Analysis: Smart home off the market, to see how to choose a breakthrough enterprises

(Research papers Download News) With the arrival of the era of smart home, smart home domestic market also took the opportunity to hype, we have introduced various types of smart home products, and under these products, choose between enterprises vary. These different choices, creating chaos or ordered or smart home industry. Regardless of what a business is concerned, we are hoping to find intelligent home breakthrough. But more companies on the 'smart' home is still a confused, this time to take a look at how other companies are doing.


1, the gateway using what criteria is most appropriate?

In the smart home, the most important part is the gateway, what criteria is most appropriate 2014? - 2015, smart home business almost all using WiFi as a smart home link standards, some companies even WiFi and ZigBee for peer comparison, that WiFi communication protocol is the main link protocol intelligent home of the future, but in the current market, the usage of smart home WiFi protocol or major proportion. But can not be ignored is that, once trumpeted WiFi protocol smart home business, introduced in the show is based on ZigBee protocol standards.

2, smart home is not just to be?

Some enterprises said: smart home products is not just to be impossible to achieve one hundred billion market. What is just, this is a need to think about. For the car, gasoline is just to be; for people, food is just to be, just to be called, is relative, and there is no fixed standard. As a smart home devices to enhance the quality of life for the average user it is not just, but the pursuit of quality of life for some people, it is not just need it?

3, the major companies are how to do?

The biggest difference between ordinary intelligent home and home front is more 'smart' word, the 'intelligence' used in the home above, look and feel tall, but in practice can only be called a remote control. 'Smart', some distance away from us. So, smart home breakthrough in what? No matter for which an enterprise is concerned, are hoping to find the Smart Home breakthrough, but with the development of the market, a company which does not seem to find the 'point.' However, we could have a look at how other companies are doing.

Traditional security companies: A home security as a breakthrough, the overall layout of the home security. The idea is good, but the market does not seem so clear benefits, although they have perfect alarm monitoring programs, but home users did not pay for this.

Smart home business: to enhance the living environment, to give you with a warm living environment. When the smart home of the fire had burned up, smart home business built on cooperation with the real estate business, the advantages of their proposed smart home can further improve the living environment, improve user comfort and increase the value of the house. However, over time, the sound of this cooperation is gradually disappearing. And some smart home business is started the main hotel system: a traveling staff, wants to have a good living environment. This cooperation, and finally to the intelligent home to open a window, the hotel does is allow people to live in comfort you?

Internet companies: you do what I have done, with the 'Internet' thinking to open a door. The greatest feature of Internet companies is the 'follow' in Internet companies, the most obvious is that some other companies product, they can mimic a more cool products immediately, while based on the so-called 'Internet thinking', and create a new world. When the smart home industry has just sounded the bugle call, Internet companies launched their own products, although the end product is not ye, but released a variety of data but very beautiful.

On the current smart home market, despite predictions can reach one hundred billion market, but in reality, not so much, the most immediate problem is that the user does not pay, currently the smart home market has entered a period of confusion, how to find the most appropriate development path problem is most concerned about the smart home business, followed by user training, such user culture is not one or two years to complete, may take decades, but who clearly? anyway, the smart home era has approaching, the only major companies with their own business development breakthrough, in order to seize the development of smart home outlet. (Source: NEW YORK; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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