Cool Penguin wisdom: News Outlook 90 after: young users of network media research report

Core Report Summary:

Even things like fresh young group, they are still accurate and objective basic requirements of journalism. This has gained.

In addition to the basic requirements of the younger age groups also want to see more new and interesting, entertaining content and channels. Dynamic news with video, and other multimedia action figure is more popular than writing news.

Pan News video news property news stronger than words, but its length is not too long. 2-5 minute video news most likely to be accepted, too long (over 10 minutes) or too short (less than 1 minute) are unpopular.

Phone traffic remains a major concern for most of the 90 after the news of the browser, the phone traffic concerns will make some users give up watching more news and video news pictures.

The title is the first element of a news open people. Popular form of wit, but it can accurately express header information is 90 over title of the form heart.

Comments expression behavior after 90 and non-90 after reading the news most frequently. Love is more interested in news thumbs up, but not as a non-forwarding enthusiasm than non-90 after 90 after 90.

Push is very important. Elliot value newsfeeds significant, more than ninety percent in reading will continue to surprise after another newsfeed, the content of interest is their first choice.

Content side, curiosity value and should 'take into account the table.' Do not do not base your castles in the air, and do not cling high cold news.

Product side, meet the required and appropriate 'Excuse me.' In addition to just, users take the initiative to open the APP frequency will drop, so to take the initiative to give users 'serving.'

Studded tags to users who also want to help you escape the room information cocoon.

The following is the full report:

(Source: Penguin intellectual cool)

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