Analysis of computer network system in the soda industry applications

I. Overview

Soda ash is the largest production base of chemical industry products, is remarkably versatile industrial raw materials, in the national economy occupies a very important position. With the rapid development of China's national economy, increasing demand for soda ash, in order to meet the market needs, in addition to expanding the scale of production, but also the need to further explore the production potential.

Shandong Weifang soda ash plant is a new plant, advanced equipment, but most of soda ash production or manual operation, the method of operation behind the development of production can not meet the needs of advanced equipment and backward in order to solve the contradiction operation, stable production, improve utilization of raw materials reduce energy consumption, increase production, soda from Honeywell company introduced advanced level of TDC-3000 distributed control system and the heart for caustic soda production process - heavy alkali carbonation steps, in order to achieve industrial production global control.

Global industrial production control contains two meanings, one refers to the automation of the production process, the second is an enterprise management automation of production process automation refers to the production process using computer control, with the computer automatically adjust each factor of production, so that product yield, good quality and low consumption. enterprise automation management refers to the scheduling, management and decision automation, is to aggregate all the information currently in production up to enable decision makers to manage the production of the whole plant, the overall layout and scheduling operations in order to obtain the whole plant production activities of various departments are coordinated to achieve the best overall efficiency of industrial process control system can be divided into the following overall 4 Summary:

1 directly controls the process control computer directly and live all kinds of devices (such as transmitters, actuators, recording instruments, etc.) connected to the implementation of the connected device monitoring, control, while the second stage it up and connected to a computer receiving the upper process management information, and the characteristic data transmission apparatus and real-time data acquisition;

2-level process management process management computer (mainly monitoring computer, operating station, engineer station, etc.) integrated surveillance process all the information of each station, centralized display operation, the control loop configuration and parameter modification, the optimization process processing;

3 production management level management computer according to the characteristics and needs of the production process, coordinating unit-level parameter settings, the overall coordinator of the production process and the controller;

4-level management and office automation linking assume overall coordination and management of the whole plant, including various types of business activities and personnel management.

Host computer system in the whole control system belongs to the third level (production management level), It can be easily and process management computers to exchange information with each other, but also with the existing computer network to connect the plant to form a computer integrated manufacturing system plant information management to achieve integration.

Second, the system goals

As soda ash production is manual operation, all the data produced by the manual records, data complexity, the error is large, the various departments to coordinate production management, process optimization control caused great difficulties in order to make soda in operating conditions, equipment status, fault processing and other aspects are in reasonable condition optimization, rational production operation and management has become increasingly more important, and the existing level of management required from a modern enterprise goal is still far view of this situation, determine the objectives of the system as a summary:

1 Use the TDC-3000 system provides computer network interface (CG), the host computer via the network server in real field data collection; also be read in the TDC-3000 system memory modules on the history of historical data. PC will be collected the data for processing, handling, classification, and then store them to the host computer carbonation tower production history database This database can hold more than one year production data managers can query through the PC providing means to bring the required historical data. carbonation tower PC automatically generate production class report, daily reports, etc., to avoid manually record data errors appear larger phenomenon, greatly improving the carbonation tower production level of scientific management.

(2) The system uses a five-user LAN Ethernet, the system can be connected on position machine 5, and each of the history of the host machine can operate on data in the database, data sharing system on the other hand the local network and the plant is connected to the existing management information system, which will improve the scientific management of the whole plant to a new level.

Three, PCNM network system

PCNM the LCN is a network (local control network) and process information related to the user's personal computer hardware and software systems. PCNM uses the latest LAN (local area network) operating systems, relational database technology and graphical user interface that enables users to own computer easily get the required data (see Figure 1) for the system within the dotted line configuration diagram Figure 1PCNM AM - application module US - Universal PCNM system workstation computers by the TDC-3000 Interface (CG) and PCNM servers through HDLCLAPB high-speed data communication boards, LCN network data can be transferred from the CG to PCNM server, the data including real-time instantaneous value or stored in historical module (HM) on the historical data.

PCNM server is a web-based database servers and high-performance computer, which uses the latest MS LAN Manager network operating system, you can connect a variety of types of computers extensively and LAN network servers, including DOS and OS / 2 personal computer workstation .

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SQL Server is an industry standard database tools for real-time data storage PCNM server and system configuration data, SQL Server, and subsystems for shared data LCN network provides a flexible and safe platform.

For a LAN workstation, PCNM support graphics display interface (GDI) and the high-level language application program interface (HLLAPI) subroutine library. GDI is a flowchart allow users to produce their own graphics package, flow charts can be displayed PCNM server and LCN online data. HLLAPI subroutine library that allows users to access applications and database servers PCNM LCN network in the historical data.

PCNM provide network connectivity options include Abstract: Remote data access services, NetWare connections and TCP / IP protocol support Remote Data Access Services feature allows the user through a 9600 baud modem to connect to the server PCNM. NetWare DOS workstations connected promised a visit PCNM servers and other network and the connected server .TCP / IP protocol support allows users to connect to a workstation or other UNIX systems support TCP / IP protocol system.

Fourth, the software development environment

Windows now has been widely used, it has the following characteristics Abstract:

1 with a graphical user interface (GUI), beautiful, pretty, all basically similar to the interface application software, the user is easy to grasp, easy to use;

2 supports multitasking easily switch between tasks, and can be easily exchange information;

3 to provide virtual memory management, so that the memory limit exceeded 640KB, runtime memory resources does not appear tense situation;

4 At present, in addition to Chinese Windows outside the country have launched a number of Chinese Windows environment platform (such as Abstract: Chinese Star), in the Chinese environment, you can very easily write Chinese applications.

Therefore, we use MS Windows 3.1 plug << >> Chinese Chinese Star 2.0 platform as a software development environment.

Select the C language as a system programming language, there are two reasons. First, C language with data types, flexible control, code efficiency advantages; Second, PCNM network supports high-level language application program interface, there are C, Fortran and Pascal three kinds of library functions, only C language environment suitable for writing Windows applications. Additionally, as a development tool, MSVC 1.5 development environment is better, debugging tools, superior performance, fast compiler.

Fifth, the system functional characteristics analysis and conclusions

This system is an advanced level of overall optimization of the system. System functional characteristics are summarized as follows Summary:
1 · practicality of data collection, management integration, not only to complete the automatic data collection, but also has statistics, reports and other management functions.

· History information storage function, can store historical information about the parameters.
For man - machine interface is friendly, using the MS Windows environment, programming techniques, so that the same user interface and Windows, easy user to grasp and easy to use.

2 Extensibility system is very easily enter the factory level computer network information management system that will work for the state, production data, report information directly through the computer to the management, scheduling department.

In summary, the system uses computer technology, network technology, information management technology, is an advanced level of the host computer system.

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