Books electricity supplier recommendation: The Wind South of Internet banking.

'The Wind South of Internet banking.'

(Financial Times of existential philosophy of the Internet)

About the Author

Chen Yu, screen name 'South cynical,' Ren Zhi Asset Management Group partner does in the West Lake. From 2012 to fun nature on the Internet Financial Review writing to a series of articles 'Zhejiang how the economy' fame. Its large number of financial articles, the times of financial analysis with penetration in the financial industry caused great shock, became one of the leading critics of the financial sector.

2013, his research interests turned to Internet banking, which have a large number of comments of Internet banking and financial institutions, practitioners must-read article, many people are beginning to understand the Internet financial cynical from the south, so southern cynical financial sector in the Internet more 'principal' one said.

Jiangnan cynical Internet financial evaluation and prediction straight cut key, though harsh, but was able to often true. His style is a straightforward straightforward, high-profile publicity, but the line was very humble man, very low key, a sharp contrast. For which he won a large number of 'diehard powder' to follow, many of them financial Gangster level figures.

brief introduction

With the rising tide of Chinese Internet banking, P2P, crowdfunding, Bao balance, micro-channel payment and other new thing after another, coupled with the large data and other trendy concepts to help out, simply squandering For beautiful eyes, so that the media excited, enthusiastic public. So, Internet banking is really able to 'subvert' traditional finance it? When thinking of the Internet hit traditional financial concepts, is the dominance of Internet banking, or the traditional financial industry self-innovation? Who moved the financial sector cheese?

'The Wind South of Internet Finance' On an early test sites with the creation of water Internet financial prototype later became a senior Internet investor finance, based on their many years of practice in the field of observation and thinking, Tracing the source of internet financial dispute, tell you when you change the tide strikes, what should be done.

table of Contents

Part Wolf!

The first chapter on financial intermediation, Xie peaceful Xiaonian Why is wrong

Section Why do we need a financial intermediary?

Section financial intermediaries be trusted?

Chapter Internet financial dispute genre

Section three Internet banking concept

First, Xie Ping: go Intermediary

Second, Ma: Gene Theory

Third, media theory

Section Internet Background of the financial dispute

First, the four background

Second, the Internet banking in the end what can subvert?

Tracing the source of the third quarter of internet financial dispute

First, the focus of debate in there?

Second, the Internet's financial ability to achieve financial 'disintermediation'?

Third, Ma gamble: traditional financial institutions and Internet companies who is superior?

Fourth, the 'inclusive finance' and 'financial democracy' looks beautiful

V. beings in the eyes of the bank's profits is true?

Chapter III caught among Chinese Internet banking

The first section of the wall outside the shadow banking

First, the separated operation Mixing historical disputes

Barbaric growth outside walls - Second, the shadow banking

Third, the wall can be explained on the basic series of attack Ma

Caught between the second quarter of China's Internet banking

First, the nature of the Internet is the shadow banking finance

Second, what is after the wall down

Section III of the Sino-US differences in Internet banking

First, the impact of the Internet in the United States limited financial power

Second, the US and European banking community-based formats

Chapter IV wide variety of Internet financial model

Finance Section domestic Internet mode (4 + 1)

A, P2P and crowdfunding mode

Second, third-party payment mode

Third, the channel sales model

Fourth, parity mode

Five other modes

Section foreign Internet financial model (5 + 1)

First, innovative financing service model

Second, the online financial model

Third, the credit rating credit enhancement mode

Fourth, the social stock selection model

Five innovative payment mode

Six other modes

Section III how to treat Bitcoin

First, the Internet banking in the alternative, subversive innovation is still speculative products

Second, the nature of credit currency Bitcoin

Chapter Internet platform model financial

Section I Overview of platform model

First, the platform model is decentralized

Second, the 'Xerox' as the representative of the charity platform model

Third, the platform model requires two basic conditions

Section Detailed P2P mode

A, P2P three modes: Platform mode, the security model, sales model

Second, the general risks associated with domestic special risks faced by P2P

Three, P2P should be how to regulate?

Fourth, whether a license should be given P2P?

V. Case Study: The land of gold and Yixin

Six, summary view on P2P


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