Analysis: multi-country study block chain technology order in the Internet where?

(Research papers Download News) Internet in China financial trouble from insurgents become somewhat destructive bear children. Tag will not plug the Internet apparitions, the basic integrity of the financial industry and risk control issues are still there, the industry in innovation, innovation is also a liar.

Europe has never been used 'Internet banking' this argument, if we talking about the same thing, they say that 'financial technology' (FinTech). European and American government did not go to support the 'Internet banking', but there have been a number of countries governments actively attempt to promote a technology called the block chain, not only for the financial, banking, insurance, logistics, energy and other areas, but also for social security health insurance, intellectual property protection and other government services themselves.

Block chain from P2P (not that P2P), you need to download the file, divided into numerous fragments, spread to a different computer, you can assume some of the pieces were downloaded between these computers, while another transmission has been obtained fragments eventually needed each computer can synthesize a complete file. Online video company's first large-scale use P2P technology, which is the industry's first technology to block the chain of interest. P2P technology point between many computer computing, storage, transmission, opened up a distributed storage.

As the network computer to safeguard the integrity of a video file, when it traded through the network, the whole process a digital asset will be recorded in 'books' on the books is a common computer network maintenance, do not have in the hands of an institution or individual, but distributed books. Reference R3, CTO Brown (RichardGBrown) that the people who say:. 'When the books were added a number of entries, but also added a lot of index values, so that all participants can verify the source of all entries on the books of these batches times it was known as 'block', and all the blocks together is called 'block chain'. '

P2P is widely used because the initial download and dissemination of pirated music and video, and maligned, and regional chain Bitcoin underlying technology, but also because bitcoin 'Silk Road' event is considered a scourge of some monetary regulators . But the technology is neutral, the key to see who to use, how to use. Block chain technology in line with the trend of open source and distribution of Internet and software technology. These technologies sharing, efficient, democratic, decentralized, transparent and based on trust, after the popularity of the Internet, there is a wide range of applications.

The problem came. Deinstitutionalization, decentralization, decentralization, order Where?

Centralized order does not require a high degree of trust, and distributed order requires a high degree of trust. Trust is the most important social capital, by the philosophy, rules, laws, an accumulation of long-term governance. Block impersonal chain helps to build trust, and the evolution of a new type of digital network economy and provides a possible order.

A prerequisite for the block chain technology, is the plight of people passing information and confidence-building, which is a distributed computing mathematician called Byzantine fault tolerance. Block chain technology can not be accepted to build trust between strangers, called 'non-confidence' (trustless), but the block chain technology through the complete database of each transaction to establish a collective verification on the network in order to establish French confidence starting to solve the problem of distrust between strangers.

This relationship of trust to get rid of personality, established by the code, protocols, rules in China is not such a high degree of integrity, high financial risk, financial supervision level is not high in the economy, there is a very wide range of application scenarios, by many financial experts touted as the next big event in the financial industry, from a certain sense, but also for the healthy development of China's Internet banking opened up a new door.

Is not limited to financial, trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy, and the block chain exciting place, it is possible through the technology of distributed books to deal with China's economic ills in two - consumption of counterfeit goods, and finance and fraud.

Distributed books technology can also be used to clearly define and protect property rights, such as frequent changes in ownership are areas of digital currency, real estate transactions, securities transactions. Those widely disseminated on the Internet works, how the rights of creators to be protected? Block chain technology feasible. Rule of law, regulation, rights, efficiency, integrity is the inherent requirement of the service economy, if the law and the code effectively combine the block chain can help make up the Chinese economy these 'short board.' (Source: First Financial Daily article / ZhouJianGong compile: free download)

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