Ogilvy after 00 people Research Report (Summary)

(Research papers Download News) March 14 news, Ogilvy recently issued the '00 after the study population,' the report on the living habits and behavioral characteristics were analyzed after 00. Report outlines seven characteristics after 00.

Ogilvy after 00 Research Report: Life on the two first-line front desk is not on the phone after 00 Ogilvy study: two first-line life on the front desk is not in the phone

The following is Ogilvy 'after 00 people report' Summary Report excerpt:

1). Two first-line vs. AC phrase

Home and School 00 after the main activities. After learning objectives 00 to be admitted to the main high school favorite. More than 50% after 00 cram and interest groups at the weekend meeting. On the microblogging such entertainment platform, we will talk about 15.4% after 00 academic topic, higher than 90 (90 12.7%). Learning and cram / interest groups accounted for most of leisure time after 00. That time is fragmented, information received after 00 prefer short and pithy. Bo made after the original 00 words with 90 compared to 36% reduction; hair Bo Word Count forwards decreased by 7%.

Brand Inspiration: Life after 00 is relatively monotonous. Not in the front desk is on the phone; not on the way to and from school, at home is compensatory. In addition to learning content need to spice of life after 00; 00 required after looked up from the book, that brains also do it. Brand for the activities of non-cross after 00 school, can only play the role of filling a vacancy.

2). House vs. Starchaser fanaticism

00 after 90 after the continuation of 'home.' Weekdays removed, regardless of the holiday short holiday, about 70% choose the house spent at home after 00. Of which 40% will be 00 after homework / tutoring;'ll hit 30% after 00 games (16%) and playing mobile phone (14%).

Brand Implications: Although the house for the new marriage law, birth control policy, autism, school violence, SARFT ban and other social hot topics, concerns not only the rear portion 00, but also to express their views on the network. We can say that there is a certain degree of social participation after 00, but the current lack of interactive platforms and channels. Brands can be targeted to select some social issues, helping to build an interactive platform after 00, 00 after the increase in social sense of participation, but also to improve brand recognition.

3) Pressure vs. Alexander to the 'me'

91% after 00 represents pressure from learning (primarily studies and examinations). Faced with pressure, he said after the 00 most optimistic face. 22% after 00 stressed that 'to strive.' It will develop a good after 00 goals and learning plan, and on the network table determination, seeking supervision. After 00 believe their own efforts. 00 local tyrant thinks money is not successful. Do not put money as a measure of success. Decade that money on behalf of the successful approval rate has dropped by 5 percentage points.

Brand Inspiration: 00 pressure but will try to face. We have reduced demand after 00, but also understand the fierce competition. Brands can put forward the concept of balance, equilibrium concept can be expanded, such as including academic and life balance; health and good balance; a balance between material and spiritual; the balance of movement and residence. Provide a balance tips: brand can provide 00 after mission planning, time management, skills on psychological adjustment. You can star model, you can simply read the phrase, it can also be spread through pictures and videos.

4). Sprouting vs. practical

00 After the network is sprouting owners. Microblogging nickname section 00 directly after called 'XX Meng Meng', 'Little XX' or 'XX toot.' Other partial eruption of words such as 'Miss XX', 'XX Prince', 'XX will be light,' the emergence of a higher rate. Sprouting also reflected in the use of emoticons. After using the network 00 times higher than the expression of 55% after 90; 80 three times.

Meng era of universal, Meng after 00 more assertive and direct. Brand to use language to communicate with them after 00, it must sprout. To postemergence and 00 together, the brand Meng may consider the following points:

1. Create exclusive Meng of expression, after 00 in the microblogging frequently used emoticons. Brand to create exclusive expression (such as Coca Cola queer new emoticons) as long as enough Meng, will attract 00 after download. Thereby strengthening brand image.

2. throw out the old cartoon image Crayon Dora A Dream, hello kitty, these are 80,90 avatar Meng not after 00. Meng after 00 or more is a real expression of a virtual character expression, perhaps a meow a Wang.

5). In the mouth vs. healthy body to thin

In pursuit of the overall health of the large environmental impact, also showed 00 after the pursuit of health. But after 00 health focused on the 'mouth' on. Decade, Western-style fast-food consumption fell by 5 percentage points. In addition to health, by the influence of thin is beautiful, but also pay special attention to 00 after the body. We will discuss the topic of weight loss on the microblogging 48% after 00 (exercise 8%). While 94 percent said they would control 00 after eating way to lose weight. Only 6% will mention physical exercise.

Brand Implications: Given today's health trends as well as the diversity of the concept of health, the brand can not only spread 'health', it is more important is the 'health' concept expanded from food, slimming to environmental health, health, health and other aspects of life. Brands may consider the following directions:

1. Training exercise habits, from the mouth to the legs, although after 00 health-conscious, but the real action is still concentrated in the diet. After booting 00 develop exercise habits, from the mouth to the legs, for 2 - 3 years after the sustained growth sportswear, wearable equipment and other health-related category to prepare.

2. create major health platform, although all the people had set off a fitness craze, but few exercise is built specifically for the 00 after. Stars dazzle in the abdomen show collarbone, but not after 00 platform for sports health. Includes diet, health, exercise, balance pressure, including a full range of health platforms and is tailored after 00 motion for muscle growth and weight-loss programs, I believe it will get attention after 00. Meanwhile, exercise, diet control, weight-loss-themed activities will also get a higher participation. Such as 'drying out everyone's BMI', '30 day by Muscle Plan'.

6) Consumer vs. mature happy online shopping

81% after 00 on the microblogging mentioned their online shopping experience. After most of the 00 and their parents are required to complete the online shopping together. After 00 responsible for the selection of goods, the parents responsible for the checkout. 13% said they would be hampered after 00 parents of online shopping. Possible reasons are: high prices, has nothing to do with learning (Star vicinity) and the like. Online shopping still exists after 00 parents last check.

Brand Implications: Because online shopping is an important purchase channels after 00, while online shopping is usually done by after 00 with parents, so the brand, creating household consumption is very important.

1. Parents and children together using a consumer platform: with past parents, today's parents for their children to buy goods, more and more respect for the views of the child. For parents, the need to quickly understand product information and user reviews to make judgments; for the children, to find a convenient, high credibility of the platform also facilitates quick selection of goods, and have parental permission.

2. The parents of consumption, do not ignore the child. Internet brings the convenience of access to information so that everyone in the family to become a contributor of information. In the choice of the high-tech products, more and more parents will listen to the recommendations after 00. So do not ignore the high-tech brand to interact with the children.

3. make information widely available and purchase. 00 after the digital and the Internet generation. Information search and purchase may occur at any time. Utilization face 00 fragmented after the time search and the possible purchase demand, brands need to be prepared. As far as possible the laying of the purchase funnel.

7) high vs. low brand loyalty, brand awareness

Brand Implications: After taking into account the 00 brand of very high concern and low loyalty, brands need to seize the valuable culture of help after 00 associated with the brand.

1. Stresses the experience. For 00, the importance of the experience more than the product itself has. 00 after the pursuit of a more unique, personalized, shareable experience. 00 after the face, the brand needs is based on 'experience' strategy, but do not provide ready-made solutions for 00 after.

2. Give them a reason to. 00 After this stage for the brand also understood to remain in a position opposing the surface. Brand meaning, brand heritage, spirit of the brand - brands need to give a reason after 00, so that they can stay, will try again. Of course, after 00, the lack of convincing empty talk. 00 after the need is sufficient objective facts, accurate data, and its own analysis and judgment.

3. The game strategy. To make communication more fun, more brands can use the game of strategies and mechanisms may be used sprouting language. (Source: TechWeb reports; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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