Analysis: Internet + era of talent is the first driving force for enterprise development

(To free download News) Many of the practices, and many studies have told us, if only by virtue of a few dollars more to pay, there is no way that the present staff to release the passion. You can try, let your best friend a trip leg, and then give him a hundred dollars, or let your wife do tons of good food, then to a few hundred dollars.

Human passions are not able to mobilize the money, prestige and leadership can be established not by command, especially after an increasing number of 80, 90 become the mainstream of the time, friendship, trust, and a shared sense of responsibility is very important.

Also a fact that has been placed in front of us, motivate and manage knowledge workers, stimulate innovative ideas than the management 'in the pipeline' on the much more difficult.

That year, Henry • Mr. Ford by observing the slaughterhouse invented the 'line', this slaughterhouse 'division lines' inspired him, and then figure out the 'assembly line' this change the world of ideas.

So, how do you know innovative mobile Internet era appear? Management of these knowledge workers than any generation of employees, and workers are more difficult to motivate employees, resulting in a process of transformation of the Internet, for this enterprise incentive uncontrollable factors most fundamental change in the nature of the driving force of motivation from the heart into a recognized and distinctive creative pursuit of perfection, continuous improvement, and continue to seek higher goals.

It is because of the passion the community, a group of spiritual pursuit of the ultimate holding the geeks, but also people who enjoy the toss, wanted to do something of a 'middle-aged entrepreneurial team' created a new brand; in-house engineers have a closely linked with The award is every Wednesday afternoon, 'popcorn Award' this award is actually a prize pot of popcorn, but he is a top honor award. Awards originated from the MIUI development and design process, when the original MIUI development, every Friday on the new version of the line, to Tuesday next week, it will launch the new feature of public opinion research activities at the forum, which was supported by most of the users voted the new features, it was as 'popcorn' award, the award-winning designer's name and photo will be posted on the forums.

This direct docking, for millet, is transparent and popularity of the product design process, 'some of the old user even know who made which function' for engineers, but also has great magic, which can Let our engineers and users directly to docking, greatly enhance the product design engineers a sense of accomplishment, it is the most effective incentive mechanism.

Wang Mingyang is a famous Chinese thinker, writer, philosopher and strategist, he pointed out: namely justice wishes. In the mobile Internet era, when your employees to master information than you, more than you understand the changes in the market, gunfire heard louder than you when a new driving force has produced.

Hamer presented the biggest challenge the company's future management in the future, in which there is one that is: creating willing threw himself into the work environment for our employees, in order to stimulate employees to realize their maximum potential. 'Driving forces' that: Someone had given up well-paid jobs, but to accept a low income, but a stronger sense of mission work.

In the Internet era, no one 'management' of Wikipedia employees, but Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in the world; there are open source products, many can not imagine 'not to profit from the' corporate ......... reward only bring short-term outbreak, just like a small amount of caffeine to help you stay more than a few hours, even worse, it also reduced the people to continue the work necessary for a long-term initiative.

In the Internet era, a new passion drive that autonomy, mission and desire, rather than you pay a few dollars more. Trend expert, best-selling author Daniel Pink in the driving force 3.0 times pointed out, the old award punitive ways to stimulate the enthusiasm of the people is no longer valid, we need to upgrade our system to 3.0 times the driving force, the new system Core is not carrot and stick, but independent, expertise and purpose.

Knowledge workers want independence at work, hoping to play to their talents in their chosen work, get the passion at work, recognition and career. Perhaps the future, the salary system, the practice of hiring professional managers, could not have rope talent, and the cause of the partnership has become the mainstream way.

Everyone can become a value creator, let everyone valuable work. By redesigning mechanisms to enhance everyone's ability to create value and vitality. Including direct docking market, transparent, fair incentive system, and business and became a partner mechanism.

The value of knowledge workers became the source of enterprise development of new power sources, intellectual capital than capital funds, better than fixed assets, become innovation and entrepreneurship, transformation.

As Google puts it: those who have the greatest influence, which we call 'smart creative staff.' They are a combination of knowledge, business expertise and creativity of product people. If you take today's technology tools into their hands and give them the freedom to play, they can be a surprising speed, to create surprising products.

But the drive and ability to change the way they are taking place - to create a successful Internet venture era, only to attract intelligent and creative knowledge workers who make partner, and for them to create an open environment for the growth, can cause maintain long-term success. (Source: billion euros text / Wangji Bin compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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