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(Research papers Download News) the world's largest business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan Global President and Managing Partner Aroop Zutshi in Yanxishe annual foresight course, made a share. Aroop say why today we say big trend? Because no matter where you are, the real trend is bound to everyone on the planet where the deep volume. In the future, we judge the trend of the following ten.

Frost & Sullivan is a global industry survey do IT company, every year we distributed questionnaires to global industries over 1000's CEO. In the questionnaire, we asked the CEO are two important questions:

1, do you think what is important external challenges?

2. What are the challenges from within?

With cumulative survey, we found that the answers given by internal challenges CEO basically not much change, are references to how best to run the business strategy. However, external challenges, CEO will always give different answers.

Through this sharing, I'm trying to help you to understand the great changes taking place in the world, and help you find the response (or participate in) action program change.

Before the formal lecture, I want to emphasize is that we really want to focus on, not these big trend itself, those associated with our sub-trend next but the trend, and the impact they may bring us.

Interconnection and integration

Sensors and the Internet of Things will make the world completely. By 2020, the average user will have five networked devices, the average family will have 10 networked devices on the market we will see 80 billion units connected devices. More importantly, we will see more than 50 million Internet users in the world.

High-speed Internet facility is also accelerating penetration, such as Colombia, have access to the Internet as a basic human right, to be determined by the Government. One reason is because the government has realized that access to information through the Internet can really give people empowerment.

A second trend: Internet Devices

Produce something that makes it quicker, easier and more cost-Internet products and services, regardless of the access platform, or access to services, opportunities in this area is very, very much.

Trends views: 5G network and real-time services

5G Network on what we mean? Uplink and downlink speeds will reach 1GB of data per second, delayed data will drop to 1 millisecond or less. This means that we can be very stable high-speed internet access.

A more intuitive metaphor, now we use 4G to download HD movies, generally an hour fast, then, it takes tens of minutes to complete the download. But if you use data services 5G, it can can be completed within the following 5-6 seconds.

Because of this high-speed network 5G stable feature, we can expect some real-time service.

Such as the future of health care, we do not have to personally go to the hospital to see a doctor, the Internet can be 7 * 24 hours access to health care services directly, and doctors in different countries in different regions of direct consultation.

Times three trends: the communications satellite and space congestion

Currently aeronautical satellite around the Earth 800 units, their main function is to provide meteorological information and communication services for the part of their respective countries.

However, with the need for people to get rich data, the next 10 years, we predict that there will be thousands of communications satellite was launched in space and may even be the case of satellite congestion occurs.

United States, China, India, Japan and other developed countries bear the brunt of satellite technology, it will become the country providing communications satellite.

Trend four times: the virtual office environment

Future work environment will be more flexible. Meeting space on-demand services and virtual conferencing systems will become increasingly popular. If you are able to provide high-quality voice telephony, video telephony, video conferencing and other interactive platforms, there will be a very good prospect.

Trend five times: Robots

We believe that the next 5 - 10 years between, all of us here have the opportunity to have a robot. These robots will become assistants of our lives, every day we wake up, we are ready to help clothes and coffee.

In fact, in Japan, the retail industry, we have seen the robot service success stories. If you go to Japan's mobile phone service provider Softbank (SOFTBANK) which handle a cell phone, from consulting - delivery phone - - sorting machine - contracted-out, the whole process is done by the machine, the whole process does not interact with any real person .

Trend six times: Big Data

With ubiquitous networking and sensor data deluge followed. Faced with the proliferation of data, how to clean and analysis becomes more important.

Big data has a very large number of outputs and applications, such as predictive analytics, support business decisions, or as dynamic pricing tools (such as the insurance industry. If your driving record is good, your car insurance costs will be reduced If you are a crazy driver, your premium will be increased a lot), but the most important step is to get through from the 'data analysis' to 'meaningful business decisions' this important part.

Trend times seven: AI

As mentioned above the data deluge. So we needed to find and retrieval of data, will encounter difficult to obtain valid data problems.

Then the future of AI search engine that can help us solve this problem by setting some of the conditions we need, format, structure, it can be AI algorithms in the online data collection, and finally in accordance with the format and structure of the data you need to be presented to you.

This means that in the future, my industry research, information consulting services will also be subverted.

Entities and electricity suppliers

More and more companies realize the open online and offline.

For example, the automotive industry. Usually we think of car sales 4S shop. But now they are turning to online. For example, an unmanned Audi showrooms in London. Customers can see in the exhibition and experience the latest car models, understand the relevant parameters, make purchase decisions in the store and order, but the whole process is not real intervention.

There Tesla. In the United States, Tesla is completely bypass the dealer network for car sales. You can buy car insurance online orders and, through the logistics fast car delivery.

That city customers

The future, the city will become a very important business customers.

We see that there is a global phenomenon, mega-cities (Mega City) is rapidly formed. Cities such Beijing, Tokyo, New York, London, even though they now have a large volume, but also getting bigger and bigger. But this process, the city's energy consumption and serious infrastructure can not keep up.

A second trend: Urban Infrastructure Improvement

Siemens, ABB and Cisco recognized this point, in order to better participate in urban construction and development of their own business model and the layout has been re-combing and transformation.

Such as Siemens, the resources within their own group automated control, power, construction and other sectors of the co-ordinate together and placed within a framework called the city's infrastructure and integration, we are talking about just around the giant urban problems, the design of the overall solution .

Times Trends: Urban Security

The larger the city, the higher security risks. How to make the security sector has not happened before the crime to predict crime, catch the bad guys?

Some biometric fingerprint, iris scans and facial recognition technology will become a very important adjunct to let the security services quickly and accurately identify the good guys and bad guys.

Social trends

We need different social groups (age, income, gender, etc.) more in-depth understanding. In India, a greater proportion of young people in the population, we need more places for young people to design products and services. Japan, by contrast, the elderly in Japan more products and services will be required.

In addition, women influence and decision-making will be more powerful. We have seen a lot of women into positions of power. Such as politicians, we see the leaders of some countries are women. South Korea has a female president, Tokyo, Japan has just elected the first woman mayor, British Prime Minister Cameron had just replaced Theresa (female prime minister), possibly after three months, we will see the world's superpower United States It will be at the helm by women. Therefore, this trend requires us in the design of the product, it should not be used as the default male sex, but more from a female point of view to design products and services.

The automotive industry, including Ford and BMW, Chrysler, Audi, including car dealers have started to develop female cars. Future, many other products and services will appear the same trend.

Beyond BRIC

In the past talked about economic growth, we first think of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Now the situation is changing: economic four countries have varying degrees of slowing down.

Growth emerging in other emerging economies. In Africa, we see Nigeria, Turkey and Egypt, in Asia, we have seen in Vietnam and Indonesia, these countries are becoming the new driving force of the economy.

In fact, China has been involved in emerging economies invest in development. In Africa and the Middle East have a lot of Chinese investment projects. If all of you want to participate in the future development of the economy, I believe you can find a relatively easy manner.

Innovation to zero (Innovating to Zero)

With innovative thinking to zero, it can be a good start to design products and solutions.

What is innovation to zero it? It is zero emissions, zero failures, zero waste, zero pollution. If you can come up with a product solution to the Beijing government, that I can achieve zero waste, zero pollution or, I guarantee you can get the order right away.

The new business model: to provide more value

In terms of innovation business model, we see several themes, personalized, work together to create, develop, and so on. Personalise. Past personalized service we use or one-to-many model, and now, many-mode can also be customized and personalized to achieve, and also able to use commercial carriers to achieve scale benefits. The best-many do is Alibaba. On its platform, any user can purchase any one supplier of raw materials and products.

Work together to create. Chinese millet at this point to do well. Today, you go to the website millet can submit your suggestions for future products, millet, once adopted, you will get the company's reward.

If we look at the proportion of global investment in innovation, we can see that 75% of the flow of funds product innovation, process innovation and delivery model innovation incremental innovation, such as making products faster, better, more diverse colors and so on, but these are not truly innovative.

Only the remaining 15 percent is spent on real strategy and business model innovation. Also, business model innovation inputs are often higher than the rate of return on investment in product innovation.

Well-being and welfare

Both developed and developing countries, health care costs are escalating. The Government spent a lot of money to provide medical services and security for the people.

The future, we will not only provide after disease treatment services, we will before the onset, predictive preventive treatment. Through some smart wearable device, to encourage people to form good habits, early prevention of some chronic diseases.

The future of energy

Next 5--10 years there, we will see a large-scale energy revolution, traditional power companies will face a complete subversion.

The future, each of us will also have the dual role of electric power generation and who. Tesla in the United States set up a power plant, the plant research is to use some of the advanced energy storage devices, so that every family to become a potential energy providers, home produced electricity, not only to meet household needs, You can also put excess power sold to the state, revenue. Not only will more and more energy-efficient buildings, energy can become collectors. Now centralized power generation, will be increasingly decentralized.

Meanwhile, the new battery technology is born.

Future cars

Since the large urban population density is very dense the traffic is going to be the city quality indicators. Big cities like Beijing, everyone should experience very deep, car, driving, parking, car maintenance, are very large burden. Future, intelligent urban traffic travel will be a variety of solutions.

One very important thing is the popularity of self-driving cars. Especially in the US, we forecast at a very recent future, based on information technology, remote autonomous vehicles will appear in our daily lives.

Why do we need to understand these big trends?

Whether you are in the business model, or work in large companies which have need to know:

1, the future of how people consume goods and services;

2, what is now needed does not exist, but there will be in the future.

We call these forward-looking innovation process. We recommend you in the framework of more than 10 big trends, find some times and trends related to your industry, study the impact of these trends on the times in your industry may cause.

On the other hand, to assess whether the existing product solutions to meet the needs that might arise in the future, and trying to develop some of the possible impact of future products or services. (Source: Hunting cloud network compile: free download)

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