Inventory: On the Rio Olympics those black technology

(Research papers Download News) Rio Olympic Games on August 5 (Beijing time at 7:00 on August 6th) officially opened the Olympic Games is not only a platform for sports competition, but also experimental hotbed of new technologies, from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games new energy vehicles, the 2012 London Olympic Games starts a new pool table, all in the interpretation of this.

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Although the shortage of funds the Olympic Games exposed many infrastructure problems, but as VR, Smart Garments and other rapid development of technology today, the spirit of 'what not poor poor technology' (there is always sponsored) attitude can be found in the Rio Olympics Highlights on science and technology really a lot.

Games will use VR reported that only supported Samsung devices

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Olympic Broadcasting Services company, has confirmed that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will use VR reported, but the VR is not real-time coverage of the Games, but has been delayed. The broadcast will include opening and closing ceremonies, men's basketball, gymnastics, athletics, beach volleyball, diving, boxing and fencing. Olympic Broadcasting Services will produce these VR video game projects, the company affiliated to the International Olympic Committee, has been responsible for the national broadcasters company recorded video games.

But want to watch the Olympics VR video audience needs with Samsung devices, Samsung is the 2016 Rio Olympics smartphone official sponsor of an NBC Sports and download applications. Olympic Broadcasting Services also stressed that, VR will not just live through VR rendering device, the page will be PC-side rendering, which means that even if you do not head VR display, you can watch on the web.

NFC mobile payment incarnation ring shopping easy payment

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

As of August this year, the Rio Olympics only officially designated bank card, Visa launched another way to complete mobile payment 'Lord of the Rings.' Rings can be paid athletes in the Olympic Village will be able to pay simply waved shopping. Also not only athletes, including staff and other volunteers will be used.

VISA mobile NFC payments ring design is simple, the appearance of black and white ceramic ring, built Gemalto embedded security chip and antenna. Although this can not adjust the size of the ring to pay a total of 20 sizes to choose from, most of the trials were able to find their own size.

200 m altitude floating panoramic cameras, surveillance stadium

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Logos Technologies company Simera airborne panoramic camera. It is likened by some people 'have the ability to broadcast personalized custom version of Google Earth.' In the 200 meters in the air, each camera can cover venues surrounding area 40 square meters, 13 cameras simultaneously, which can do no dead ends; resolution comparable to full HDTV.

The device Each camera has 13 photoelectric cameras, which are sealed in the cylinder, usually made with a hot-air balloon rises to the set level. In addition to video features, it also provides real-time monitoring options, updated once per second. Each device weighs 40 pounds (18 kilograms), will be laid in the four main venues of 200 meters above the common use by the local police and municipal sectors.

Harsh environment sportswear upgrade, Zika anti-mosquito, anti-bacterial resistance to water

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Previously it reported that Rio's Olympic project partly by sea waters super virus, so for water sports athletes, you need the safest way to protect themselves. In addition, because the South American countries are the hardest hit by Zika virus, which by the mosquito-borne disease is a threat to the health of Olympic athletes.

To this end, experts from the University of Pennsylvania have developed antimicrobial tech fabric, the material surface covered with a special anti-microbial coating, and seamless integration with the US rowing team uniforms, comprehensive coverage of the team may be in contact with the surface of the water body section. Philadelphia University developed a special antibacterial sportswear, to provide protection for US athletes. South Korea also used clothing to prevent mosquitoes and prevent water penetration of fabrics.

Archery first electronic target accuracy of 0.2 mm

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Olympic Games will be the first use of technology in archery competitions to record results, which previously relied on archery competition results to the human eye using a special telescope ruling. Olympic official timing partner Omega introduced a new scanning system built flak. Athletes do not have to wait anxiously for the results announcement, we can concentrate on the next shot an arrow.

When the arrow hits the target of attacks, two scanners, respectively vertical and horizontal run, calculate the distance of the center of the arrow and flak. The accuracy of the system is 0.2 mm, which is the human eye can not match. At the same time, this system is also very fast, the results can be given in 1 second flak after being shot.

Racing project to upgrade the light-sensitive end cameras, imaging per ten thousand

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

In addition to providing current Omega will also provide new electronic target outer end of the light-sensitive camera, these machines will be installed in the position of the finish line sprints, hurdles and other racing projects. When the athlete crossed the finish line, namely that its video capture device, then the referee will officially determine the candidates for the championship game based on this information.

The new light sensor camera to end at 10,000 frames per second to capture the image of a vertical line, one second advantage of this system will show a 10,000 photos, the referee can be easily distinguished ranking. Photosensitive new equipment also improved than before, so that shot out of the picture quality compared to the original end camera to capture improved a lot.

Golf Scoreboard equipped with radar systems, display speed and distance data

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

After a lapse of more than a century later, to return to Olympic stadium golf. For this purpose, specially Omega introduced a new scoreboard for the tournament. The new scoreboard will be set on the ground four special tee and equipped with radar measurement system.

After the golfers tee, the scoreboard will capture instant messages and show to the audience, allowing them to pay close attention to the match. In addition to the names of the players and the current performance, the scoreboard will be displayed in real time ball speed, distance, and is expected to hit the ball height data.

Athletics jersey materials, double technology upgrades, after hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Nike AeroSwift science and technology from the innovative and environmentally friendly lightweight recycled polyester made by modifying and simplifying the structure so that the weight down to the lightest. Improved manufacturing process will be stretched to the surrounding weave, breathable mesh works well in combination with AeroBlades, thus creating excellent performance of this equipment.

Chinese track and field team will use AeroBlades technology that after hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing, the key to the regional distribution of clothing, and can guide the air in the whole body athletes, Nike track and field equipment to build a stronger anti-drag performance. It is understood that, in addition to the Chinese team outside bump design Nike will be applied to reduce the air resistance of about 20 track and field teams, including the United States, Brazil and Germany.

Smart glasses power cycling team, the training and match data display

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Solos is a smart glasses on Kickstarter started intelligent sports glasses, and can help the United States cycling team to achieve good results at the Rio Olympics. Solos intelligent sports glasses provide augmented reality head-up display function that looks somewhat similar to the familiar Google glasses, it can be athletes during training data, including riding rhythm and heart rate are displayed on the screen.

In the process of training and competition, athletes can be worn on the smart glasses, this spectacle will collect heart rate players during wear generated by the speed, strength, rhythm, cadence, distance, duration, and other virtual data, and will It transmits the data to the APP, while the athletes will be adjusted accordingly based on these data in a targeted manner to strengthen training.

Robot police iRobot510 appeared, security, bomb, navigation Almighty

Another position to see the Rio Olympics - the 'black technology' application inventory

Although the Rio Olympic security has been very criticized, but in fact, as early as in 2013 the Brazilian government has already spent 4.2 million pounds to buy the robot police --iRobot510, into the construction of the Brazilian Government to strengthen security around the Olympic venues in Rio.

The iRobot510 remote control robot is a famous American company iRobot robot products and development of products, weighing 18kg, with four cameras and a telescopic arm (contraction high 41cm, maximum expansion of high 221cm), can easily lift a weight of 13 kg robot capable navigation route and looking for suspicious explosives and other tasks. (Source: krypton 36; Wen / Yu Yang Lian; compile: free download)

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