Analysis: AI swept the world, technology service providers to the unsung heroes

(Research papers Download News) I believe everyone on March Alpha Dog defeat Li Shishi news events still fresh in all sectors of the media reported several days in a row, robotics and artificial intelligence will also be subject to the air.

Mentioned artificial intelligence, we should not be unfamiliar, there are already many intelligent products into our lives, such as smart watches, bracelets and other such wearable devices, more eye-catching and services unmanned robots are slowly enter our field of vision.

VentureScanner according to statistics, as of early 2016, the global total of 957 artificial intelligence, the United States ranked first with 499. China artificial intelligence, about 65 start-up companies for investment, a total of 2.91 billion yuan. With respect to the global market, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence Chinese market is still a market to be further developed.

Giants have the layout of artificial intelligence, industry, technology has to be improved

Today, the world has nearly a thousand artificial intelligence company, to cover 62 countries in speech recognition, gesture control, virtual personal assistant, voice translation and intelligent robots, more than ten industries and infrastructure technology, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence application in an artificial three core areas of intelligent industrial chain, while domestic companies have long been involved in the field of artificial intelligence Pobai. Whether foreign or domestic technology giant venture capital institutions in the layout of this chain of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence to seek market accounted for a place.

Global AI camp: March Google Alpha Dog robot victory over players on, so Google fame, and artificial intelligence to the global heat wave again. Unmanned vehicles, Google driverless car test history has more than two million kilometers, and its constantly tested and improved; Microsoft research into artificial intelligence technology has more than 20 years, its small artificial intelligence robot ice is eco-mode virtual AI companion robot; Facebook chat robot 'M', is based on its users and social form made intelligent assistant, in addition to answering user questions, access to information, but also can help users to complete some life operations , such as the purchase of goods, restaurant location, arrange travel plans and so on.

By Google, Microsoft and Facebook as the representative of the global market AI, speech recognition, machine vision and other products have a wealth of research, development, and science in the human brain, depth perception learning and other areas of research will be also soon breakthrough.

Domestic BAT giant camps: Baidu artificial intelligence system, including Baidu Institute, Baidu large data, voice Baidu, Baidu image technology, while Baidu investment in large artificial intelligence, and its technology in a leading position; Ali AI is in its DT and enclosure system can be expanded, then surgery, there are little Ali Ai, Xiaomi is based on the ecological model Ali cloud-based business blueprint; relative to Baidu, Ali, Tencent in artificial intelligence progress is relatively slow, is introducing Dreamwriter and micro Po and other products.

However, throughout the domestic and foreign markets in the field of artificial intelligence, giants in the field of artificial intelligence have been planted chess game, but the giants are for their own artificial intelligence and business service related businesses. The current artificial intelligence market, most businesses are still some technical difficulties, especially start-ups. These enterprises urgently need some artificial intelligence technology to provide technical support services for their help.

In addition, for many businesses in transition, they are in need of artificial intelligence information technology services to accelerate the construction of key moments, its own technological advantage and no artificial gene technology, the development will be limited.

Enterprise information technology needs urgent, AI technology service providers have appeared

Economic development of the Internet era, companies will accelerate the transition to information technology, and let the information technology to transform the business requirements of the method undoubtedly has great maneuverability and practicality. However, many traditional enterprise IT itself is not new gene technology, their own and then invested to develop and cultivate a team that is not realistic. So these are more traditional businesses want to rely on has AI technology companies to provide technical services, the urgent need is to promote the development of the domestic AI technology services market.

In the AI wave swept the world, as the country continues to focus on innovation in public service in the field of artificial intelligence, and raised a number of policies to encourage and support, this market appears to provide AI Artificial Intelligence for each industry solutions provider . Service corporate positioning of such intelligent robots is very clear, that is the industry of artificial intelligence development of diversified product features, product differentiation is also evident that this can bring rapid change and development for the industry to work mode.

1, provides intelligent voice technology services: the intelligent voice technologies, News Corp. IFLYTEK fly 'super brain' in speech recognition, semantic understanding, oral translation, machine made some evaluation of application of the results, which intelligent voice core technology is the intelligent voice on one of the best companies.

In this year's Anhui two sessions, iFLYTEK intelligent conferencing systems officially unveiled delegates handset at the scene to speak, can be fast, accurate, real-time display the corresponding text on the screen, to meet the graphics live demand session . Thus, wide artificial intelligence in speech recognition, spoken language translation application can bring great convenience to the business office way. But they voice technology, especially robotics recognition of local dialects and accents still exist deficiencies, therefore, technical service providers or to strengthen the AI robot voice training.

2, to provide artificial intelligence engine platform services: in the traditional industry intelligence service, at present, Xiamen quick to Technologies Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhen Chi Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides a more complete technology solutions. Xiamen fast Suppliers TECHNOLOGY CORP major research and development platform for small fast artificial intelligence engine platform, with emphasis on the field of human-computer interaction technology export platform. This platform is based on open their own small fast core semantic understanding and the ability to interact, for third-party developers to build based on the 'cloud' virtual robot intelligent network services platform.

Suppliers will soon pass a small fast AI engine and engine service platform for smart management platform on the 'cloud', a small fast customer access by HCI engine platform SDK, API, third-party applications and other channels, customers can call at any time Intelligent Drive voice recognition, intelligent response and other functions of the robot, the robot can be customized according to the knowledge needed to implement remote access intelligent service robot interaction technology.

Currently, small fast artificial intelligence engine platform is the smart customer service, intelligent education, healthcare successful landing, access to large-scale technology calls. Its simple, efficient and intelligent technology output, so fast through suppliers in the field of intelligent home, e-government, self-media, games, education, the rapid accumulation of a large number of user resources.

3, to provide networking services Artificial Intelligence: AI in terms of things, Beijing Information Technology Co., cloud-known sound of the 'cloud core' around itself intelligent speech recognition and speech understanding core technology to build the ecosystem. Utilize big data for each product solutions to achieve landing, and data collected through large data processing into the final service, currently has applications in the fields of home, car, health care and education, in the domestic market after the loading machine 70% of the autonomous voice switching vendors chosen by the cloud-known sound technical services.

4, to provide intelligent home solutions and services: Zhejiang leader Technology Co., Ltd. 'VANE', mainly used in smart home, can be personalized custom scenes of life, to a certain extent, to provide intelligent services to users of home life, but relatively speaking, application scenarios in the home service of products is still relatively small, the function is relatively simple. Therefore, to realize the smart home technology services companies also need to develop a richer, intelligent product features.

5, offers a variety of AI technology integration services: Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Strato SinoVoice all intelligent capabilities of the platform, intelligent voice interaction, image recognition, semantic understanding, biometric technology integration, to address the specific needs of enterprises.

We can say that China has been emerging artificial intelligence technology service provider has technical advantages in terms of speech recognition, translation, and in product development takes years of study preparation time. Early in the development of targeted industries can play high-quality technology itself, the use of artificial intelligence technology to help enterprises solve more industry pain points, but also be able to make their own artificial intelligence in the domestic market foothold. This is consistent with our current Artificial Intelligence market is not mature market, it is possible to enable start-ups to grow in the dark.

AI technology services for the enterprise information construction in the transition provides a lot of motivation and support, and enterprises in the transition process, the first change is the method of conducting business and marketing. Traditional companies in the business often directly with consumers to communicate and exchange, so companies in the pre-sale customer service team number is the number of large, general workload will be great; traditional business marketing to the times , still can not do without the Internet thinking, and service providers of artificial intelligence can be no doubt for enterprises to solve these problems and improve the accuracy of their work efficiency and marketing decisions.

Large enterprise customer market demand, or be able to take off leveraging artificial intelligence

According to Ai Media Consulting statistics, at present the domestic call market has more than one hundred billion, but with the development of mobile e-commerce and O2O market, the domestic market from traditional customer service PC and the phone call works gradually move to mobile customer service, customer service market has great potential, but also so that more service providers competing to enter the artificial intelligence technology, competition for market share.

Intelligent robot manufacturers to provide services for enterprise users, their position is very clear, that is specifically for intelligent robotics to optimize customer service, to seek to dominate the market in the enterprise customer service, the development of product diversification function mode, it is possible for the part of the population operating mode positive role in promoting.

Mode 1: Smart customer service robot or add-on service

Cloud Q is an intelligent customer service robot SaaS platform, you can quiz to simulate artificial robot to provide users with customer service through customer service. Xiao multi-robot, from July 2013 began service in Taobao sellers on the market Cai-line customer service robot, able to simulate real buyers in natural language and dialogue.

This mode is to some extent already initially solved the problem in the customer service business, especially business enterprise customer service in the face of a large number of customer inquiries, there will be too late to respond and answer questions, etc. duplicate, duplicate, simple question to the intelligent robot can save time and save on labor costs, but they did not go deep into other aspects of the business customer sector.

Mode 2: Robot Customer Service + labor + ticket system

Seven fish in this mode, wisdom science and technology, love customer service and other service providers in the customer service robots, intelligent robots intelligent answer customer questions by providing never offline customer service, customer service can be reduced to 80% of labor costs; the work order system on, supports a variety of ways to create work orders for cross-sectoral collaboration and timely follow-up question provides a convenient service; to provide enterprises with a unified customer service workbench for customer service to provide customers portrait, question classification, history session simplified integration and other complex issues .

This model for enterprises to build an intelligent, multi-channel customer service system, through big data business user segment, intelligent management, improve the relationship between businesses and consumers to a certain extent, promote business better, faster development of. Artificial intelligence technology to further expand the services offered to the customer service business. Not only intelligent customer service robot, but also improve the work order system for the unity and cooperation among departments to provide convenience.

Mode III: call center customer service robot + + + Service manual work order system + Big Data Mining

Suppliers through fast, Udesk, technology and other small service providers will be able to call the customer service center robot + + + Service manual work order system model as a model of their products, but Udesk, small artificial intelligence technology can be asked to cooperate with the cloud reached. Fast providers through artificial intelligence technology is independent research and development. Artificial intelligence technology in this mode in the call center application is self-service, human-computer integration, operations support, it can largely save labor costs, and faster data providers through the use of large existing customer service system excavation mode, and use big data analytics to understand customer needs, solve marketing problems.

On the customer service process, most of the simple, high-frequency, repetitive issue to deal with customer service robot, a small part can not be solved then transferred to artificial customer service. By accurately understanding customer problems and match the best answer to improve the efficiency and accurate responses, while the robot online to answer a repetition rate of up to 80% of the issue, so as to reduce the burden of manual seats, reducing customer service labor costs of enterprises.

On the data marketing solutions, industry by collecting massive data analysis, providing marketing industry hot spots, prices and other customized solutions to achieve business PC side, the mobile terminal integrated marketing data. This enterprise can quickly implement marketing decisions, but also with the actual market conditions to make judgments, not too dependent on artificial intelligence.

This mode is a good use of artificial intelligence to provide high efficiency in terms of customer service industry jobs, while the use of big data analysis for enterprises to provide marketing, which to some extent to achieve information technology and business development, better to respond to market changes, timely marketing decisions.

With the development of mobile Internet, the company's customer service growing demand for artificial intelligence to solve the traditional call center customer service due to manual labor costs consume large users to wait a long time, customer service channels cumbersome, complicated access and other pain points, so as to enterprises improve operational efficiency, reduce the cost of software, enabling enterprises to better achieve the transition towards the information technology direction strides.

AI popularity of speed, technology service providers to the unsung heroes

Although AI has shares winds blowing to the Chinese market, but the domestic popularity of artificial intelligence is still relatively low, many companies lack the artificial intelligence technology greatly limits the domestic popularity of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence technology service providers have emerged, most domestic enterprises lack of artificial intelligence is a big complement. That is, in technical service providers, driven by the popularity of artificial intelligence will be greatly increased.

Meanwhile, for more business, they need the help of artificial intelligence to deliver more efficient and quality service. Then these artificial intelligence technology service providers, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, customer service, will be a huge market, this area will be fully subvert the past, the traditional artificial customer service era. Today into the Lynx, Jingdong and other electronic business platform when shopping, many consumers will find consulting customer service, a considerable part of customer service in AI functions are replaced, it is an inevitable trend in the future, but also in this area It will be the emergence of a new giant. (Source: / free download special Institute Liu Kuang)

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