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(See through thoroughly look over the best use of social media in one fell swoop to outperform the electricity supplier social era)

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StephanSpencer, is Netconcepts and founder, is the world-renowned SEO expert and professional speaker. GooglePowerSearch author and co-author TheArtofSEO. He did SEO, consulting, customer lists and digital content marketing strategies, including Zappos, SonyStore, Quiksilver and Chanel. JimmyHarding, writer, consultant, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder JimmyHardingConsulting founder and CEO, GameChangerTalks podcast. JenniferSheahan, FBAdsLab founder.

brief introduction

You want to make money on the internet a lot? Do you want to do e-commerce? Then you must not ignore the power of social media. Whether you want marketing is physical goods, electronic products or local service, 'social electricity supplier' will teach you how to do it.

'Social electricity supplier' comprehensive presentation of all kinds of social media and how to use these social media to do service for your business. If you run well, on social media exudes just noise rather than real information. If done well, social media will become your most effective marketing tool to help you win the old customer support, access to new customers.

'Social electricity supplier' for all are doing or want to do e-commerce readers want social media really works readers, and readers interested in social media and e-reading.

table of Contents

Preamble xxxv

Preface xxxvii

Chapter 1 social media panorama

1.1 The first tier social networks

1.1.1 microblogging

1.1.2 social networking sites

1.1.3 LinkedIn

1.2 second tier social networks

1.2.1 Google+

1.2.2 Video Site

1.2.3 Picture social networking platform

1.2.4 Light blog

1.3 The third tier social networks

1.3.1 Social News

1.3.2 imgur

1.3.3 Quora

1.3.4 Instagram

1.4 social networking market segments

1.5 summary

Chapter 2 Basic social media strategy

2.1 You understand who and why you need to do

2.2 set and achieve goals

2.3 have a scalable plan

2.3.1 a sudden large order

2.3.2 viral effect you accidentally began to attack

2.3.3 fire too, that no one came

2.3.4 Prevention and Planning

2.4 Define your presence

White Hat and Black Hat 2.5

2.5.1 Examples of Black Hat

2.5.2 Examples of the white hat

2.5.3 What happens black hat tactics to hurt you

2.6 social media into a big battle

2.7 to make your site more social

2.7.1 'thumbs up' / 'Follow' button

2.7.2 'share' button

2.7.3 widget

2.7.4 cross-post

2.7.5 Add a comment

2.8 Let your channel is personalized for each

2.9 listen to the conversation, and then added

2.10 Customer epitaxial

2.11 Snapchat and Twitter as a customer service tool

2.12 to retiring person to provide social media

2.13 new content ideas

2.14 Content Marketing

2.15 App Generation

2.16 Calculation ROI

2.16.1 ROI calculation is sometimes a bit difficult

2.16.2 for your business to do effective social media advertising

2.17 Do not break the rules

2.17.1 Before thinking about sharing

2.17.2 Do not over-irrigation

2.17.3 signature, signature, signature

2.18 Summary

Chapter 3 Market strategy: physical goods

3.1 social media have the effect of physical goods

3.2 right content

3.3 leads into customers

3.4 forming a super strategy

3.5 and web-related tactics

3.5.1 Facebook

3.5.2 Twitter

3.5.3 YouTube

3.5.4 Instagram

3.5.5 Pinterest

3.5.6 Tumblr

3.6 Summary

Chapter 4 Market Strategy: electronic goods and services

4.1 social media have the effect of electronic goods and services

4.2 right content

4.3 forming a super strategy

4.4 and web-related tactics

4.4.1 Facebook

4.4.2 Pinterest

4.4.3 Twitter

4.4.4 MySpace

4.4.5 YouTube

4.5 Summary

Chapter 5 local services and stores

5.1 right content

5.2 forming a super strategy

5.3 and web-related tactics

5.3.1 Facebook

5.3.2 Google+

5.3.3 YouTube

5.3.4 Pinterest and Instagram

5.3.5 Craigslist

5.3.6 Foursquare

5.3.7 localized blog

5.3.8 Yelp

5.3.9 Twitter

5.4 verify Directions

5.4.1 Google Maps

5.4.2 Mapquest, Yahoo, Bing and GarminGPS equipment

5.4.3 TomTom

5.5 Mobile Marketing

5.5.1 Optimize your website

5.5.2 Independent mobile application App

5.5.3 Integrated Product Reviews

5.5.4 Mobile Ads

5.6 Summary

Chapter 6, on the design and testing Facebook ads

6.1 Campaign Types

6.1.1 traditional sales

6.1.2 name brands

6.1.3 Special events and festivals

6.2 Market Research

6.3 Orientation

6.3.1 create a Facebook ad audience

Not released the 6.3.2 Facebook Posts

6.4 Budget

6.5 based advertising design

Click to find reasons to 6.5.1

6.5.2 funny pictures

6.5.3 great title

6.5.4 sell stuff pictures

6.6 to read data

More than 6.7 yuan test

6.8 to test the title with

6.9 good landing page design

6.10 clean out debris, enhance navigation

6.11 Approval Process

6.12 Summary

Chapter 7 Market guerrilla

7.1 accepts competitor coupons arrived in price

7.2 provide gifts, prizes and competitions with prizes

7.3 to arouse controversy

7.4 to generate sales leads with FacebookOffers

Figure 7.5 Ads

7.6 Create a LinkedIn group

7.7 Create incentive programs

7.8 and supporting enterprises do cross-promotion

7.9 use photography to do branding

7.10 Get SEO, liaison and market on Meetup

7.11 Create and publish Meme

7.12 use of viral videos

7.13 have a place in Wikipedia

7.14 Summary

Chapter 8 professional display and crisis control

8.1 Problems Found

8.2 commercial and personal separate

8.3 consistency

8.4 is removed or blacklisted how do

8.4.1 Facebook8.4.2 Google

8.5 LinkedIn: your online business card

8.6 review site: cruel world to provide direct feedback

8.6.1 Yelp

8.6.2 Glassdoor

8.6.3 Google (search and Places) 8.6.4

8.6.5 RipoffReport

8.6.6 Angie'sList

8.6.7 Amazon

8.7 use competitors' mistakes

8.8 Summary

Chapter 9 embrace change

9.1 hire experts

9.1.1 ask difficult questions

9.1.2 See agency social media pages and business pages

9.1.3 agents decide to do for your business what long-term planning

9.1.4 ask tough questions

9.1.5 ask the price

9.2 Follow opinion leaders

9.3 Follow industry blog

9.4 to participate in related conferences

Join professional associations 9.5

9.6 Do reaction; Reply

9.7 re-do the market and redirection

9.8 Summary

Chapter 10 of the book promotion

10.1 fiction or non-fiction

10.2 really fully understand your readers

10.3 according to plan

10.4 big players

10.4.1 Twitter

10.4.2 Facebook

10.4.3 YouTube

10.4.4 Pinterest

10.5 Literature Social Media

10.5.1 Ink's Pixel

10.5.2 SmashWords, KDP, CreateSpace and ACX

10.5.3 Amazon AuthorCentral

10.5.4 Goodreads

10.5.5 LibraryThing

10.5.6 Shelfari.

10.6 Gets Comments

10.6.1 Amazon's top commentators

10.6.2 Amazon Vine program

10.6.3 Other evaluations

10.6.4 friendly, openly seeking comment

10.7 Other tips and tricks

10.7.1 PrimeLendingLibrary and KPPSelect

10.7.2 speaker at industry conferences

10.7.3 showcase your portfolio

10.8 Summary

Chapter 11 promotion activities

11.1 establishment of opinion leadership

11.2 Adding a subject tag

11.3 generate a virtual badges

11.4 Create a basic content and advertising strategy

11.5 using social networks

11.5.1 multiple activities

11.5.2 Slideshare

11.5.3 Lanyrd

11.5.4 showcase portfolio website

11.5.5 AllConferences

11.5.6 YouTube

11.5.7 Meetup11.5.8 Facebook

11.5.9 Twitter

11.5.10 create your own social network 11.6 Summary

Chapter 12 Social Media SEO

12.1 Site Search Optimization

12.1.1 use photo sharing sites do SEO optimization

12.1.2 do SEO with Google+

12.1.3 use Facebook to do SEO

12.1.4 do SEO with Twitter

12.1.5 use LinkedIn to do SEO

12.1.6 do SEO with YouTube

12.1.7 do SEO with Pinterest

12.2 is a social search engine optimization

12.2.1 LinkedIn

12.2.2 Facebook's Graph Search

12.2.3 Video Search

12.2.4 YouTube search optimization

12.3 Summary

Chapter 13 to find influential people

13.1 create an initial list

Start AC 13.2

13.3 List Perfection

13.4 contact influential people

13.4.1 Pinterest Groups

13.4.2 use Twitter to preheat

13.4.3 Find contact information

13.4.4 pay for comment!

13.4.5 Creating a template

13.4.6 track RSVPs

13.4.7 Automatic Outreach

13.4.8 provide gifts

13.4.9 13.5 attention in other ways and other people mentioned link

13.6 on reddit to be careful

13.7 establish their own presence on Google+

13.8 Summary

Chapter 14 affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing

14.1 Affiliate Marketing

14.1.1 create themed content

14.1.2 open all affiliate links

14.2 multi-level marketing

14.2.1 wisely chose Photos

14.2.2 have multiple dimensions

14.2.3 Network

14.3 Summary

Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B list of sites



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