Seconds analysis: shoot in the vertical content of the hard work is desperate or confident?

Vertical short video in the development momentum and quality attributes are short video entrepreneurs preferred, but the vertical short video is also facing interesting, the production threshold and other issues, short video platform should stop the light that do not practice The practice of the vertical short video support to do thoroughly. From the second shot, the vertical short video and the platform is in the same boat, the interests are closely related.

With Tencent, Ali, Baidu three giants have increased short video input, began in 2013 short video, in the '1 billion' '2 billion' this figure, ushered in the expected heyday. June 1, the second shot combined with the new list released in May short video original, Sichuan Yu, influence, situation, food, fashion, MCN series list. In these lists, gossip, funny short video several fixed account to continue to laugh, single account up to 440 million times to let television and other traditional media ashamed.

However, despite the total share of funny humor, star entertainment is still the largest, but their proportions are falling, food, fashion, lifestyle vertical short video content continues to heat up, and the vertical class list, there have been nearly half of the new list face.

Earlier, the second shot of the parent company about senior vice president of technology Liu Xin Zheng said that before the non-entertainment stars, non-news scene, non-pure funny content access flow rate of less than 20%, but as early as the end of 2016, all kinds of vertical content Traffic accounted for more than 60% cumulative.

What does this mean? On the one hand, the vertical short video heat is rising, on the other hand, the vertical short video head has yet to form, there are still a lot of investment opportunities.

But the more realistic situation is: Although most of the short video platform are under the banner of vertical content banner, but mostly 'mouth is not heart', they have not really attached to the vertical content of hatching, do not know how to operate vertical content, but any Its barbaric growth.

Seconds to shoot in the vertical content of the hard work, is desperate or confident? Sichuan and Chongqing original list, the second shot to do the vertical 'blower'?

Seconds shot on June 1 announced short video list, this is a routine thing. However, this kind of routine in the 'Sichuan and Chongqing original author list' people a bit puzzled. A short video platform business subsided to the line, in Chengdu, engage in a mobile video base, which is playing the idea?

1, the second shot to support vertical entrepreneurs only to do 'public'?

In general, the platform as a pure line platform, in addition to the various functions of the line iteration, offline marketing activities, rarely involved in the short video eco-chain upstream - production link. Originally, in the second shot, volcano small video, quick hands like this short video platform, most of the time entrepreneurs are based on platform rules, market feedback free development - or fend for themselves.

Obviously, this is more than professional, lack of entertainment, short short video is not very favorable.

The second phase of the release of the national distribution of the mobile video base, making the relationship between the platform and the content side has changed, the platform side began to intervene, involved in the upstream, to encourage and support the development of entrepreneurs. Which is the most benefit from the vertical short video.

Seconds shot is to see the vertical short video facing the problem, ran over to play these entrepreneurs 'living Buddha'? I'm afraid not. In fact, for the second shot that already has a sufficient scale of the platform, through the online, offline dual-channel, weaving their own 'value network', so as much as possible attached to the resources, the interests of the participants embedded in the platform As the core of the network, is the most valuable thing. Once the net, to form their own content of the ecological, also formed a competitive barrier. This essence is from the 'platform' to 'content ecosystem', in this ecosystem, the vertical content of its characteristics will become mainstream, such as the first batch of seconds into the Chengdu video base 'Bing Shan literacy', 'puamap Wave trace education 'and other vertical content.

2, seconds to engage in line under the base, what is the real purpose?

Seconds to set up a line under the video base, the objective to solve the vertical video creator production and resource sharing two issues, to support the short video, especially vertical short video creators, so that their 'value network' becomes more tension, The barrier is higher, the bell thinks this is the real purpose of the second shot.

In the production, the base to provide the venue, equipment, training, media and other support, vertical content creators no longer need to step on the 'high threshold', video production into a relatively simple thing. Creators are more focused on the depth of the content to build, like the contents of the same content can become more focused, the video content and depth will become more quality. And unlike entertainment, funny video, this content and depth is just the key to vertical video aggregation iron powder.

In the community resource sharing, because video production is a technically similar thing, sharing becomes more important. In such a line base, the producers form the physical space under the line of the community, first of all talent, capital resources and infrastructure sharing, followed by the team has a full exchange and communication opportunities, because in addition to specific content, food , Education of these vertical short video production, distribution of the action are mostly common.

3, the second shot to do a little alternative to ecological support?

The second episode of the emerging 'Sichuan and Chongqing original author list' in the short video industry list, be regarded as a heterogeneous. From the second shot of the Chengdu video base, this list is clearly tailored for it.

This alien action, ringing that it reflects the second shot behind the line, offline double-track support strategy. If only online under the base to make the video out, online platform does not provide any support, the final results can be imagined.

The second shot should be aware of this problem. The Sichuan and Chongqing original author list can also be seen as a wave of the use of online recommendation and drainage, but also a rule-making and direction of the guidelines to try.

In addition to financial support, the creator of the platform and the second shot of these ecological support measures, the second shot APP interface on the more direct vertical division and user content match, but also reflects the seconds for the vertical short video support strategy: do not engage in a pot of braise , The first phase of the horse (distinguish between short video attributes), and then race (the same vertical field content competition), in the flow of access to achieve the type of equality, and based on user attributes to match the content to achieve accurate delivery to help users find what they want Content and become fans. Why do you focus on vertical short videos?

Seconds to do so much work, put so much resources, that is to say, because it is done a lot of vertical benefits. These benefits are due to 'focus', focus on the conversion rate, bring the user to filter, bring the content of the continuity, bring more opportunities for space, these platforms are significant future significance.

1, the first half and the second half, the cat or the cat, the mouse is not the same

A great man said, whether white cat black cat, catch the mouse is a good cat. Put in the short video industry, first of all to figure out what exactly is to catch the mouse.

In the era of traffic, more traffic on behalf of the success of investment, that is, the cat is the rush of rats. In the Happy Valley enclosure, this is understandable. But with the gradual end of the era of wilderness, we began to realize the logic behind the flow: only to achieve the ultimate realization of the flow is valuable, otherwise it is just a bunch of nice numbers.

So, to achieve this ultimate goal, it has become investors / entrepreneurs in the eyes of the new 'mouse.' And the more detailed the content, the user will be more accurate, the easier it will be commercial. Such as maternal and child, cosmetics, sports, education, etc., the content is vertical enough, the user is to be screened, the associated merchandise purchase logical.

This is actually the value of return, vulgar and non-nutritious short video content will be phased out, vertical short video into a cat can catch a good cat, in the fans, the amount of play as funny funny case, the income may be higher, this Is the success.

2, vertical can make seconds to build content ecological

In addition to benefiting investors and entrepreneurs, vertical short video on the second shot of this platform is also critical. In the vertical development is not enough time, it is clear that all the contents of the platform are the Northeast stew pot, entertainment funny, news, vertical and other content mixed together, the user wants to see what can see what, no rules.

In this case, the platform side there is no clear path to distinguish between the platform users, advertisers can only vote on who the traffic to whom, sometimes, the platform itself do not know how to distinguish their own users, only With low-end, mid-range or high-end simple division.

Over time, the positioning of integrated platform will make the pursuit of accuracy of the advertisers are tired, because the utility can not be evaluated.

The vertical short video in addition to the user precision, but also can help the second set to build the content of the ecological, the formation of a tidy, orderly system, and according to the system will be their users to fine classification, advertising efficiency will be greatly enhanced. After all, only the commercial realization of the short video is the driving force for sustainable development.

3, vertical to short video with continuous deepening of the potential

Entertainment, funny short video content production, pay attention to 'new', because the purpose of pure, is amused user, so there is no so-called deepening.

And once the vertical, short video content with the possibility of continuous deepening. A continuous deepening of the field, in order to have a steady stream of material, with a continuous content production, the user may continue to strengthen the sticky, video performance is more vivid and specific.

Further, verticalization itself is a process of continuous refinement, the vertical can also be further refined, the user can become more and more accurate. For example, dance vertical video playback in the first half of 2017 surge, while further vertical Latin dance, belly dance, etc. are also developing together, so the more detailed, the stronger the user's matching, loyalty will become higher, because a Love 'dance' people, may just love a class of dance. In other vertical areas, there are similar phenomena. 4, the vertical formation of the head more slowly

Sometimes, a field prematurely forming the head, is not necessarily a good thing. This means that investors / entrepreneurs have less chance. Participants are gone, industry vitality, industry creativity will be affected.

And Papi sauce, MC God bless these night bursts of red entertainment short video different, vertical short video is a slow work out of the fine process. A choice of viewing vertical short video users, must be with a professional look of attitude, eager to learn to beauty, car, dance and the like, in front of a large number of vertical content producers, knowledge and entertainment will bring more Of the user 'turbulence', the formation of iron powder is often the result of long-term comparison.

This point, through the second shot in May and nearly half of the list of fashion charts is the new list of creators can be confirmed. This also shows that deep vertical and short video, the second shot to give participants the time and chance more vertical short video allows the creators in the second shot to find lively, full of vitality of the entrepreneurial opportunities. Seconds to shoot vertical short video, emboldened where?

Specialization often leads to the creation and growth of vertical short video relatively harder, even though it knows that it has a good prospect, but it may not be possible to take 'take off' with a little 'heavy' vertical short video. And the second shot betting vertical short video emboldened, that is, through the resources of the previous investment to solve these problems.

1, vertical short video promotion 'a bit difficult', the platform in addition to thunder but also rain

Since it is vertical content, the overall taste is certainly not as good as entertainment, funny class, the user's import speed becomes more slowly. Vertical field itself is also different from the vertical shot on the list can be seen, food, fashion and so on are related to everyone and bring interesting content, the development will be faster, the amount of play is tens of millions of levels, And the car, evaluation, film critics and other specific content for the specific group, drainage will be much slower.

Although the platforms are promised to support the development of vertical short video, but really do very little, most platforms do not deserve a specific attribute to distinguish and match the user, the lower taste of the vertical content is often and fast food, vulgar class 'high fun' Funny video side by side 'show', the results can be imagined. A pot of brave reality, so that vertical short video proud of the user filter often become empty talk. A common phenomenon is that the effort to do a good job for a few minutes of professional reviews, the amount of play is often a hundred, but no one can deny its professional value and the author's efforts.

And the second shot to do, that is, through the vertical short video, integrated the second shot in May Billboard, the influence of the list, the original list and food, fashion two vertical list, the second shot has been fashion, car, mother Baby, food, film critics and so on more than 40 vertical areas, the formation of integrated entertainment + vertical short video content ecology, platform structure is clear, the user is defined, become easier to identify. From the actual effect of view, the second shot has launched 6 seconds before the video ad ads to achieve the use of 'industry will vote,' this way the ads will accurately cover the vertical users.

2, the video production threshold exists 'relativity'

The rise of quick hands, thanks to it so that the bottom of the lower level of culture, the general population can have the opportunity to shoot life, had addiction. For them, in the microblogging to play 140 words, perhaps a 'high threshold' thing.

And because of the different positioning, the vertical content needs a certain degree of formality, can not be as easy as hand, short video wind blowing, many deep plots in the field of vertical commentators, Chuaizhuo many valuable in the mind Content, want to rub a voyage, but found that the video production of this seemingly simple things are so complicated, script, equipment, shooting, dubbing, editing ... ... they found that the video became a 'high threshold' thing The

This 'theory of relativity' shows that vertical content will face more complex production thresholds than entertainment, funny, news scene and so on. MCN have their own ability, but many small PGC, UGC are often powerless, more extensive burst of wisdom is greatly limited. As mentioned earlier, the second shot of the Chengdu video base, in fact, online, in-depth upstream of the industry chain to help vertical short video creators to solve basic technical problems, reduce the barriers to create content to prevent the threshold.

3, community needs is the advanced needs of video production

The short-term production of the threshold, resulting in vertical video entrepreneurs on the general demand for video production and diversification and lasting. The demand for talent, the demand for equipment, the demand for creativity, the demand for the site are common.

This is the nature of the community of resources, all vertical short video creation are common, but also determines the entrepreneurs only to become 'social animals' in order to effectively reduce the marginal cost. After all, a thing, we all use, the cost of sharing, the difficulty of video production are greatly reduced. The graphic business model may no longer apply.

MCN on YouTube popular, it is because it successfully served as the resource sharing community hub, the domestic MCN also has a similar function, for example, in the second shot in May MCN organization list, the first magic TV is a large MCN, its magic food It is also an important creator of vertical short video.

But small and medium-sized PGC, UGC who, but far from enjoying the benefits of this community to share resources. Seconds of the line under the base and resource investment, it is in the platform MCN system, and then give these small PGC, UGC have become 'social animals' opportunities, in order to achieve the full coverage of the content creators at all levels.

In short, the vertical short video in the momentum of development and quality attributes are short video entrepreneurs of choice, but the vertical short video is also facing interesting, making the threshold and other issues, short video platform should stop the practice of light that do not practice, Vertical short video support to do thoroughly. From the second shot, the vertical short video and the platform is in the same boat, the interests are closely related. (Source: everyone is the product manager)

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