Analysis: The era of big data network needs to weave a safety net in prison

National 'Security and Internet Governance Forum' (free download News) network by the Ministry of Public Security Bureau and other guidance, Zhejiang Daily Media Group, organizers held in Hangzhou. Internet police from across the public security departments, industry experts and people in charge of the major sites around common themes to explore the crack of the Road: In the ever-changing Internet age, how to regulate the network order to protect information security?

Internet users due to loss of 80.5 billion yuan in information disclosure

'Era of big data, industry-wide use of the Internet to create social and economic value of the era, and everyone is a contributor data, this process will produce more risk points.' Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security Law Director of the Research Center Huangdao Li provided shocking data: survey shows that Chinese netizens identity information leakage of 78.2%, online activity information leaked to 63.4%, felt the impact of leaks 82.3%. Internet users in the country in 2015 because the information disclosure of the total losses amounted to 80.5 billion yuan, 124 yuan per capita.

In Huangdao Li opinion, the status quo of personal data protection is not optimistic. In the survey of 211 units, a dedicated Privacy Policy only 57. 42 financial sector, there are privacy provisions of 13; 67 related educational institutions, only six have a privacy policy; 23 medical units, only nine hospitals have privacy policies. 'Many enterprises of key industries are not carried out in the privacy policy regulations, in particular responsible for personal information in setting the gang hand, entrusted party handling of personal information actions, the establishment of user complaints handling mechanism, relevant skills training for employees the establishment of self-monitoring mechanism and other aspects very weak, almost in a blank state provisions. '

Huangdao Li suggested that gradually build complete personal data protection system of legal rules, regulated firms and public bodies personal data collection, management, use, disclosure and trading behavior. Clear property ownership data, standardized data transactions, increase data transaction, legal certainty and predictability interchangeable. At the same time, strengthen government regulatory functions, standardize the market order. For example, you can build data transaction licensing mechanism, data review mechanism, data security assessment mechanism, government regulation system, standardize the big data market, to curb the illegal black market transactions, so that data in a controlled and orderly under the rules of the full flow.

Take the initiative to build a network security net

In January, the Ukrainian power control system suffered hacker attacks, resulting in paralysis of power plants, causing massive power outages. Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Network Security Corps chief engineer Cai Lin said, referring to this case, science fiction depiction electric power systems, airports and all paralyzed, it is not just imagination. If you do not change substantially non-defense situation, which may well happen in real life.

'It should understand the extreme importance of protecting the network from the perspective of national security strategy, in order to strengthen the protection of national critical information infrastructure.' Cai Lin believes that the people's livelihood, energy, transportation, communications, medical and other industries critical information infrastructure, should be how to solve the problem of effective protection through a comprehensive and concerted efforts. Technically, in addition to guard against the Trojans, but also a high degree of vigilance 'International bomb' because it can instantly destroy the entire network.

'Rampant criminal network, the first is the use of various criminals hacking, theft, trafficking of personal information of citizens.' Ministry of Public Security 11th Bureau chief engineer Guoqi whole presentation, there is a network of cross-border crime transnational, interactive and efficient, the secret hidden features like network of underground black market production, trafficking, purchase Trojan virus, hacking tools and provide one-stop services to implement cybercrime.

Internet Security outstanding problems currently exist, Guoqi whole proposed information security level of protection as the starting point for communications as a platform to build a 'fight anti-control' integrated, comprehensive Internet security prevention and control system. Determined to fight against hacker groups, eradicate underground black industry chain, clean network environment. To implement Internet applications security assessment system, the implementation of mobile phone and internet users.

'Data is a strategic resource, to large data security up to the national security of the strategic height to full attention.' Guoqi full recommendation, the collection of large data generation, storage, mobile, application, destruction and all other aspects of the safety investigation, the implementation of security Safeguard. Construction Set level of protection, safety monitoring, reporting early warning, emergency response, intelligence emergency, situational awareness in one of the network security situational awareness monitoring and early warning big platform to the brake, change from passive defense to active defense, to protect network infrastructure security and big data security .

Work together to maintain cool and bright cyberspace

Internet security, not just the responsibility of government departments, but also the need to safeguard the community. Data National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center Deputy Director Chen Jianmin provided by: the 2015 virus infection rate of the mobile terminal reaches 50.46%, over the previous year by more than 10%. Use APP uncommon crime, Chen Jianmin proposed policy 'joint management' of: Mobile APP jointly developed security criteria, to establish a joint blacklist system, application store to open nationwide; jointly developed before the security assessment system and mobile application store APP line security audit system. At the same time, we commissioned a professional social forces, mobile APP counterfeiting, piracy, vulnerabilities, malicious code, illegal content, etc. in real-time monitoring, identify problems and take other technical, administrative and legal various means for processing.

'Maintaining cool and bright cyberspace, Internet companies duty-bound.' Zhou, vice president of NetEase (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. introduced, they actively use big data and machine learning technology to provide online services to intercept spam, and let the computer simulate the human brain through proactive identification harmful information, real-time filtering harmful information. 2015, NetEase within about 32.3 billion to clean up harmful information, including the promotion of trash 35%, 30% pornography, fraud accounted for 12% of contraband category accounted for 15%.

Zhejiang Daily Media Group Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang Xuenan called social sectors with a high sense of responsibility and mission to participate in the protection of personal information in cyberspace among complementary advantages, resource sharing, work together, the formation of the government departments, enterprises and all Internet users joint participation, universal benefit security prevention and control system and operational mechanism, and jointly create a healthy and clean environment in cyberspace. (Source: Xinhua Daily Text / compile Rensong Jun: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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