Inventory: A Summary of Chinese major scientific and technological innovations in the first half

(Research papers Download News) enter 2016, innovation in the field of science and technology localities. Chinese speed supercomputer, 'Qianlong II' China Depth, 20 times the height of China space launch mission, and constantly refresh a new record of Chinese wisdom made.

From the accumulation to a qualitative leap, from catch to the same stage, China has made new achievements in scientific and technological innovation for businesses to bring new applications for economic development provided a new impetus. A large number of the latest scientific and technological innovation, a profound impact on every corner of economic and social life, plays a powerful engine power, driving 'Chinese number' sail ship, by a dream from afar.

- Represents the leading edge.

In March, the satellite detected dark matter particles 'Monkey' was successfully completed in-orbit testing tasks for three months, the successful delivery of the user units. To identify and study dark matter particles, study the origin of cosmic rays and other tasks of responsibility 'Wukong' on a 'learn' the way, is expected to allow our country has made in the exploration of dark matter and cosmic ray physics particle detector both world and cutting-edge issues of frontier breakthrough.

In April, China's first micro-gravity science experimental satellite - Practice the 10th recoverable science experimental satellite successfully completed 12 days of space flight, the recovery capsule landed accurately at a predetermined landing zone. As most Chinese satellite to carry out microgravity science and space life science experiments project, its recovery capsule and orbital module 19 experiments undertaken in the world, the first time the mammalian embryo development in space. These experiments will continue to bring a great big wave of innovation and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, help scientists solve problems of biotechnology, advanced materials and life sciences fields.

- To achieve a breakthrough.

January 10, China has independently developed an underwater robot 'Qianlong II' success of the first dives. Exactly like the movie 'Finding Nemo' clownfish protagonist 'NEMO' of 'Qianlong II' in the country for the first time as a forward-looking sonar collision avoidance control device, in the southwest Indian Ocean completed nine hours of a tour of the seabed, to achieve our self 4500 meter-deep sea research and development resources autonomous exploration systems (AUV) for the first time in mid-ocean ridge seabed exploration, but also to our country for the first time to obtain a fine seabed topography Figure Southwest Indian contracts for exploration for polymetallic sulphides in the bridge area hydrothermal area.

In June, China's first geostationary orbit high-resolution Earth observation satellite scores fourth officially put into use. As the world's highest resolution for geostationary orbit Earth observation satellite, high fourth satellite will significantly enhance the ability of remote sensing earth observation.

- Ahead of ourselves.

June 25, Long March 7 successfully launched, becoming China's first rocket launch in the marine environment, but also the current carrying capacity of the largest, occupying the shortest launch rockets, setting a record of more than China's aerospace history, opened a a new chapter in Chinese launch vehicle development. As our country's first digital Rockets full life cycle, the Long March carrier rocket VII behalf of the domestic development of the highest level, and low latitudes in Wenchang, Hainan space launch site, and thereby achieve their emission debut.

- Leading international.

June 20, Frankfurt, Germany International Supercomputer Conference of (ISC) announced a new global supercomputer TOP500 list, China's 'divinity Taihu Light' In the second ultra-nearly three times the computing speed to become 'the world's most fast computer. ' Fortune as a super sub, which includes a processor implements all the core components, including localization, but also began a 'count that with the' journey.

Relying on 'divinity Taihu light,' research team was able to improve our response to extreme weather and natural disasters, disaster prevention and mitigation; National Laboratory for Computational Fluid Dynamics will be 'Temple' smooth return home to provide accurate prediction; and drug screening time study disease mechanisms shorten ...... supercomputing speed to win our war, we are fighting a war supercomputing applications.

Looking back on fame achievements and future prospects looking forward. In August, we will celebrate the one meter high resolution radar remote sensing satellite launch III, Chinese independent high-resolution remote sensing data types will therefore be further enriched. During the year, we will usher in a space laboratory Temple II and Shenzhou manned spacecraft launch on the 11th, a further sign Chinese astronauts in space; a connecting Beijing and Shanghai, through one thousand kilometers grade intercity Jinan, Hefei and other places long-distance quantum communication backbone, 'the Beijing-Shanghai route,' will be completed; last year's C919 airliner assembly off the assembly line will be completed in the first flight this year; quantum science experimental satellite and hard X-ray modulation telescope satellite is expected to launch in the second half after another.

Space Dream, dream aviation, marine dream, supercomputing dream, dream ...... quantum communication technological innovations being gradually make the dream come true, which is the technological power of the dream, the dream of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation. (Source: 'Economic Daily'; Wen / Chen Yingying; compile: free download)

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