Bloomberg: microblogging maintain high growth far exceeds the level of the same period Twitter

August 9 pm news, Bloomberg published a review article pointed out today, microblogging ten consecutive quarters of growth in high-speed users, well ahead of Twitter in the same period level.

The following is the main content of the article:

Twitter has just released the second quarter earnings, this earnings than most analysts expected, we believe it makes microblogging investors pleasantly surprised. Moreover, this Chinese social media company also raised its revenue forecast for the quarter, which is another piece to make investors feel happy.

A data should not let anyone be surprised that this is the user microblogging growth.

Since microblogging listed on Nasdaq two and half years, the growth rate of monthly active users has remained stable: 36% occurred three times, 33% and 34% each appear twice. Over the past ten quarters, microblogging active users monthly growth rate of between 30% to 38%, it has never fallen below 30%.

Compared to Twitter, the user growth rate over the same period of gradual decline, from 25% to 3%. Twitter is calculated monthly active users and the number of micro-Bo is not the same, it stands to reason Twitter more data should be some stability. But Twitter still did not do.

A simple and quick explanation is still in the early development of micro-blog, so the two can not compare so.

In fact true. Twitter in November 2013 listing, the number of users can be traced back to the earliest disclosure of the first quarter of 2012, which is the sixth year the company was born. In that year, the growth rate of monthly active users from 103% down to 58%, the gap between the two is as high as 45 percent. Three years later, Twitter has grown to this period, but only fell by four percentage points, still maintained a 34% to 38% growth rate.

Whatever the reason, so the stable growth rate is worth it to come to say. (Source: Sina Technology)

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