Research report: Huarong Securities: Network Security Act this year is expected to put

Domestic News

1. China's network security industry alliance organized learning General Secretary Xi Jinping 4.19 Speech Forum

2. MIIT: 'Network Security Act' this year is expected to put

3. 'Internet Security and Governance Forum' held in Zhejiang


1.Fortinet advocacy virtual cellular Wi-Fi deployment ecosystem and boost rail traffic

2.Q1 botnet DDoS attacks: duration reduced but the number rises

3.ImageMagick been blasting the presence of zero-day vulnerability, or lead to important information being stolen

4. say at least six banks were Turkish hacker groups attacked

Company News

1. Xinhua's three H3C and China Petroleum signed a strategic sourcing agreement 2. Westone: About China Securities Regulatory Commission accepted the company's application for non-public offering announcement

3. Watertek information: a major asset restructuring program adjustments announcement

Market Review

201600510-0516, network security index fell 1.25% over the same period the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose 1.31%, the computer industry index fell 0.80%.

Investment Strategy

We believe that information security as an important component of national security, policy support will continue to strengthen, national cybersecurity increasing awareness also helps to continuously release related needs, in addition to network attacks, data breaches and other security incidents continue catalyst, it is able to pass through the cycle relating to the investment sector, it is worth continued attention.

risk warning

The market systemic risk; advance registration system speed (Source: Huarong Securities text / Quiet compile: free download)

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