Analysis: 2020 AR / VR market fire like this?

(Research papers Download News) Recently, the market research firm IDC announced the 'Global augmented reality and virtual reality expenditures semi-annual report.' IDC predicts that by 2020 global augmented reality and virtual reality market revenue will reach $ 162 billion, this field CAGR of 181.3%.

2020 AR / VR market revenue will reach $ 162 billion

Report, augmented reality and virtual reality of global markets in 2016 revenue will be approximately $ 5.2 billion. This means that the global augmented reality and virtual reality market compound annual growth rate in the 2015 to 2020 period was 181.3%. The report from the technical, geographical and other industries and analyzes the details of augmented reality and virtual reality revenue.

2020 AR / VR market revenue will reach $ 162 billion

Chris Chute, IDC vice president of consumer demand and analysis division, said, 'Over the past many years, augmented reality and virtual reality has been stuck in the science fiction field. With smart phones now started to support low-cost VR helmet, is preparing a new consumer market and user-generated content-driven experience paid medical profession recent technology developments show that augmented reality can exert a strong influence on the industry level, we expect these commitments over the next five years will be in education, manufacturing, logistics and other areas become a reality. '

Throughout the forecast period, IDC reports, AR / VR hardware sales will account for more than half of total global income. AR / VR software sales will rise rapidly, revenue growth in 2016 will exceed 200%, but it can quickly be exceeded services revenue in the medium-term forecast period, because the logistics and manufacturing needs of enterprise-class support.

According to forecasts, VR system in 2016 and 2017 revenues, such as the viewer, software, consulting services and systems integration services, will be higher than the AR-related revenue, mainly because of consumer games and paid content. After 2017, AR revenue growth to come, in particular, will maximize the use of medical services, product design and management-related fields.

From a geographic point of view, the United States, Western Europe and Asia, excluding Japan, will account for the world's AR / VR three-quarters of income. Three regions in 2016 AR / VR income similar, but expects 2020 revenue will be significantly higher than the US income other two regions. Because AR / VR technology is still in its early stages of application, expected revenue growth rate in each region over the forecast period will be more than 100%.

'Global augmented reality and virtual reality expenditures semi-annual report,' Analysis of the AR / VR market opportunities, analysis of this piece of the fast-growing market as well as the development prospects of this market in the next five years. Revenue data covers eight geographic market, dozens of industries, eighteen cases and dozens of technology application type. Other research and industry is different, this comprehensive expense report is designed to help IT decision-makers a clear understanding of AR / VR industry size and direction of. (Source: HD compile Fan: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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