Analysis: Internet medical, registered net, Paypal are still peripheral toss

(Free Paper Download Center News) is bringing the Internet to the hospital medical service model has revolutionized the brunt of two aspects, registration and payment now for these two medical model of Internet technology changes are concentrated on services to gather user and create service interfaces for the goal. Technology changes brought to the hospital is gradually reflected, but the strength is not strong enough, an industry resource gathering has not yet appeared. However, including banks, pharmaceutical companies, and Internet companies are beginning to layout of these areas, influence will gradually improve.

| Registration

Currently registered in the core of the Internet is changing the way of registration from the line into a line, an appointment will help hospitals better manage processes, but this change is not yet touched on the core techniques: triage and medical resources Personalized positioning.

First, the current registration platform simply put onto the net number of sources, in fact, signal source or ownership in a single hospital, lack of planning a unified platform. The current medical model is to lock a certain patient department of a hospital, has brought directional to register. There is not any diversion of resources, users can not according to their location, condition, view the number from its source near the hospital, and more crowded Dr. Cheng Duhuo experience After deciding where to go for treatment.

So, now registered just a technical service, it can not really be called a platform to play the role of a real platform is to provide resources to the user to select and compare opportunities. The Internet is still in the fight for number of registered source stage functional platform services has not been reflected.

Another disadvantage is the lack of medical resources and personalized location-based services. China lacks a general practitioner gatekeeper in this role, the patient was premature diversion to a specialist, which caused two problems, one is the patient's own lack of medical knowledge, not know what to look Branch, a waste of time and effort. one is the patient's problem may be comprehensive, but a specialist stop-gap measures, and finally did not fundamentally solve the problem.

Registered service if you want to go deep inside to do, you can bring in some changes in the field of specialist shunt. Registered network has symptoms of self-test and fast matching function, but subsequent horizontal comparison capability is still weak, you can not compare similar departments or expert congestion and treatment effectiveness. Many compare and signal source query needs to lock after a certain hospital or an expert to proceed. Better personalized location-based services require more in-depth information on doctors in order to complete the acquisition, especially for chronic and severe to find the right doctor is the key, horizontal comparison between doctor and user feedback will play a role here.

| Payment

Payment reform hospital indispensable part of the future. At present the action faster one is Paypal, one is the pharmaceutical companies and banks model. Paypal and bank has the advantage of holding a large number of client resources can be converted into a user of medical electronic payments. and once bound to provide accounts, customer loyalty is relatively guaranteed.

Alipay model is adopted and hospital co-pocket user can bind Alipay account and hospital accounts, eliminating queuing fast payment. Paypal also want access to health insurance, the means being taken is to use Alipay account bound to pay, and then at the buffet Split the terminal health care costs, to return to the Paypal account.

In other countries, insurance companies and hospitals through the docking system, the direct division part time charges and insurance to pay part of their own expense, the user need only pay the cost of his own part in the window on it. The rest will be covered by insurance companies and hospitals regularly settled directly. This ways to greatly facilitate the individual, but also convenient to the hospital.

The current Medicare payment above those in split mode Chinese version, the user pays part of the burden of the remaining direct deduction in Medicare card or co-ordination. But Alipay to bring change is the introduction of third-party payment institutions and hospitals if only their docking system, as a pure payment platform, it will be easier on the operator, but when it comes to Medicare payment to the account at the time of the split directly into the individual pays part of the third-party platform, while the remaining deduction directly in the Medicare account , it is necessary to do two things.

One is ready to configure the technology to local Medicare payment rules, this configuration workload could be enormous, because the different parts of Medicare's rules for different groups of people (employees, retired workers, foreign workers, etc.) in the payment rules not the same, the system complexity requirements will be very large, it is difficult to implement in the short term. The second point is the exchange of accounts and Medicare card account, so you can pay for the different parts of split open. It is also very difficult, it is necessary to related to health care management side, but also related to their hospital system operating very difficult.

Compromise treasure wants to go to pay health care costs by returning to the PayPal account to pay for, so although you can use a similar model to operate at their own expense accounts contain Medicare, but here there are also problems of Medicare rules configuration, as well as how and local health care management agencies the ability to split the support on the system. At the same time, will return the funds to the PayPal account to pay certain time lag, users may be more willing to accept this mode when small amounts of payments.

In addition to Paypal, bank plus pharmaceutical companies triangle pattern plus technology companies could also become a trend in the future to pay for reform. Sinopharm Health Development Co., Ltd. has been with the Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Forte high Computer Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation, medical release mobile payment products, 'health fund', patients Bank mobile terminal users can complete registration, payment, reimbursement, and view reports without time-consuming queues.

But whether it is registered or paid in the industry layout has a huge challenge. China's lack of a third party on behalf of the hospital industry organizations, which means that any reform, to get the hospitals involved, we must talk about a hospital and long time required for large energy core is still in the stage of accumulation of resources from the periphery to improve the technical level of service, has not really touched the quality of hospital services.

Finance and healthcare companies and hospital construction company into the future is inevitable due to a huge market, a wide area, the hospital system fragmentation, this market will be very fragmented. But once the hospital's future service model is more and more users and hospital accreditation, participate to the hospital on the platform increases, the frequency of users increases, the outbreak of post-market quickly. These services are likely to become the standard of the market, the hospital had to change, to the time efficiency and quality of service to the core of the possible changes in conduct. (Source: iDonews, compile: Free Paper Download Center

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