Analysis: What the Olympic Games mean artificial intelligence?

(Research papers Download News) 'man-machine war - who is the Olympic prophecy emperor?' During the Olympics, with Microsoft's Bing search for 'Olympic Games', this is the first into the eye with a provocative banner. This is the challenge launched by Microsoft AI to humans.

Yes, when the best athletes of the world at the Rio Olympics exhaustion 'primitive force' to challenge the limits of human physical, the human use of artificial intelligence in the brain to create outside the stadium launched another fierce competition.

This is not included in a contest Olympiad project, but no less exciting level flame in the Olympic arena.

Olympics is the big IP, AI have to brush exists

Many projects, intensive schedule, the amount of information, artificial intelligence technology to provide a good arena, but hidden behind the Olympic Games is a major cause of massive attention resources

United States, China and the UK will be among the top three medals, including 35 gold medals will be China, 27 silver, 20 bronze medals - 8 6, the Olympic Games has just opened, with a depth of Microsoft Neural Network 'pinch' is calculated Olympic Medals on baked.

Microsoft not only in the Olympic Games wind out to sea. When the Olympic Games opening ceremony of Bai Yansong explain further scraper, Baidu AI voice assistant 'of secret' rushed out of the fight for a job, explain to users from China against the United States men's basketball team. Writing reports sent robot Olympics is abroad, 'Washington Post,' domestic 'Today's headlines.'

'Exposure of the Olympic Games is very high, for corporate branding is a great opportunity.' Speaking of the domestic and foreign enterprises have done their best during the Olympic Games, showing artificial intelligence technology, Analysys analyst Zhao Ziming think entrance, hidden behind the Olympics massive attention resources is a major incentive. In addition, many Olympic events, intensive schedule, the amount of information, but also to artificial intelligence technology to provide a good arena.

Turing robot COO Guo's eyes, promotion of its own technology, pave the way for the commercialization, but the major technology companies to spare no effort to show one of the motivations of artificial intelligence technology, as well as the current development of a motive and Artificial Intelligence industry stage of a relationship.

'Domestic and foreign technology giants are investing heavily hit artificial intelligence technology, but overall grasp of the technology business is still relatively small, the industry has not been the rise in the long term development of the market is not a good thing.' Guo told Technology Daily when reporters analysis, which is why Google, Facebook by these companies have been in the open source artificial intelligence, to allow more people to master the technology.

The suck enough eyeballs during the Games AI technology, allows Guo think of Google's Go World War II and Alpha Dog Shishi between, when many people in the industry see it as Google will spend lots of money to do a brand marketing. 'But the purpose of these companies is not just money, but hope that more people are concerned about artificial intelligence, to participate in this industry, pushing it forward.' Guo said.

Not only style and no substance, as well as the real thing

Features of these technologies is faster, better replace human work to complete some complex trivial, artificial intelligence technology truly practical, making productivity-enhancing tools

Whether it is forecast Olympic medals, or commentary basketball game, or the robot is writing, in Kuo seems to do is one thing, namely + pattern recognition machine learning, this is the era of global weak AI Artificial Intelligence industry development common.

But during the Olympic Games demonstrate artificial intelligence applications, there are some players to Zhao Ziming and Kuo was impressed. Besides photography robot robot writing, as well as the International Olympic Committee official image provider Getty Images used - it allows the photographer to take pictures remotely, and more flexible way to take pictures.

'These characteristics of technology is faster, better replace human work to complete some complex trivial.' Zhao Ziming said. With Kuo's words, 'it is the artificial intelligence technology truly practical, making productivity-enhancing tools.'

Olympics is just a microcosm. Throughout the field of artificial intelligence, such applications are springing rapid growth of sports is no exception. US crowdfunding website Kickstarter had a section called 'trainerbot' table tennis sparring robot initiate crowdfunding. August 3 of the Olympics, the robot research team claims that this product will enter some of the tennis club, meet with the public. The robot with the traditional ball machine is different, it can serve a variety of analog and learning methods and routes to help athletes and amateurs training skills.

Not long ago, the sports brand Puma has introduced a robot rans 'beatbot'. The robot can simulate the running track athletes themselves and the other runners, simulate what kind of time what pace should be maintained, and to accompany the athletes training. There are similar football sparring robot that can identify the position of the players and make the collision action,

Football players help enhance collision skills.

The largest common denominator of these products is to artificial intelligence applied to the practical scenarios that often demand particularly clear, but just to put the artificial intelligence technology used wisely.

'Disruptive technology of artificial intelligence value precisely reflected in these products being.' Guo explained that when people refer to the robot, the first instinct is that they can substitute part of the work, and if this thing is becoming a reality, will It will have a profound impact on the entire industry and even the whole society.

Rio emerge Tokyo everywhere?

This is known as the first year of the outbreak of the AI industry, four years after the Tokyo Olympic Games will be the first five years of its development, the performance of the artificial intelligence in the next Olympic Games can not be not exciting

Looking back on 120 years of human history of the Olympic movement, the Olympic Games and artificial intelligence technology happen so close links are unprecedented. Even with four years ago compared to the London Olympics, the Rio Olympic Games has quietly undergone significant changes - for example, from the TV screen you can see, this year, many track and field athletes are wearing smart wearable bracelet.

'But still it should be said now, artificial intelligence technology was emerging, the climax is yet to come.' Guo believes that these emerging technologies behind a huge potential market value of waiting to develop.

Using artificial intelligence techniques to predict the Olympic medals table as an example, though, and Alpha Dog beat Shishi Go on a similar, more of a technical display, but no one can deny its future potential. Perhaps before long, this technology will in many areas stunning, securities analysis and pathological analysis of fields may be the first to taste the sweetness.

'A lot of people in the industry hunch is that artificial intelligence technology will soon be more large-scale outbreak, this time not too long, ranging from several months to more than 2023.' Guo said.

Back to the Olympics itself. 2016 AI industry is known as the outbreak of the first year, four years after the Tokyo Olympic Games will be the first five years of its development, the performance of the artificial intelligence in the next Olympic Games can not be not exciting. What's more, their host country Japan itself is a robot, the robot is power.

If we say that the spirit of the Olympic movement is people-oriented, robots instead of people participate in the competition would be meaningless game of words, Guo Jiajian letter, in addition to the main competition of education and secondary sectors, there will be more and more robots to penetrate deep into all aspects of the Games. Zhao Ziming also gives a similar view, 'I believe that time will be more fully artificial intelligence technology used in the Olympics.'

How these prophecies will be reflected in the next Olympic Games, in Tokyo four years later we will reveal the answer.

'Individually about the situation as'

Well-known commentator Yang Yi microblogging to Baidu degree of artificial intelligence robot secret 'down the gauntlet.' Face during the Olympic Games in Rio explain more than basketball tournament coming narrator, upright Yang Yi said, 'really want to try to cooperate with non-biological explanation.' The two sides in August 17 evening 10:00 Australian team against Lithuania in the Olympic men's basketball quarter-finals, the world's first man-machine video website live commentary on the same stage. (Source: China News Network compile: free download)

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