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(Research papers Download News) This article is to offer the corporate bigwigs warm love story, let's take a look at these business elite experience is like love.

'Li Ka-shing: overcame numerous difficulties married woman'


Li Ka-shing and his wife, Chong Yuet-ming is to break all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, managed to come together. They love story of Hong Kong as the elephants.

Hong Kong's 'Ming Pao Weekly' has been published in an article entitled 'Li Ka-shing and Chong Yuet-ming love story,' the article begins: 'In Hong Kong Chaozhou circles, the spread of such a story: Department of famous cousin doors, despite his father strongly opposed, the poor cousin in love, married under the full support of her cousin (mentally and actually) and encouragement, cousin and hard work, finally come out ahead. after that, his career more prosperous, to become rich collection of the local. '

1940 winter, to avoid the war, Li Ka-shing's parents lead the family to seek refuge uncle Zhuang Jing Um, 11-year-old Li Ka-shing know little of his 4-year-old cousin. Chong Yuet Ming Li Ka-shing's favorite uncle Zhuang Jing Um, childhood clever Ling, she cum laude from the Anglo woman graduating from high school, entered the University of Hong Kong, and later studying at Meiji University in Japan, the road of life is full of sunshine and flowers. But she never had anything against cousin. Pure emotion Liangxiaowucai with age into a red-hot love, Chong Yuet Ming has been concerned about fighting in Hong Kong cousin.

Li Ka-shing embark fend for themselves, whether it is done teahouse waiter, or when the watch company's apprentice, Chong Yuet Ming spiritual comfort and support to the Li Ka-shing, Li Ka-shing inspired overcome difficulties one after another.

In 1950, only 22-year-old founder of the Yangtze River Plastic Factory Li Ka-shing. The initial set up factories, has been out quality accidents. Distress, the same is Chong Yuet Ming cousin of a sincere heart. The power of love, the long-suffering man Li Ka-shing forged unyielding.

In 1958, Li Ka-shing to get involved in real estate, in North Point, Hong Kong Island, built the first industrial building; in 1960, again in Chai Wan built a second industrial buildings, business gradually began to glory.

At this point, it has been a successful career Chong Yuet Ming Li Ka-shing and the fruition of love is also present, but if by secular perspective, they do not match. Yueming door born rich, highly educated, endowed with both; and Li Ka-shing humble origins, only read junior high school, although the beginning of a career, but the future is still unknown. And Zhuang Jing and Li Ka Shing Temple Zhuang Biqin mother also opposed.

Until 1963, 35-year-old Li Ka-shing, Chong Yuet Ming 31 years old, when Li Ka-shing has created many commercial miracle, their love, dedication and sincerity have touched both parents. Subsequently, in a sound of blessing, Chong Yuet Ming Li Ka-shing holding hands and happy to set foot on the red carpet. After marriage, Li Ka-shing spent HK $ 6.3 million to buy a garden house, then he is not rich, all of a sudden come up to HK $ 630,000 is not easy, but in order to make a comfortable living wife, Li Ka-shing is still resolutely buy it.

The night of 31 December 1989, Li Ka-shing and his wife attend the Grand Hyatt Hotel New Year party, became the party's most 'steal' a pair of companion. The next afternoon, Chong Yuet Ming has a heart attack, he died in the hospital, only 58 years old.

'Kai-fu Lee: life only love is a feeling Mrs.'


Kai-fu Lee's wife Xiexian Ling is both intimate understanding at the time, but his wife is Kai-fu Lee's first love, his life is only one love.

In 1982, the university in the United States Lee repeat junior. June back to Taiwan over the summer, when the family has begun to raise his 'marriage' was.

Kai-fu Lee's father and Xiexian Ling's father is a colleague, when the father of two mutual friends Ping Bobo middleman, organized a family gathering, the way to two blind children. Perhaps the first meeting tight, and Xiexian Ling Kai-fu Lee did not say a word during the meal, both sides feel very bad impression, did not want to go on down the meaning, but did not say break.

'Destiny' is the word, speaking iffy, but sometimes very magical. After the meeting, Ping Bobo to the Kai-fu Lee's feedback, 'Xie daughter think you are very good,' Kai-fu Lee is very happy to hear, he decided to make good contact with each other. And after 25 years of marriage until Kai-fu Lee did not know, was communicated to Xiexian Ling Ping Bobo message was, 'his son especially likes you!' One can imagine that if the Ping Bobo, perhaps from two so missed.

In 1983, a year after intercourse, before Dr. Lee repetition, the two married. At that time, Kai-fu Lee is less than 21 years old. Today, 33 years later, it seems the Kai-fu Lee, this 'successful' marriage is still relying on his steady and motivation.

'Ma: Zhang Ying is the' means of production '+' subsistence ''


Ma and his wife Zhang Ying same as Zhejiang, Zhang Ying became acquainted with the brothers when he was studying in Hangzhou Teachers College Ma. After graduation, Ma assigned to teach in Hangzhou Electronic Institute, Zhang Ying graduated from Hangzhou Normal University soon after with 'Ma' married.

In 1995, Ma started the first-time entrepreneurs. Ma first exposure to the United States when the Internet was new, exciting Ma, after returning to the founder of the 'Chinese Yellow Pages,' This should be China's first e-commerce site. Zhang Ying in the year resign his post, together with Ma venture into the sea.

In September 2004, to enable the company to a more professional direction, Alibaba needs to be a large-scale personnel changes. Joint venture Nearly a decade later, Ma began to hope his wife can take care of his son at home, busy with work and do not both regret. The end of 2004, Zhang Ying from Alibaba China division general manager seat retreat, mothers return to life.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Ying likened to resign and stay home when the general manager is also nice, home affairs also organized cooking. Once, when Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Ma huddle, asked Zhang Ying, Ma said: 'Zhang Ying, a former partner of my career, I have today, she no credit has elbow grease, I have put her as a means of production. but now I think, as a wife, she is more suitable for subsistence. '

'Li: My wife is a source of courage.'


Li and his wife Ma Dongmin love story can be quite romantic, but also belong to the legendary 'love at first sight.'

In 1995, Robin Li in a New York gathering of Chinese students saw Ma Dongmin. Two people understanding, Ma Dongmin is New Jersey Department of Biology, University doctorate. See Ma Dongmin first glance, Li thought of 'love at first sight' is the word, after six months, Li successfully captured the hearts and minds, and who wish to let Ma Dongmin became his bride.

The 'woman doctor' for his wife Robin, whether it is in life or career, have given him unlimited spiritual support and help.

On large celebration held in Manhattan, when a myriad of flashlights and microphones at the wealthy elite Li, Li Ma Dongmin tenderly embrace his wife to the front, he raised his glass, said with deep feeling: 'There is something called Baidu spirit of courage, and my wife, Dr. Ma Dongmin, it is the source of this courage. she always at the critical moment, calmly made the most courageous proposal. '

Before Li to come back, Ma Dongmin make a decision: to return to her husband that he stay in the United States continue to develop. 'Thus, even if his business really failed, I can guarantee income, also supports the family can afford.' In 2001, China's Internet into the collapse of the bubble period, Baidu's founder encountered the first winter since. Under enormous pressure, Li hoarse whisper to his wife to call across the Atlantic, the future pessimism so that he could not help but go to his wife's temptation bear bottom line: 'If you really do not have a house to live, not live car, you You can afford this? '

Li did not wait for his wife's answer, the phone was hung up came the beep. However, on the occasion of being frustrated, he does not know is that just a few minutes after hanging up the phone, the wife had bought a ticket back to Beijing.

'Do not forget, Google those two little guys, or your students do, they now everyone already has $ 3 billion worth of.' Li stood airport, silly Leng Leng looked as if heaven's wife, even though head is pout rebuke, but his heart is very sweet.

'Wang Chao Yong: Li Yifei with the process of dialogue is to enjoy'


Wang Chao Yong and Li Yifei love at the time of Wall Street, once known as 'the perfect combination of two outstanding young.'

September 28, 1991, the Chinese consulate in New York held a reception conditions. When Wang Chao Yong entered the consulate gate, a big-eyed Chinese girl immediately caught his attention. 'This is New York City law firm specializing in Chinese business consultant Li Yifei.' 'This is the US division of Standard & Poor's Ratings Wang Chao Yong.' Brief friend, so met two strangers in a foreign country, and though it was not too much to talk but to get the business cards Wang Chao Yong Li Yifei, the mood has been not so calm before.

After a busy few days, Wang Chao Yong eyes always wandering Li Yifei figure, almost one day a phone call, a man chasing woman love story in the Wall Street staged gorgeous. In the two met after the first Valentine's Day, February 14, 1992, located at 99 Wall Street rose from Standard & Poor's was sent to Lee's office nor the 33-story World Trade Center. Romantic Valentine's Day so that the couple's romance has made new progress.

A year later, the couple married. Today, even though 20 years have passed this encounter, lift, Li Yifei still very excited. In the eyes of Li Yifei, Wang Chao Yong regardless of the identity of changes that will take off in the rain jacket immediately put himself, his own home will boil ginger Wang Chao Yong has not changed.

Later, a reporter asked Wang Chao Yong, why on earth would be moved by Wang Chao Yong Li Yifei smile:?. 'Because together and Li Yifei, the process of dialogue is a pleasure,' Li Yifei intelligence and understanding always particularly impressed by Wang Chao Yong, Wang Chao Yong every right in the middle, she would be able to guess the contents of the back. Therefore, Wang Chao Yong, the mind is more like Li Yifei habitat. Here, he found understanding and support.

'Zhou Hongyi: The best choice in this life is Lady'

In Zhou was asked what is the best time of his choice, his answer is to choose his wife. It is said that Zhou and his partners just that time hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the lucky ones. In fact, in many Zhou understanding of people, these entrepreneurs if only 1% of people can be successful, Zhou clearly does not belong to the category of 1%. Thus, when people see today, when Zhou was a great success, most people think that this kid's life wonderful.

October 1998, Zhou resigned from the Founder out of business, he is not without hesitated. Zhou later told the media: 'At that time the Internet companies are now so you say there is a way to make money, venture capitalists must think you are an idiot..' That era, the Internet's most popular activities are also burn, Zhou Hongyi very envy those people and businesses have money to burn, but he did not intend to burn more penny - MAK Intel software company's start-up funding is all the savings Zhou and several partners, plus a lot of money liabilities. Zhou and his friends laugh at each other once said: for entrepreneurs crashed trousers.

And Zhou Hongyi had decided to start time, he said to his wife, 'even though you do it, I work to earn money for you to eat.' Mrs. resounding speak, speak to her, Zhou never doubted. Zhou Hongyi year in Beijing with his wife rented a three-bedroom South, only one of which lived, other employees to live in, but his wife did not complain, but to Zhou brought great support and understanding.

To ensure that the food and clothing problem, to solve the worries, which makes Zhou all energy can be placed on entrepreneurship. 'Mrs. particularly helpful to my career.' Zhou said. After the start in a very long time, Zhou Hongyi no source of income, almost by his wife to earn money. In this regard, Zhou wife have their own strong views, 'we will not make any money in this life. The most incompetent, you can go to work.'

'Pan Shiyi: 4 days along with Zhang Xin has been set for life.'


Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin marriage is a veritable 'flash marriage type.' Two people together only four days, they found each other to be together in this life is over people.

In April 1994, he became acquainted with the Pan Shiyi Zhang Xin. At that time, Zhang Xin also Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs, is looking for investments in the Mainland. When first met, Pan Shiyi, wearing a pale pinkish-colored suit, wearing a big flower tie, a pair of big glasses, hair a bit bald, get on one side, looks particularly thin.

Pan was born in rural Gansu, live in poverty grew up, graduated from Hebei University College of oil pipeline, also divorced twice; Zhang Xin, aged 14, moved to Hong Kong, after studying in the UK, a master's degree at Cambridge University, a million a year . It seems that Pan Shiyi Zhang Xin much better condition than it seems. For their union, when everyone around is not good. Zhang Xin sister after that, specially flew to see Pan Shiyi, after reading with a song to express her disappointment: 'No flowers, no trees high, he is a grass no one knows.' However, Zhang Yan has always been a firm of their choice is right. She very much appreciate the confidence bones Pan Shiyi, honest quality and unique way of thinking. When Pan Shiyi to propose to her, no flowers, no ring, said simply:. 'We get married,' said Zhang Xin, immediately replied: 'OK.'

Tut tut, too child, and the child too, even in the half brother to abuse himself. However, careful people should have found, above all beautiful love story, male owners and female controls, without exception, are very good person. So enterprises in Costa Rica trying to say is really good love alone is not blindly pay, please, and moral self-moving style, if you want to maintain a comfortable and long-lasting state, the most important thing is both common and attractive. (Source: China Entrepreneur Magazine compile: free download)

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