter will be less and less', Jie Yue, deputy director of the joint credit evaluation Li Qiang said that the future, the so-called manpower, will only use the wind control system to establish, monitor, maintain, all the decision-making, will ' '

'We cut off the credit officers and realized a full review of online', a well-known platform for CRO said they completely used the machine to replace the people.

'We use data and technology to drive, completely solve the manual approval subjectivity, low efficiency,' the CRO said.

Even the small manager of the package, are secretly told him, let him hurry to learn something new, 'letter trial automation, is certainly the trend'.

Do you really want to abandon them?

Almost all the information is revealed, a sure answer.

Placed in front of all credit practitioners, only two ways: either active transformation, or passive elimination.

Cocoa undoubtedly chose the first one.

He learned some of the wind control knowledge, but also participated in some of the basic wind control courses. Currently, he finds a new job, responsible for the primary strategy model and data analysis.

'Come step by step, since time gives the development of the track, we can only follow the time to climb forward,' said the cocoa.

And the small package, but not from the despair and grievances out of his disheartened, bear the reality of the ruthless lash and cold.

'I want to leave this post, leave Beijing,' he decided to leave Beijing, also left to abandon his credit industry.

Time has always been ruthless.

Will not give anyone any chance to breathe.

In the face of the rumbling of the era of the train, or fight life, give up all have to climb up, or become, the time of the sacrifice ... ... (Source

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