Baidu Marshal Gu JIAHAO leaving Baidu This is just a microcosm of IDL brain drain

(Research papers Download News) August 9 morning news, Sina science and technology today informed that Baidu IDL (depth learning laboratories), director of research and development architect / chief designer Gu Jia Wei has left, and as vice president LONDON force. Baidu side was no official response, but NetPosa stakeholders has confirmed that Gu JIAHAO entry.

Gu Jia Wei is the iconic figure Baidu Marshal Plan. Prior to joining Baidu, Gu Jia Wei in human-computer interaction research at Microsoft Research, Visiting supervisors and then-Stanford ME310 international innovation programs, with hardware and software include 22 US patents, 120 domestic patents.

After joining Baidu, Gu Jia Wei, director of research and development has become the IDL architect, he is responsible for human-computer interaction, his key research areas for the new user experience and intelligent. Baidu is responsible for specific projects are intelligent glasses BaiduEye, Baidu smart bike DuBike, blind and real-time intelligent assistant DuLight Face APP application face gifted FaceYou like.

Baidu insider told Sina science and technology, Jia Wei Gu against Baidu Marshal name of the first, but the practical application of several projects, the specific situation of poor landing, which may also be the main reason for his departure.

Sina science and technology through reliable sources that Gu JIAHAO leaving Baidu will join the A-share listed companies NetPosa, as vice president, in charge of the relevant business object's spiritual technology.

Before NetPosa announcement that was Ling Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power LONDON, LONDON force is developing service robots and other core subject-oriented consumer business, will be carried out include such Jibo Knightscope and other product sales and operations at the same time to create artificial intelligence system as the core product.

Baidu Baidu IDL Marshal plan in January 2014 launched a plan to attract talent, mainly for the global recruitment of nine age of 30 elite youth field of artificial intelligence, the annual salary of one million yuan started.

However, Baidu Marshal Gu JIAHAO leaving only Baidu IDL brain drain in miniature. Since 2015, Baidu IDL founder, executive vice president Yu Kai, Baidu IDL eminent scientist Wu Ren, Baidu IDL architect director Huang Chang, Baidu before the unmanned vehicle team leader Kai Ni, etc. have been left. (Source: Sina Technology; Wen / Lee)

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