Combat: how to write a data analysis report

(To free download News) Let us talk about the importance of writing a good data analysis is very simple, because the analysis report output is the result of your entire analysis process is the assessment of a product, a qualitative conclusions operational events, the decision is likely to be the product of reference, since it is so important that of course you want to write it.

I think a good analysis, have the following points:

First, there must be a good framework

With building a house, a good analysis there is definitely a foundation level, there is a solid foundation, and the level in order to allow the reader to understand at a glance, clear structure, prioritize to make others easier to read, so that people have the desire to read on ;

Second, each analysis have been concluded, and conclusions must be clear

If there is no clear conclusion that analysis is not called analysis, and also lost his own sense, because you had to go to find or prove that a conclusion will do the analysis, so do not forget our roots round fruit;

Third, the analysis results not too much should be fine

If you can, an analytical one of the most important conclusion is like, a lot of time analyzing the problem is to find, if you can find one by one analysis a major problem, achieve their goals, do everything required and more, rather to Bristol one, not rotten apricots basket, streamlined conclusion also easy reading by accepting, reducing important reading (usually the numerous affairs of leadership, do not have much time to see so many) reading psychological threshold, if others see too many problems, conclusions too complex, do not read on, one hundred conclusion is also equal 0;

Fourth, the conclusion must be based on a close analysis of the data analysis is strictly prohibited derivation

Do not have a speculative conclusion, too subjective things will not persuasive, a conclusion even if you are not sure grasp mislead people do not bring it up;

Fifth, a good analysis that will be highly readable

This refers to the degree of readability, everyone has their own reading habits and ways of thinking, to write something you will always follow their own thinking logic to write, you feel very clear, it is because the whole analysis process is you do, others not necessarily so much about, you know just take the time to read often less than 10 minutes to read, so the analysis should consider who your readers are? What they are most concerned about? You have to stand in the reader's point of view to write analyzes the message;

Sixth, try graphing data analysis reports

In fact, this is the fourth point of the supplement, piled with charts instead of a large number of digital images will help people more intuitively see the problem and the conclusion, of course, the chart is also not too much, too many people will know what to do, as the chart;

Seventh, a good analysis must be logical

Usually follow: 1, identify problems and -2, -3 summary cause of the problem, to solve the problem, such a process, logical analysis report also easy to accept;

Eighth, good analysis must come from the understanding of the product on the basis of

Product manager for data analysis itself must be well aware of your analysis of the product, the basic characteristics of the object even if you do not understand the analysis, the analysis concluded it must be a castle in the air, a tree without roots how obedience to the faith? !

Ninth, a good analysis must be based on reliable data sources

In fact, a lot of time collecting data takes up more time, including the planning and definition of data, coordination of data reporting, allowing developers to extract the correct data or data system to establish a good platform, and finally do the analysis on the basis of correct data collected on, since all is to find the correct conclusion, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the data collected, otherwise everything will become someone else's efforts to mislead;

Tenth, there must be a good analysis of solutions and proposals

Since you are trying to get to know the product and understand the basis of a thorough analysis, then this process will determine your probably better than other people first discovered the cause of the problem and the problems, so on this basis Based on your knowledge and understanding of the recommendations and conclusions will presumably make more sense, and you certainly do not want your boss is just a question of who will find, please share your wages more in order to let you problem-solving;

XI. Do not be afraid or avoid 'adverse conclusion'

Analysis is to identify problems and to provide basis for decision making to solve the problem, the problem is you find the value of the product where, I believe your boss ask you to not allow you to sing the praises of the light, he would not be a window-dressing Tools, found product issues, product defects and problems before they cause major mistakes to fix it is the value of your analysis of where the;

Twelve, do not create too many arcane terms

If your boss look at your analysis took 10 minutes to call you three times in the past to explain the term, then you write out the value of where is it, not as you just said forget the past, of course, if inevitably write some noun, best to have people understand 'Glossary';

Thirteen, finally, thanks to the efforts of those who pay for you to contribute to this analysis report

Including those reported to you or to extract data, and those who support and help to make the product (if the analysis is responsible for your own products), recognition and respect for the partners' work will win more support and help, and I do not think you are only one-shot deal, give thanks and to share the results of people who can become a respectable accomplishment and product manager. (Source: CDA data analysts compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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