Combat: Community operators to do this four-step realized not far away

What is the (free download News) operations community ultimate purpose?


I believe as an operational staff are aware of, and that is sustained cash! When it comes to community realized, but also as the most operational personnel headache, some people say I ring people up, operating for some time, but as soon as I say Sell something, everyone was silent.

The problem is simple, your people ring up, but your relationship with them are unstable, there is no multi-dimensional relationship, the so-called weak ties, we must turn it into a strong relationship, you have the cash may. That how to become strong from the weak relationship relations, firmly attracted them, and then sell your product?

The answer is the product of your community, subculture, as well as the activities of the brand, so that the four '' and not far from realized.

1, the product of

Someone asked me that operate a community, you have to have products, or products not directly put a group of like-minded people ring up! This issue, I can tell you, running a community must first have a product.

Many communities do not operate the product, he is at best a single point of contact platform, even if you are a good gauge group setting, it is difficult to get up operations. And with not the same product, with the product, you can link to products and then find a group of like-minded users, and then put them into a circle of community (can be a micro-channel group, QQ group, YY voice, etc.), the first in the core of enthusiastic users, this user group is your seed, then slowly expanded to other user communities. And your product can also be used as a core which link them to build not just a community of friends in the chat, you can be loyal users of your product, based on two-dimensional dimension, enhance its ties, and social group was less likely to be weakened relationship.

Like autumn leaves PPT micro channel community outset also have a product, that is their micro-channel public number to the micro-channel public number as a learning platform, the same or a dry-sharing platform, and started a lot of the core of the community who is to micro-letter public number, so we can enter a product not only of high quality seed user community, but also to the product as the core hub and strengthen its relations associate's!

So running a community, you must have your products, including your APP, public micro-channel number, video services.

2, subculture

The so-called law of the land owned, family rules, so the community has its own group of rules, no standards or else the.

A group of regulations to facilitate the management, and secondly to form their own unique cultures, such as Asian culture, there is the group docking signal, or a predetermined number of unwritten, are their own group in the unique cultural elements. We still take Akiba PPT community to give a true chestnut.

Akiba ppt community expression package, that is, everyone has their own unique expression package, as long as the group chat, just to spend some expression in place, we can produce more than their head instead of their own to look at this package mood at the moment, that is able to express feelings, and fun, the most important thing is to form an atmosphere in the group, we are willing to abide by the rules, and that the group is a strong vitality.

But also give yourself a real chestnuts that we operate community (name not say so suspected to advertise), in our community, every month we have a day to commemorate the birth of the main group, but also the group main establishment of this group of the good old days, specific days each month will put your picture into the main group picture, imagine, hundreds of people in the group number is the same picture, that is what a scene! do not look nickname, really can not be seen. We once a month, such as colonization a month, two months ...... We thank the members of the group main group themselves into this family, we have a common interest in these small partner to play with, chat , participate in activities together. So we can form such an atmosphere, the so-called sub-culture, but also a great group of members of the community's identity.

Therefore, the establishment of sub-culture, is a group member of their community great recognition.


3, the activities of the

The so-called online chat thousand sentences, as a line under the chat. So line activities to become a community standard, without the line as a support activity, are embarrassed to say that they operate in the community.

Face to face communication online, so that group members know each other, can greatly stimulate and maintain the level of activity the next community. Our community is also talk from the line to the next line, really, if there is no community, our customers will not be so fast to our identity. And next we held the line activities include dinner, home party hall, fluorescent night run, line sharing sessions, a wide range of both, the sole purpose is to let everyone know each other, both can recognize each other, We can learn from each other, which is achieved through things.

The line activities is one of the larger community difficulties, problems such as the line space, funding problems, the venue may be a problem of resources exchange, it can also be a direct lease, if you are a media party is the best resource exchange solution to funding problems! and if many of the media side, you see if you can beat a field to place ads or promotions to participate in what the scene where the benefits of learning, if you think about it, some do not have the money or space. Since we are the media, so we will be less difficult on the field cooperation, so we faster wired to do activities under the support.

So the next line activities support your online community activity as well as recognition of the important part! No line activities is not complete community.

4, brand

Brand, operating community to form their own unique brand which is not an easy thing, you have to let the community activities from continuing operations to form a brand. If you already have a community brand, then you should be profitable, because your profit is built on top of the brand.

If you call now throw you a better community several operations there?

Xiaobo book club, Luo Friends, Akiba PPT, BM community? Can say four has been very good, is not it, so that a well-known community is not easy to form, the above several communities have been profitable , the valuations are still many, especially the Luo fat logical thinking! platform includes a micro-channel public number, Youku video, books, voice and so formed a good reputation, with the brand now sells books advertising slowly make a transition electricity supplier went.

There Akiba 'gang fights PPT, one-page PPT' and so on, they are all brand activities, which rely on the stick and there is material out of ongoing operations, gradually formed its own unique brand activities, once you label activities and users, not afraid of no advertisers come to you!

There are easy to form a brand events we might have overlooked, but many communities are doing, is called the big coffee dry in your community to share, but operators did not form a shared brand, so do not will form a potential, do it later, do not leave something, it will cause the loss of user reputation and loss of brand communities.

Community operations four steps, learn it? Looked to forget? I suggest you go back to review, watching want to see your community what the problem! As long as you are willing to think, dare to do, your community up soon! (source: Internet something text / jason compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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