Research report: BOC: virtual robots bring changes in human-computer interaction, BOTs era is coming

(Research papers Download News) BOTs coming era, we expect over the next three to five years, BOTs applications will penetrate into all walks of life, new entry - Tools - Applications - internet - ecological patterns will be reconstructed.

On the computer intelligence, and convenient mode of operation of the direction of the evolution of human-computer interaction, virtual robot (BOTs) will become the senior people interact with machines to go through channels. App has been excessive, long-tail applications flooding + user time scarce, resulting in most App was shelved, and even become a zombie applications.

According to Gartner data show that about 38 percent of US consumers accustomed to using Virtual Assistant services on their smartphones. It is estimated that by the end of 2016, this figure will reach the consumer market in the developed two-thirds. All signs point to an artificial intelligence to bring change: change the way we interact with all things.

Industry drivers, causing the virtual robot outbreaks three major factors: (1) the hardware level, the massive popularity of the mobile terminal is a necessary condition for BOTs outbreak; (2) the software level, the number of mobile App variety spawned a new industry pain points to be resolved, chat high usage of software making it the best human-computer interaction inlet passage; AI rate of technological development (3) a technical level, natural language processing faster, enough to support the development of BOTs, giant layout will accelerate the speed of iteration tools and applications .

BOTs will permeate all walks of life, the formation of new industry ecosystem. The current international IT giants competing each field layout BOTs, domestic BAT to be outdone, BOTs enter the stage of vigorous development. And then from the keyboard to the touch screen graphical interface, change every human-computer interaction are the achievements of a giant-level IT companies.

'BOTs economy' can be divided into two directions 2B and 2C, BOTs whole market will be showing the current App market with a similar pattern, but the maturity of the technology, first mover advantage, marketing and other various factors will lead to a new round of market shuffle. 1,2B end, oligopoly platform will divide the polymerization distribution market, while providing industry-specific business intelligence solutions will flourish;

2,2C end, the new platform is expected to have sprung up everywhere, will be re-wash 'entrance' pattern for different intelligent terminal (mobile phone, car display, smart home, etc.) of a good user experience. 3, from the application form, the robot BOTs future entity by pure software to hardware and software development; text to speech is BOTs will first large-scale application.

As 'intelligent App', BOTs profit model and the mobile App highly similar, on the whole still products, advertising, value-added services of these three categories.

Risk factors: technology and marketing maturity lower than expected. (Source: BOCI Securities Wen / Wu Yan Jing compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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