Combat: how to plan creative copy, so that buyers can not escape?

(Research papers Download News) Are you also appeared when you finish a drill or a poster exhibition map, or worried that their copy is not good enough, can not think of moving copywriting? After all, writing is a powerful force of communication, in order to retain a first time buyer, locked traffic, improve conversion rates, good copy on the essential, then how to improve the accuracy of the copy?

First, break the routine, to attract the attention of consumers with creative

Innovation copywriter can always stand out in standing orders, refreshing; like everyday 'new big promotion,' 'Only three days' 'value buy' and so obsolete, if the copy is to write two look good full words like promotions or tell yourself how how genuine original, then it would be wrong, the key is to have regressed insight!

Some good copy with other manifestations are often ways to promote their products, such as the example above, now combined with popular network gourd and rage comic, and shouted discount banner to attract attention, so that consumers feel freshness.

Second, fit the needs of buyers, empathy

Some good copy with other manifestations are often ways to promote their products, such as the above example, 'Sister, improper hold women' to promote its own black plum pass stool effect, not only shouted the voice of the target groups , also used the concept of empathy, so that buyers feel not have to buy. Figure 2 is a sell moisturize skin care brand, 'not the old lady' deeply cut into the target groups of beauty, the pursuit of young pain points, so as to effectively attract the attention of buyers!

1, the target population:

First of all, before we start thinking copy must carry out consumer research to determine their own shop target population, we have to play the electricity business advantage, good at using data analysis tools of the Internet - business staff / students via e.

Take a certain kind of tonic, for example, before we write copy, first with the business staff is market analysis look at our target population is what kind of person.

Taobao data based on a simple analysis, we can know that online shopping is this tonic crowd:

1. tonics like to buy online men than women; and more of an office worker;

2. In addition to love outside of health workers, a larger proportion of young people, mostly white-collar workers and students;

3. Partial novice Taobao buyers are more moderate levels of consumption level, between the ages of about 18-30 years of age;

Based on this population characteristics, we again confirm copy style, write some target groups like to see the copy. Like Xie mind as they shop style is relatively soft, fresh picture, tired office workers usually work, pay attention to the health of the people, to see such a picture will feel fresh and raw in its territory as cheerful mood!

Third, a variety of techniques reflect, so that buyers feel not have to buy

Copy the above mentioned ideas, which covers a lot of ground, some good copy, you can use many methods to reflect; personified, imagine the scene, quiz mode, by means of a hot topic, news, with pets, with the baby, and so beautiful, At the same time require a combination of product tonality, clear, concise, so that buyers looked at the idea of a click. for example:

As shown above, the use of two people in the form of a dialogue, using the form of scenarios, plus some promotional copy, strengthen advocacy efforts to increase the authenticity of activities, so that buyers see, naturally resulted in a click desire, so as to drive store traffic, so shop 'live'!

Figure a 'Do not buy too much, I can not afford to send' greatly withhold the buyer wants to take advantage of the heart, reverse thinking to think about, if you are a buyer, to see such words, you will naturally feel shop engaged in a loss gift-giving, why not hurry to buy it? actually, it is very simple, just to catch the buyer's psychology, it will naturally come to write good copy!

to sum up:

A good poster needed is a combination of psychological and practical needs of the buyer, the buyer's point of view to think about standing on, the relationship between the product and buyers identify, bind the user's emotions, plus purchase collection, to buy home, it is only for necessities only, because emotion, so trust. Home sounded open some shops are rummage sales, dazzling, watching the image text I felt familiar. Do not believe blindly shouting clearance sale text make you more sales force, but also to believe that their own creativity, as long as the actual, your copywriting is very competitive! Because there is a sense of resonance, so there is a sense of security. (Source: Barley electricity supplier compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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