Recommended Books electricity supplier: electricity supplier to the entity pharmacy how to break through.

'Electricity supplier to the entity pharmacy how to break through.'

(Way: solid professional medication guide + health service capacity)

About the Author

Shang-feng, Wuhan Qiu Friends Health Management Ltd. founder; pharmacies diversification and e-commerce researchers, practitioners and communicators; the State Food and Drug Administration for the 21st century, Southern Medical Economic pharmacies reported Distinguished experts; 'China pharmacy' Distinguished writer and other domestic pharmaceutical industry in various magazines, newspapers.

Civil servants engaged in a decade, after the pharmaceutical business turned into Chinese medicine large private commercial enterprises - Kyushu Group, engaged in medical reform policy research, medicine and investment chain and so on. After serving in Hubei Tongji appear Pharmaceutical and many other well-known companies, responsible for the overall management and administration.

August 2010, the founder of Wuhan Feng Rui Management Consulting Co., Ltd., after the restructuring of Wuhan Qiu Friends Health Management Ltd., is mainly engaged in management consulting and transformation chain pharmacies, operating diagnostics and performance improvement, small and medium-chain hosting, OTC drug manufacturers channel marketing and value-added services, etc., has a wealth of experience in pharmacy management and policy development of the industry keen sense of smell.

brief introduction

Electricity suppliers are pharmaceutical retail sector to flourish in the face of aggressive traditional market 'Snatchers', already under the new health care reform and the weight of the new GSP, advance and retreat of traditional pharmacy data loss, really going to walk down the stage of history yet? We can take the initiative to meet the challenges of the era of transformation, during which seize hidden opportunity to achieve corner overtaking?

'Electricity supplier to the entity pharmacy how to escape', is mainly focused on the next era of consumer mentality and change the background, entity pharmacies how to adapt to changes in business transformation. The whole book around the new era of pharmacy management troika: Pharmacy Services, Member attentive service and accurate targeting promotion, both the concept of propaganda, another carriage control combat skills to explore more through practical exercise programs to share.

table of Contents

Preface 1

Electricity supplier era to do more physical pharmacy 1

The first chapter members: pharmacy business highlight of 4

First, the three key points of affiliate marketing 4

Second, how to create top to bottom, inside and outside as one of the members of the system 6

Third, members gifts such display is better 10

Fourth, the 12 manufacturers to do affiliate marketing

[Actual] Members Redeem program 15

Chapter II service: Let the customer price to fly 20

First, how to do customer service 20

Second, as a guest feeling like love 24

Third, the free service, the 'profit' to be made 27

Fourth, how to make customer price 'fly' up 29

Fifth, the intention to create a 'pleasant shopping' atmosphere 33

Sixth, comfortable environment to customer price soared 35

Seven Magical music stores 36

Chapter III Professional: the conduct of the present 39 pharmacies

I. Do not become pharmacy pharmacy service diagnostics 39

Second, to recommend medication to learn professional 41

Three, four strokes to create professional pharmacy 42

Fourth, pharmacy specialization and diversification 44

Fifth, the management of chronic disease pharmacy Three Character Classic 48

Chapter IV Professional customer reception operation 51

First, pharmacy professional service access 'to' operation 51

Second, allow customers to pay say 'YES' 53

Third, the flu patients received surgery 54

Fourth, how to receive 55 patients with stomach Festival

Fifth, how to receive 56 patients with rheumatoid

Chapter pharmacy how to do promotion 58

First, the promotion: targeted, fine to the extreme 58

Second, how promotions landing 60

Third, the 'diet season' pharmacy how to promote 63

Fourth, how promotional gifts given 65

[Actual] Great can sell gelatin 66

[Actual] Mid-Autumn Day promotional how do 68

Valentine's Day promotion [actual] how do 69

[Combat] 'June' Children's Day Promotion 71

[] Get real eggs if Che Dan, then grab the egg 73

[Actual] factors to consider when doing promotional program 74

Chapter 76 explore new mobile Internet

First, the single pharmacy can do electricity suppliers 76

Second, the need for micro-channel marketing pharmacies N reasons 78

Third, how to sneak into the pharmacy 'micro-channel marketing.' 80

Fourth, the micro-channel content: Reject high cold air directly 81

Chapter VII of the category management with a single product breakthrough 83

A comprehensive category management Practical Guidebook 83

Third, how to choose the characteristics of category 88

Fourth, the importance of the introduction of 89 new products

(B) the purchase of new three principles 90

Five categories for which a single product breakthrough 92

Six new sales, playing the 'fully associative' card 93

Chapter VIII pharmacy how to achieve diversification 95

A diversified way how to go 95

Second, the diverse work direction 96

Third, non-drug merchandise to sell this 97

Fourth, when pharmacies have nursing rooms 99

Fifth, how to run a good maternal and child zone 101

Sixth, let Medicinal and Edible commodities 'fire' 103

Seven pharmacies sell to 105 devices

Eight, how to sell medical devices 107

[Actual] off grass activities: leveraging your fine at a low price market 109

Chapter IX layout and display 111

First, how the pharmacy site 111

Second, the business district to a strong, stable enough stamina within 113

Third, what kind of shop requires modification 116

Fourth, the association began to display from the zoning layout 117

V. heap display, less refined to be 122

Six holiday display innovation do 124

Seven new display great mystery 125

[Actual] conventional display method 127 new medicines

POP [actual] Theme Refining Method 128

Chapter pharmacy business, there is nothing 130

A monomer chain change? Proper lightning protection zone 130

Second, how benign interaction between competing mining sales 133

Third, the factors to be considered in the pricing of goods 136

Fourth, the process had to solve the problem of 138 unsalable

Five, 12-character Scriptures pharmacy training 139

Sixth, the traditional summer break through 144 pharmacies

Chapter XI pharmaceutical retail policy trends 147

First, the medical separation, the day started bright 147

Second, Medicare designated approval canceled 149

Third, how to integrate single pharmacy 150

Fourth, the family of pharmacists, expect to travel 154


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