Acquire Three thinking to build the Internet + market supervision mode

(Free paper Download Center News) 'Internet +' is further practical results of Internet thinking. With the wide application of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and 3D printing technology, industries closely integrated with the Internet, the application of the 'Internet +' approach to IT penetration into the production, circulation and consumption of all aspects, thus leading the whole society is gradually entering a new era of productivity information.

The business sector as a government administrative departments should respond quickly, accurately grasp the pulse of the times and market opportunities, adjust regulatory direction, fought regulatory positions, and actively build 'Internet + market supervision' mode, which minimizes abundant means of supervision, improve the regulatory Effectiveness.

Establish a 'user' of thinking, enhance their experience, conduct online services, create a pleasant work atmosphere. We have a consensus, that is, under the 'Internet +' model, a business bigger and stronger, the simple 'traditional industries + Internet' sales model can not be a big act, we must use the Internet to re-establish the manufacturers and consumers Contact change the product experience, change the way it treats users to change the way it is with the user's connection, change the business model, so that resources really reconfigured to produce a chemical reaction or a nuclear reaction.

Similarly, exposure to full coverage of the Internet market environment, the business sector in order to make a difference, to achieve the market economic order effective control, must completely abandon the traditional thinking, and establish the 'Internet +' of thinking, the administrative counterpart as 'Users.' If the 'user' satisfied with our service, so we launched the 'product' will be gladly accepted.

Specifically, application of modern methods combine regulation services, and continuous follow-up services, draw closer, to eliminate barriers that regulatory targets the business sector to grasp the latest work processes, rules and regulations, work dynamics for the first time; and Enterprise coaxial co-transfected, with the resonance frequency, the same boat, soft soothing Policy transmitted to the regulatory business sector clients, law enforcement philosophy, management model that allows the community to understand the business, understand the business, supported by industry and commerce, and gradually form a social positive cohabitation , highly disciplined corporate regulatory landscape.

Although the business sector has a relatively sound business for the process and advanced support systems, related promotional material and inform single lot, but there are still a lot of business-to-business sector involved in business nothing. For example, when registering to provide materials and do not know how to change multiple trips; there are still a number of businesses do not know what the annual report, website and process know Annual Report; in particular to law enforcement investigators, the party is at a loss, he can not be with smoothly.

Internet technology is highly developed today, the possibility of considering the development of an intelligent, visual, there is a strong sense of the program into the application of this procedure to fully interact with the parties, the parties in a virtual environment for a variety of real-life experience of the specific business processes and detail. If conditions permit, the open part of the business can also be appropriate to provide online services through websites, mobile APP, text messaging, voice calls, so that business process more efficient and convenient, so that all businesses have felt in the business sector's efficient and convenient service and humanity of.

Establish a 'right' thinking, to create fair and transparent market trading environment, and comprehensively promote the social credit system. With the 'Internet +' marked the arrival of the information age of productivity, all the information can become transparent public via the Internet, which provides an unprecedented basis for the establishment of public reason. In the information transparent environment, equality and mutual benefit only those attitudes, and provide for others to be valuable to get a reasonable return.

In the credit of the whole society to pay attention to the gradual trend, the business sector should ride on the momentum, seize opportunities, take the initiative as. On the one hand, the initiative to open the administrative licensing social matters, administrative penalties, administrative enforcement, the list of powers of the executive reward, administrative supervision, so that the power in the sunshine, and consciously accept social supervision, and promote the transformation functions, and resolutely put an end to arbitrary enforcement, fishing law enforcement selective enforcement; on the other hand, accelerate the construction of social credit system, to improve the social credit system as the basis, enterprise credit information disclosure platform based on the integration of credit information resources, vigorously improve the credit information database market players, and actively promote each areas of credit information exchange, sharing and disclosure.

It is necessary to improve the dishonesty punishment mechanism to achieve 'a dishonest, always constrained', but also to increase the reward trustworthy, and actively create a 'honorable and trustworthy, dishonest shame,' a thick atmosphere, disloyal guide the whole society, keeping promises, with credit ; catch pole, a typical tree, give full play to the exemplary role of corporate integrity, leading and driving business development and growth.

Establish a 'B' thinking, analysis, sharing inventory data, breaking the digital divide, the formation of social cohabitation regulatory structure.

In the big data environment, data is the production of material, data storage and data analysis capabilities are the most important core competencies. Executive branch of government should be conscious of itself storage, cleaning, index data, and distributed public data to individuals, enterprises, social competence in a safe and controlled basis. At the same time, to establish a 'B' thinking, the development of relevant regulations and guidelines of open data, in the form of the purchase of the business community to form a virtuous cooperation, these data can create value in many fields.

Industry and commerce, market supervision department brings together more than 2.6 billion pieces of information market players to strengthen interdepartmental information sharing and utilization, integration of data inside the different agencies, to break the digital divide and achieve cross-sectoral integration and data analysis, can contribute to the field of cross-market supervision complete application systems to further optimize processes, reduce regulatory costs, improve regulatory efficiency, thus providing accurate scientific basis for government decisions. (Source: 'China Business News' text / Qixing Tao)

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