Analysis: The Next Internet ecosystem reshape how to go?

(Free Paper Download Center News) before looking Zhixing Xiao KK school emphasizes writing perspective, I have replied to the Internet is actually the center of simultaneous amplification and de-centralization of power, simply focus to the center is inappropriate. Centralization or decentralization itself looked very like academic problems, it is not important, but in fact this trend will affect everyone, and will change the structure of society. Under the impact of the Internet that society will go there in the end? This may see some clues from the way to make money.

There are many Internet companies, but no more than six kinds of profit model

Internet-related companies a lot, but a proven revenue model is not so much, generally have the following six kinds:

The first model is the most traditional sellers mode, you can include a traditional department store such things, and massage services. This model is the electricity supplier to achieve them and O2O on the Internet.

The second model also considered selling 'goods', but a little bit special cargo, is to use the right to sell digital products. License model was originally for Windows, and now it is embodied IaasS, PaaS, SassS service charge. Windows, Oracle License model still is, but the cloud service has been over to the only charge service fees.

The third is to take the platform into patterns. This reflects the more obvious starting point in such sites, where the starting point of the network to share revenue with paid subscription.

The fourth model is the advertising model. This mode is equivalent to selling traffic bones. The ad itself can be divided into three generations: the first generation of the poles is small advertising style, advertising, television advertising portals are such; second generation Google-style, providing the associated ads based on keywords; third generation is based on people, this type of advertising is soft genre.

The fifth is to sell value-added items. Games and QQ Crown is this pattern.

The sixth is a virtual central bank model. This is rather special, needs one more point. The difference between the central bank and the general bank is: it does not make money, but the manufacturing of money. Reality the central bank can print more money to collect seigniorage, but this is a virtual world for profit model. Imagine just a virtual community is large enough that its virtual currency on the exchange has a very high value, so that circulation is that you can earn money. Of course, you will certainly lead to malicious release of inflation in the virtual world, but in between the extreme inflation and inflation is not a lot of room, in many cases you can release 1 billion that may also issue 1.1 billion, as long as there are ways to reclaim the future . Behind this is the value of the currency is actually right, it really is a very subtle pattern. This mode is set up logically, so I put it out here, but this topic is too complicated, does not expand too much in this.

Now look after verification mode generally does so much, it can be considered a company no matter how many people tell the story of dazzling, if you can not find rely on these types of models, and that in fact, this company has no future.

Centralization and decentralization parallel business ecosystem

This model can be made profitable in turn predict future business ecosystem. The second to the sixth modes inherently require a large platform, and this platform is virtually impossible too, and this is out of the center of the birth of the Internet. The first, fifth mode is inherently required to meet the diverse needs of the people, so it is necessary to create an end product out on the open platform, so that more people involved to provide something distinctive, which is to the center.

So Wrong direction a little mean, but if you go back to the product itself, this result is still the same.

We have seen a wide variety of everyday products, can be divided into two categories: one is the undifferentiated mass, a class is a difference in small quantities. The farther away the more people favor the former, such as steel; from the people who favor the more recent, such as clothing. This is reflected in the soybean and rice particularly evident, although all crops, but a lot of broken rice necessary classes, such as the five permanent members of rice, rice and other Panjin, soybeans are not so many people are concerned about.

From past reality, the nature of this commodity has led to two types of central tendency, for undifferentiated commodities that will lead to a certain type of industry leaving only a few companies, such as steel. Internet makes information transparency, and transparency of information makes this possible by comparing the quality parameters of products are increasingly concentrated in a handful of companies which have the advantage. For small quantities of a difference commodities, such as clothing, handicrafts appears platform in promoting the convenience and personalization. At this point we can more clearly see the center and to the center in parallel trend.

This centralization means that a few large platform, away center refers to a variety of platforms to sell more and more personalized merchandise. Electronic business platform and a variety of goods, merchants is this relationship, as well as open up the game and distribute the game account system provides a virtual currency platform is this relationship, and fiction writers platform is such a relationship, the search and are searching for is this kinds of relationships.

Such a large platform will naturally merge by category, and therefore it will not be many; but to provide personalized services or goods on the platform is destined to be a lot of different levels in order to meet demand. Internet technology more thoroughly, this centralization and decentralization of the combination will be more obvious.

This is consistent with the above mentioned model to make money very well. In addition to the first and fifth modes corresponding to provide personalized products or services to businesses and individuals, all other modes require a certain size, and it may have sustained, and the platform is precisely this size must support means. Both those who speak a platform created a profit model, you can also talk about the birth of the platform profit mode.

Which to some extent will change the meaning of competition.

Like domain resources are limited, as the platform can rely on what is actually limited, at least in a certain level of technology is limited. So the competition to become the discovery of the game, who guess the future with high accuracy, who have first-mover advantage. IPhone such innovations need to do creative genius, but most of the time positioning platform requires point 'guessing' and 'Imagine' capability.

Ensuing two conclusions: Industry 4.0 pains, and 'Platform + craftsman' mode

These two types of centralization and decentralization trend is likely to reshape our social patterns.

Oligarch-style industrial center of plus 4.0, will eventually lead to extreme elite production companies undifferentiated commodity, those who can not rely on creativity, imagination, something will eventually be replaced by a computer, the image is a bunch of robots in terms of those do not need to have done too smart to live, what is left is just the computer does not work to overcome the human brain, such as dependent on the imagination and judgment, and this is bound to be high-end work. This further means that employment in the manufacturing sector can absorb less and less.

The center of the platform will lead to more stories.

Judging from the success of the master of wealth platform, equivalent to have the right rules in a particular field, it is bound to be the center of wealth. The development of various technologies to make operation and maintenance of this platform is not usually need a lot of people (now all employees together top three Internet companies do not have a multi-Baosteel, but the income, profits will have to come out to see), so Such successful platform will be the center of future wealth.

Judging from the product platform, the difference is the only way. The reason why a thing is often valuable profits complex variety of factors results: first, because useful, and secondly because of information asymmetry, and finally because it is really scarce, or because they like. In the past, many product profit margins because of information asymmetry, the transparency of information on the Internet so that after this part is actually earn money, so no difference in product gross margin in a highly competitive drive to zero. The more it is easy to quantify and compare the less valuable parts, but the worse the alienation of personal things more able to generate additional value. Here indeed able to attract more people to employment, the equivalent of saying that people are increasingly living space craft.

This platform + craftsman model destined to cause the gap, making electricity supplier on Ali Bi Ali also less likely to make money, the smaller and more personalized this possibility, because the target user will become less. However, this model is indeed possible to build a society fusiform, and will greatly improve the quality of life, it is quite worth the wait.

If you look at the center of that world is very pessimistic, If you look to the center of that world is overly optimistic. Is more likely to be a future form of both superposition out.

In the kind of economic model, the two types of people can be very good to find their place in the center of a class of people at one end, where will gather legendary elite; one is at the end of the people to the center, where will gather a lot of artisans.

This is perhaps the unique challenges that China will have to face. The main composition of the population in China are farmers, migrant workers and workers do not have the ability to provide personalized service, if the above analysis is correct, that means a lot of people are actually in the center of the decentralized mode find their place. Neither needs to be done by it will become a competition with science and technology, and factory workers with industry to compete long-term trend of 4.0 point of view it is impossible to win, as a result of these people are likely to be left to the margins of society. Because of this challenge comes from technological development can not be avoided.

Of course, the development of inter-state and country is unbalanced, in the long transition period through to the rest of the output capacity to alleviate this problem, but this is not the solution.

Society is unlikely to turn the clock back, so the Internet on society and perhaps more like a revolution with labor pains. At the same time the impact of the Internet on the dissemination of information to change the way it will inject more variables. (Source: fool sniff network packets / Li Zhiyong)

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